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Matthew Fox’s Mug Shot Taken … Two Months After His Arrest

Matthew Fox Mug Shot

Things really went kind of south for Matthew Fox over the last year. He had a massive fall from grace because of everything from a DUI arrest to beating up a “party bus” driver, the latter of which, was one of the stranger celebrity incidents we’ve heard of in a while. Those accusations by Dominic Monaghan didn’t help his case either. Last we know, he was getting sued by that party bus driver, Heather Bormann, as she claimed he tried to drunkenly trespass on her bus and then he, “leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast” after she tried to prevent him from getting on. Which was just … we can’t even begin to say anything.

The mug shot you see above is not because of that case. It’s because of his DUI, mentioned earlier, which happened in his home state of Oregon, in the first week of May this year. Fox was arrested at 3:23am after being busted by cops while trying to drive to a fast food spot. Luckily, he didn’t face any jail time as Fox and his lawyer struck a plea deal with prosecutors, which also required him to get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. So, case closed right? Not quite. Fox had to go back to the Deschutes County Adult Jail in Bend, Oregon a couple of days ago, to get his mugshot clicked. The arrest was on May 4. It’s July 3 today. What gives? Apparently, the camera was broken the night of his almost-incarceration, so the judge made him come back for it, two months later! So it may not be a drunken one … but here’s his mug shot, finally!

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Deena’s Mugshot Looks Surprisingly Similar To All Other Photos Of Deena

Deena Cortese Mugshot

Oh Deena, we like the boobs but we love your physical safety and well-being more. Following the Jersey Shore diva’s arrest last week for disorderly conduct and public intoxication, Deena Cortese’s mugshot has finally hit the Internet and…we’re not going to lie. We’ve seen this face before. We’ve seen this face roughly once a week for entire seasons at a time, because it also happens to be Deena’s late-night afterparty face. Honestly, girl looks pretty good considering she’s just been hauled into the Seaside Heights police station. A little dewy and distressed, but no worse than she would look after a sweaty night at Karma.

Deena Cortese Walks With Family Out Of Police Station

Deena was released to her parents without bail following her arrest, and was quick to thank her fans for offering help in her time of…need, we guess? “Love all my tweeties and feels great to have all your love and support. ;),” she tweeted on Monday. Maybe if her mugshot was worse, Deena would be less inclined to get immediately sloppy again. Enthused Deena on Twitter, “Good morning to all my tweeties Weekends Here you all know what that means, do I have to spell it out PARTY time.” Aw…who are we kidding? Deena could have a full on Lisa Robin Kelly going on and the girl would still take the Jersey Turnpike like it was going out of style.

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Russell Brand’s Mugshot Says It All

We’re not sure if Russell Brand‘s alleged mugshot, posed by Splash News Online, conveys the message “Oh, not this again.” or “Thank god I got arrested on a day when my hair looks this good” or “Wait,…that Steve Jobs tweet was actually kind of rude, wasn’t it?,” but either way the comedian’s solemn expression does not suggest a man who is glad he threw that paparazzo’s phone through the window of a law firm in New Orleans. TMZ reports that Brand is now in police custody, having been arrested this afternoon for Monday’s cell-hurling incident. The office windows of Louisiana are safe…for now.

As if Russell’s mugshot pic isn’t pouty enough, it turns out he’s allegedly already paid for the window. According to TMZ, Brand paid $240 as reimbursement for the window repair, sending a production assistant with money in hand to the scene of the crime. Seeing as how Brand has already ponied up the dough, we guess we don’t really see how arresting him is necessary. Unless…unless the New Orleans police force just wanted to give everyone a new celeb mugshot to look at? Aw, you guys! How considerate of you! You too, Russell, though your photo sort of makes you look like you want to throw all the cell phones in the world…at our faces.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Cheer Up, Suge Knight! It’s Just An Arrest!

Suge Knight, it breaks our hearts to see you so completely bummed out like this. Things really aren’t so bad! So, according to TMZ, you got arrested last night in Las Vegas after making an “unsafe lane change” in your Bentley. And, okay, sure, the cops noticed that you had several warrants out for your arrest for minor traffic violations and, yes, maybe they decided to search your car and found a “small amount” of marijuana in your possession. Then you posed for the World’s Glummest Celebrity Mugshot.  But do you know what Suge Knight calls an arrest in Las Vegas? Wednesday night. Ah…is that a smile we see? We thought so.

