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Vince Neil Takes His Classiest (Glassiest?) Mugshot Yet

Vince Neil just turned himself in for a two-week prison term in Vegas for his 2010 DUI, sporting a sharp pair of glasses as he let the Clark County police take his mugshot. The Motley Crue singer recently told People, “I made a mistake, and I have to finally learn my lesson and go do a little bit of time,” and who knows? Maybe the glasses are meant to suggest the repeat offender (who served 15 days in 1986 after an accident caused by his drunk driving left the drummer for Hanoi Rocks dead), really has turned a new leaf. He certainly looks more contrite than he did in 2007. See for yourself in the gallery below.

[Photo: Clark County]

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Jaime Pressly’s Mug Shot Released, New Info On DUI Arrest

Jaime Pressly

The above mug shot was taken after Jaime Pressly‘s DUI arrest in Santa Monica late last night. While few specifics have been issued, authorities told TMZ that there were no children involved or drugs found in the car (Jaime has a three year old, Dezi, from a previous relationship). Pressly’s bail was set at $15,000, usually means a blood alcohol level above .15.

[Photo: Santa Monica PD]

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The Jailhouse Glamour Of Lindsay Lohan


In the future, we are just going to tell time by how frequently Lindsay Lohan’s new mugshot is released. Though it seems like an eternity, it was actually only three Lohan-years-ago when Lindsay’s first jail pic dropped. In memorial we wanted to take a moment and pay homage to the timeless fashion choices Lohan has made in her pretty prison photos:

Summer 2007: An earthy, sun-kissed look, perfect for drunkenly careening through a parking lot as you chase your assistant through the night, or run over a man’s foot. Your mouth will stay gaping open forever once you see Lindsay’s clean, classic look, and the impressive amount of cocaine she’s managed to spill on it.

Fall 2007: What goes with a SCRAM bracelet? Everything. Some might say orange and yellow clash, but tell that to Lindsay’s face and hair. Sam Ronson was one lucky lady, when she wasn’t fending off slap fights. Lindsay may have stayed in jail for only 84 minutes after voluntarily turning herself in for two DUI charges, but hers is a look that will linger in fashion history forever.

Summer 2010: Devil may care! Because Lindsay certainly doesn’t, at least not about her career or professional reputation. Tanner, thinner, and starting her 90-day jail sentence, Lohan works that jumpsuit like she’s on a runway, probably because she’s so high she thinks she’s on a runway. Lindsay’s nails may have said “F*** U” to the judge, but her eyes say, “I’m going to start throwing drinks any minute, just to get your attention.”

Fall 2010: Lindsay Lohan’s most recent mugshot, or as we like to call them, jail-entines, proves Lindsay is once, twice, three times a lady made out of collagen. Lohan is always making bold choices, whether it’s a baby pink lip, a statement eye, or so much plastic surgery and weight-loss that her face looks like it belongs to a completely different person. Lohan also appears to have aged backwards over the course of her mug shots. Are Benjamin Button people the latest fashion trend? We’ll just have to wait for Lindsay’s next drug test to find out. Happy New Lohan Year!

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Snooki’s Fabulous Mugshots Show She’s Already Wearing Prison Jumpsuit-Orange


Mugshots of hardened criminal and even harder partier Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi have popped up after her arrest on Friday for disorderly conduct, aka being a cast member on Jersey Shore. (Check out Snooki’s 20 Sexiest Photos.) The one where she can’t even be bothered to look at the camera? Priceless. Someone probably had to dangle a pickle on a string to get her attention for the other one.

Given that Snickers is small enough to sleep in a shoebox, we’re impressed that a trip to Beer Bong Island only resulted in mussed hair and smeared mascara. The littlest diva really knows how to hold her liquor, even if it does result in her landing in jail at the end of the day.

We hope JS stays on the air forever so we can hang a time line of Snooki’s arrests on our wall, to remember all the good times. Plus we’ll save a ton on wallpaper!

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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The Most Stunning Mugshot On The Planet


No, the title of this blog post is NOT a joke. Shut up haters. Lindsay Lohan looks like a wax goddess in her brand new mugshot, and we’ve gotta give credit where credit is due – uh, after we shake the hands of her plastic surgeon and hairdresser. Lindsay looks fiercetabuloustastic! Yes, we created the most horrific bloggy-word in the world just to describe the grainy beauty captured above, and even that doesn’t truly honor her majesty, Queen CrayCray.

Sure the lips are puffy and the brow botoxed tighter than Tom Cruise’s grip on Katie Holmes’ wrist, but doesn’t she still look stunning? Seriously, how many hours did some poor hair slave spend smoothing her locks down to give it that Disney princess sheen? You need an industrial strength straightener for that kind of goodness! And her skin – oh, her flawless plastic skin. Sure in 3 months she’ll look like Melanie Griffith‘s older sister, but for now the chemicals holding her dead stare in place are doing a breathtakingly good job. And if we may just taken a moment to orgasm over her eye make up: jwioywhqjhqop120ejl!!!

There, all done. Lindsay may be going down in flames, but at least she’s doing it in style – and while injecting her face with enough chemicals to make it flame retardant. That alone should earn her an Oscar.

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Gary Coleman Arrested In Utah


If there was a Celebrity Mug Shot Hall Of Fame, you can be sure that Nick Nolte‘s infamous crazy-haired mug shot would of course be #1, and Michael Jackson‘s “Who? Me?” look would get an honorable mention, too.  Thanks to Gary Coleman‘s arrest this weekend, we have a new favorite to add to the collection.

After being picked up by police in Santaquin, Utah on Sunday for an outstanding domestic violence warrant and for failing to appear in court, Coleman was jailed overnight and is still being held. Coleman isn’t looking crazy so much as he’s channeling his old character Arnold Drummond from Diff’rent Strokes here, it’s like he’s giving the photographer the old “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” with his eyes.  Coleman is being held on $1725 bail, which makes us wonder where Mr. Drummond is when you really need him. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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