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Timbaland Found By Police After “Possible Suicide Attempt”

This is scary: after telling family members he was distraught over a theft of some personal belongings, Timbaland was believed to be suicidal and took off from his home yesterday afternoon. There was a major hunt for him when his family realized he disappeared and might harm himself.

The LAPD responded to a “possible suicide attempt” call at 5pm yesterday after Timbaland disappeared. Earlier in the day, Timbaland had told his brother-in-law that there had been a theft at his Malibu home and a Jacob & Co. watch valued at $2 million had been taken. Timbaland was so distraught over the theft that he took off in his Escalade and was located by police helicopter. He was evaluated by paramedics and released after it was determined he was not a threat to himself.

It sounds like a lot more to this story than just a watch, we’ll update with more details as they come.

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Jersey Shore-Style Brawl Breaks Out At Elton John Gig In Monte Carlo


You’d expect a bit of drama onstage at an Elton John performance at a gala in Monte Carlo, but would you expect to see a Jersey Shore-style brawl in the audience? Apparently, a French-speaking woman in her 30’s and another in her 70’s showed attendees exactly what a beat down among rich Europeans looks like. And while one description of the fight seems similar to what you’d expect at the Shore (“When Younger Blonde turned around, 70 grabbed her hair and pulled out a gigantic blonde weave.”), it’s clear that girl fights play out very differently on the French riviera.

The unidentified ladies, for one, weren’t sporting shorty-shorts and baby T-shirts. They were wearing ball gowns and dripping in diamonds. And when the requisite drinks were thrown — it was glasses of champagne, not beer out of plastic cups. But the biggest difference between Jersey Shore and Monte Carlo cat fights is probably summed up by a witness who said, “the two ladies slapped and kicked each other while still seated until security came.” So drinks, punches and kicks were thrown — and yet the women remained seated while beating each other down so as not to disrupt Sir Elton belting out “Tiny Dancer” at the piano? It’s Lifestyles of the Bitch and Famous! [Source: New York Post; Photo: Getty Images]

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Selena Gomez Loses Voice, Still Manages To Diss The Bieber


Some Disney stars are in jail (hi Lindsay Lohan), some are going to strip clubs (hi Zac Efron), and some are right on track. That would be newly minted 18-year-old Selena Gomez.

The Ramona and Beezus star was scheduled to appear on Lopez Tonight. Problem is Selena lost her voice that morning. Not that it deterred her in anyway at all. George Lopez got her a dynavox and that’s how she “spoke” to him (you type in a response and it converts the words to automated speech). And it made for a hilarious interview partly because perky Gomez sounded like the female version of Marvin the Paranoid Android.

The other part was that she managed to Dynavocally diss her buddy Justin Bieber! She told Lopez about a performance which they were going to duet in. Biebs frantically got to her backstage and asked her to take her heels off. He didn’t want her taller than him. Selena’s response?  “[I told him] ‘I’m not going to take off my heels. You’re short, embrace it.”

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