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Couture Over Converse: Kristen Stewart’s New Perfume Ad Reminds Us Of Her Best Model-y Moments

Like most of you, Kristen Stewart shuffled into our hearts as the lip-biting, sneaker-wearing, tangle-haired, vampire-sexing beauty next door, but her new Balenciaga Florabotanica ad reminded how much we love that KStew also gives wicked good face in every photoshoot she does. After being named the face of Florabotanica last week, the couture label premiered their first photo of KStew, and girl is hitting all. her. angles.

“When I first stood there, I was like, ‘OK, do you want me to show the curves of the dress? Do you want me to stand like this? Like that?’ And they were like, ‘Just be comfortable,'” Kristen told Women’s Wear Daily about the new spot. We’re comfortable saying that almost no one else can move so seamlessly between ragged cuticles and sweatshirts to just straight werking it. Sometimes both at the same time. We might not know much about fashion (or…anything) but we know all our favorite moments that had Kristen unleashing her inner model. Did we miss any? Oh no, don’t worry; we got the drag photo from Elle. And her goth lounge act with Charlize Theron in Interview. Any others besides those? Check out the amah-zing gallery we assembled below, and let us know:

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Ali Lohan Scores Multi-Year Modeling Contract

Seeing as how most of us assumed she’d be pregnant or wearing an ankle monitor or pregnant and wearing an ankle monitor by now, Ali Lohan’s modeling contract comes as a big victory for those in the Lohan clan still interested in having a paying job. “In fashion, Ali will set herself apart as a bona fide icon,” says NEXT director Alexis Borges of his modeling agency’s newest face. “One that fashion fans will follow not because of her famous last name, but because of the beautiful images and fashion trends she is helping create.” Even better, NEXT won’t have to set-up all her photo shoots in her living room, since she’s not under house arrest all the time, unlike some people we could mention.

Ali Lohan’s new Twitter account now simply reads, “Model,” as in “Yes, I’m just a model, rather than a model and a relative of the lead from I Know Who Killed Me.”  The younger Lohan has had some modeling experience prior to signing her multi-year contract, having posed for her sister’s fashion line 6126 early this year. A collection, we’re assuming, Ali will now be using to wax her Bugatti Royale.

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Dakota Fanning Signs To IMG Models, Taylor Momsen Dropped

We’ve never made our love for Dakota Fanning a secret: when she was crowned Homecoming Queen, we felt like proud parents (in a totally non-creepy way). So when we found out that Dakota was signed to IMG models under “special bookings”, we crowed with delight. Normally we’d be worried about the ego getting in the way, but Dakota seems so down-to-earth that we feel that she won’t let any further successes get to her head.

Coincidentally (but fittingly), IMG said goodbye to Taylor Momsen—who acts like Runaways singer Cherry Currie in real life, rather than on screen. But that means less drama, and more glamor: Dakota’s looking most Bardot-esque on the company’s website, listed “Dakota F” because of Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson‘s daughter) being “Dakota J”. Whatevs with that… we’re fans of the Fanning!