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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Having Their Third Baby

Who knew these two were quiet contenders for giving pals Brangelina a run for their money? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are going to be parents for a third time! No other details have been released except a short confirmation to the Associated Press. Their representatives said that the couple are “thrilled” to have baby number three on the way. Ben and Jenny (hah) are already parents to two daughters — Violet and Seraphina. Will the new addition to their brood make it a happy girly trio? Awww, we don’t know yet, but we’re sending them a big ol’ congratulations.

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Kimberly Stewart Has Benicio Del Toro’s Baby Girl!

Kimberly Stewart gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday in LA! Yes, that other Kim, who is Rod Stewart‘s daughter and who used to be a notorious party girl the likes of Paris Hilton. Well, she tried to be, but didn’t quite succeed — but that’s a total blessing in disguise.

More importantly, you know who this little baby’s father is, right? Memory check — it’s Benicio del Toro! He confirmed that he was the baby-daddy back in April which led to a fair amount of slack-jaws, including ours. His spokespersons statement read, “Benicio is the father and very supportive. Although [he and Kimberly] are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.” We’re still waiting to hear their new daughter’s name. Congratulations, baby-mamma and dad!

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Heidi And Seal Love Each Other, Skimpy Bathing Suits

If there is one celebrity couple we never worry about being on the rocks, it’s Heidi Klum and Seal. They’ve renewed their vows 19017831 times, have a flock of adorable children, and always look genuinely in love with each other. They’re currently on vacation in Sardinia with their kids and found time for a little PDA in between family fun time in the ocean. Even more adorable is their mutual adoration for skimpy swim wear. If it was anyone else but Seal (and maybe like, Chris Hemsworth) we’d balk at the dude booty shorts. But he has the body, and the butt, to pull ‘em off. More pics below!

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Jessica Alba Has A Baby Girl Over The Weekend

She’s a yummy mommy for a second time now — as Taylor Lautner is well aware (poor guy). Jessica Alba gave birth to a daughter — she has two girls now — over the weekend and her name is Haven Garner. Jess announced the news via her Facebook page writing, “Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Cash and I are so excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Haven Garner Warren. She was born on Saturday [Aug. 13], weighed 7 lbs, and was 19 inches long. Healthy and happy! Big sister Honor [Marie, 3] couldn’t be more excited about the new addition to our family.”

This is so cute! Little Haven was born in L.A. and we’re surprised she didn’t come a little sooner considering Jess looked ready to pop at the Spy Kids 4 premiere, two weeks ago. And we love the fact that she has two girls now (we’re biased, of course). So much estrogen at the FABlife today, what with Hilary Duff announcing her pregnancy too. Major congratulations to Jessica, Cash and their expanded brood. Do you guys like the name of their latest addition?

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Mariah Carey Tweets A Picture Of Her Post-Twins Beach Bod

Not too shabby, M.C! Of what we can see, Mariah Carey ain’t doing too bad after giving birth to her twins. She tweeted this photograph of her frolicking in the ocean and even though we can only see her from the torso upwards, we’re still giving her a huge thumbs up. Because we love her, okay? A giddy Mariah tweeted this message  last evening, writing, “Ocean work out! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been in the ocean (said like “OPEN”in cruise control)”. What do you guys thing? We think she’s looking sexy and happy and that’s how we like our Mariah.

(In case, you haven’t realized this, we’re not-so-subliminally telling you not to diss her. Okay? We take it personal.)

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Fantasia Announces Pregnancy To Concert Goers

Congrats Fantasia! The singer is pregnant, and announced the news to fans in concert in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday. She told the crowd, “You are the first persons that I share this news with. And I share this with you because I can relate to you. And for a while I walked around figuring out what will they say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you I don’t live my life for folk. So, this child that I carry – God has given me this child. And I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all.”

Nope, you definitely don’t Tas! And judging from what we know about being pregnant (we know a lot) the singer eventually won’t be able to hide it. Fantasia, who has a nine-year-old daughter named Zion, did not reveal the identity of her baby’s father.

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Sam Taylor-Wood And Aaron Johnson Expecting Kid #2!

Sam Taylor-Wood is kind of our hero. She’s not only a cool indie director, but she’s engaged to her man-muse Aaron Johnson, 23 years her junior. People always make a bid deal when ladies date younger man (cougars, MILFs, blah blah blah) but we just think it’s hot and bad-ass. It doesn’t hurt that 21-year-old Aaron, who starred in Taylor-Wood’s film Nowhere Boy and Kick-Ass, seems down to earth and is totally handsome, with some of the swooniest blue eyes we’ve ever seen.

The couple is parents to a one-year-old daughter, Wylda Rae, and just announced that kid #2 is on the way. Congratulations! May true love — and diapers changing duty — preveal, no matter the age difference.

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Brangelina’s Kids Love To Eat Crickets

Hungry? Perhaps you will enjoy this story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s sons Pax and Maddox, who just LOVE to eat crickets. Says Jolie, in a video shot on location in Cambodia during her Louis Vuitton photoshoot, “My boys love to eat crickets. It’s their favorite thing. When I first gave it to them . . . I wanted them not to be turned off by something that was of their culture. They ate them like Doritos, and they wouldn’t stop. They brought to-go boxes home and I had to actually ban the cricket eating at a certain point because I was afraid they were going to get sick from too many.”

As you surely know, Maddox was adopted from Cambodia and Pax from Vietnam. Jolie has sampled the local cricket cuisine, because she is adventurous and perfect. But would you? We used to feed our pet lizard live crickets, so the thought of it makes us a little queasy. But hey — everything tastes good fried, right?

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Say Hello To The Newest Baby Beckham!

We’ve been dying to see Victoria Beckham‘s newborn baby girl, Harper Seven Beckham. We just didn’t know we’d get to see her so soon! Just one week after Harper’s birth, Victoria tweeted an adorable picture of her new baby with husband and father-for-the-fourth-time, David Beckham. The tweet was simple and sweet and read, ” Daddy’s little girl! X VB X.”

Look how tiny she is! We’re so in love. David also posted a photograph on his Facbook page of mum and daughter that read, “I took this picture of my two girls sleeping.” Congratulations to the parents again. We also really like the fact that they got to share the pictures first through their own accord. No bidding war over pictures for these two, or hiding for paparazzi because they needed pictures to be ‘exclusive’, which we really respect!

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Denise Richards Is A Mom Again, Adopts A Baby Girl!

Denise Richards just adopted a little girl! What a happy little troop  she has now. She already has two daughters, Sam and Lola, but with the edition of tiny Eloise Joni Richards it’s a complete trio. Denise (who looks awesome at 40), named the baby after her late mother, who passed away in 2007 from cancer.  Her rep revealed, “Eloise Joni Richards is named after Denise’s mom (Joni), and Denise and her daughters Sam and Lola chose the name Eloise. Denise and Eloise’s big sisters couldn’t be happier and feel incredibly blessed.” Congratulations for this new addition to the family!