[Photo: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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Armie Hammer Manages To Look Charming Even In Mugshots

We can forgive the dodgy looking shirt and the popped collar because this is one of the nicest celebrity mugshots we’ve ever seen! There is absolutely nothing sordid about this picture of Armie Hammer. Why would anyone put this sweet, smiling man into jail, right? Armie was arrested and jailed for one night in Sierra Blanca, Texas, for pot possession last November. He was busted with three medicinal pot cookies and one brownie by drug-sniffing dogs at a border patrol checkpoint. We’ve checked out some nazzty mugshots in our time, but this is the absolute opposite of everything we’ve seen. Plus, we know he’s not exactly a hardened criminal, so we have no qualms in appreciating his aesthetics.

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The Ultimate Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Lips GIF Wall

Another day, another Lindsay Lohan mugshot. The fifth and most bleached mugshot was taken yesterday after Lohan’s probation was revoked. Facing up to a year and a half behind bars, LiLo came to court prepared, arming herself with her plumpest, most Jolie-inspired lips yet. Any inmate who attempts to rough up Lohan will find their fist landing on a cushiony pillow of collagen. We can only dream what puffy lipped magic her sixth mugshot will behold.

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Kiss Guitarist Vinnie Vincent Arrested For Assault, Dead Dogs Found In Home

Vinnie Vincent, the guitarist who originally replaced Ace Frehley in KISS before starting the group Vinnie Vincent Invasion, was arrested in his Rutherford County, Tennessee home yesterday after his wife Diane accused him of attacking her. Police say the 58-year-old rock allegedly hit and threw his wife to the ground, dragging her through shattered glass on the floor. Diane was eventually able to flee and drove to a police station, and when authorities picked up Vincent, they discovered “four sealed containers containing deceased dogs.”

Vincent, whose brief tenure as Kiss’ Ankh Warrior was discussed in Chuck Klosterman‘s popular book Fargo Rock City, co-wrote the majority of 1983’s Lick It Up, the first album where the legendary rock group did not wear make up, and would later sue Kiss’ Gene Simmons over song royalties and unlawful use of his image. Charged with aggravated domestic assault after last night’s incident, Vincent was reportedly released after posting $10,000 bail. As for the dogs—allegedly killed by one of the Vincents’ “more aggressive dogs”—animal services is investigating.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Andy Dick Arrested For Disorderly Conduct, Gets New Mugshot

The good news is this mugshot is a lot less frightening than the Joker-esque mugshot Andy Dick took in 2008. The bad news is that Andy Dick just took another mugshot. The former Sober House resident was picked up at a Temecula, CA restaurant last night for being the same (allegedly) drunken wreck that has been thrown out of everything from comedy clubs to coffee shops to the AVN Awards. The comedian claims to have entered rehab 11 times, according to a recent podcast interview with Marc Maron. Andy was let go after posting $500 bail, but has yet to give his two cents on the matter.


Flavor Flav Arrested For Traffic Violation, 4 Outstanding Warrants In Vegas

The above mugshot of Flavor Flav was taken by Vegas PD last night after a traffic violation revealed four outstanding warrants for the reality star’s arrest, all related to his driving. That might explain why Flav looks so peaceful in the photo—he has been arrested for traffic violations before, and he will be arrested for them again—especially since he’s proven willing to drive without a license. “I was on my home from Benihana’s I got pulled over by a curious Rookie Ass Cop,” tweeted Flav after his release. “He found out I had a traffic warrant wanted to make a name for himself took me in and now I’m home laying my bed. What’s the big deal?!” Exactly.

[Photo: Las Vegas PD]

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Christina Aguilera Public Intoxication Mugshot Out

Thank you E! for Christina Aguilera‘s mugshot! As you all know, the singer and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, were arrested early yesterday morning on charges of  public drunkenness. Rutler also got booked for a DUI. Now apparently, this mugshot wasn’t going to be released to the public because authorities aren’t planning to press charges, but as many things do in Hollywood, it got out anyway. This isn’t helping her case exactly, with all the reports of Christina’s excessive drinking and her meltdowns doing the rounds.

The L.A. Sheriff’s Department’s rep Steve Whitmore had commented that Aguilera was quite cooperative during her arrest and “not belligerent in anyway whatsoever” through the process. For someone who was that hammered, we also have to say, that mugshot isn’t half-bad at all. Her hair looks fine, and make-up isn’t too smudged and she doesn’t seem to have a case of drunk-eye! But it’s like what Pink tweeted, “Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina- didn’t everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!!” What do you say, guys? Is Christina on a downward spiral? What’s your verdict on her mugshot?

[Photo via E! Online]