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Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry: The Luckiest Celebrity Pets on Instagram

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Whether you treat your pet like your best bud or your baby, one thing is for certain: pets are often the most spoiled members of any household. Add celebrity to the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the luckiest pets on earth. With money to burn and beauty to show off, celebrities not only accessorize with pets, but their pets can safely say they’re accessorizing with their owners, as they show off the privilege of being wedged between, say, Miley Cyrus‘ boobs.

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Celeb’s Best Friend: 50 Dogs Hanging Out With Their 50 Famous Owners


Some people say that in Hollywood that you can never tell if you’re friends are real or fake. That might not be true, because any celebrity who has a dog has at least one loyal canine companion they can rely on.

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Lena Dunham, Please Cast Your New Dog Lamby In Girls Soon

In real life, Lena Dunham is way more responsible than most people — she’s 26 and runs her own show and makes her own movies! — but something about the way she talks about her new dog Lamby, whom she adopted on Wednesday, reminds us a whole lot of her Girls character, Hannah Horvath.

“I adopted him at Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition,” she told VH1 News at the season two premiere of Girls. “I wanted a dog for so long.”

Lena Dunham and her new dog Lamby
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Miley Cyrus Just Got A New Puppy And You Had Better Believe She’s Kissing It

Uh oh. If you’re one of those haters who experiences visceral disgust every time Miley Cyrus smooch one of her many, many adorable dogs, we would suggest you look away right now. Also, maybe stop following her on Twitter? Why are you even following her in the first place? It’s pretty much 90% dog kisses on there! “Meet Bean ❤❤❤‪@SpotRescueDogs‬,” Miley gushed along with a photo of her adorable bug-eyed pup. “Bean is a little girl :) she is a chihuahua mix of some type :) she brought so much sunshine!!!” Might we suggest you follow the Pope Benedict’s Twitter, haters? Guaranteed 100% dog kiss free! Although that would be pretty adorable…

As you might recall if you are a fan of Cyrus’ affectionate dog pack, the singer was devastated when her pooch Lila died early last month. “for everyone asking… I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken….. Lila my sweet baby girl has passed away,” Miley tweeted at the time. Hopefully baby Bean will bring some sense of completion to Miley’s ever-expanding pack, who you can see in all their doggy glory kissing and/or being kissed by Miley below. Oh, and her Twitter pretty much every day of the week. Haters, we’re sorry, but there is nothing for you here.

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In Defense Of Dog Smooching: The 10 Cutest Photos Of Miley Cyrus Kissing Her Pups

Miley Cyrus Defends Dog Kissing Photos

If you’ve looked at Miley Cyrus‘ Twitter at any point for any amount of time, you obviously know one thing: the woman loves her dogs! She loves pups Floyd, Happy, Mary Jane, Ziggy (her gift to Liam Hemsworth) and the late Lila so much in fact, she is constantly smooching them, a habit some haters seem to take umbrage with. “If one more person tweets me I’m gross for f—ing kissing my puppies I am gonna show you some real sick s— people do to dogs ok,” Cyrus raged last night. Haha, oh Miley! That’s the opposite of what everyone wants to see!

On one hand, we get it. There might be an upward limit on the number of dog kisses some people want to see online in a day. On the other hand…haven’t you ever smooched an adorable pup? Are we the only ones who understand the slobbery joy of dog love? Are the haters really so immune to man’s best friend? So we thought we’d get Miley’s back by hyping her cutest pup smooching pics for your enjoyment. If you still think it’s gross, we think Miley put it best: “It’s all love. Remember what Thumper said “If you don’t have something nice to say shut the hell up!” Or something like that.” Indeed.

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Amazingly Odd Hamster Debacle Joins The 5 Weirdest Justin Bieber Scandals Of 2012

Justin Bieber Blasted By Hamster Group After Giving Away Pet To Fan

It’s been quite a year for Justin Bieber. Oh, we don’t mean his musical career or relationship with Selena Gomez. We’re referring to all the truly weird scandals he has somehow gotten himself embroiled in. For example, now the hamster community hates the Biebs for giving his pet Pac away to a fan. “The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom,” claimed the California Hamster Association, who honestly sound like the most amazing pack of divas we could ever hope to meet. It’s not like the fan immediately ate the hamster or anything. To our knowledge. It seems fitting that Justin finishes out the year with a new odd scandal after the parade of weirdness that has plagued him for the last twelve months…

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Miley Cyrus’ Dog Lila Passes Away, We Send Our Condolences

Miley Cyrus' Dog Lila Dies, Miley Tweets Her Pain

Our hearts are really going out to Miley Cyrus right now. Her beloved dog Lila Blue just passed away and the singer’s taking it really hard. We’ve all been privy to Miley’s tweets about her pooch over the last couple of years, including lots of adorable pictures like the one you see above of the two of them. Lila was quite ill in October this year and Miley asked for prayers to be sent to her, typing a message on Twitter that read, “Please pray for my baby girl Lila. She is in the hospital. I am so heart broken. Please send out vibes for her to not be afraid & to heal.” Now that she’s gone, Miley’s really sad tweets read, “for everyone asking… I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken….. Lila my sweet baby girl has passed away.” The previous one said, “can’t think of one good reason to get out of bed today…. ” We’re feeling her pain right now, truly. It’s really awful when one’s pet dies. Huge hugs to Miley and her family. The tweet below makes us tear up a little.

Miley Cyrus' Dog Lila Dies, Miley Tweets Her Pain

Miley Cyrus' Dog Lila Dies, Miley Tweets Her Pain

RIP, Lila Blue!

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If Betty White Actually Spends Christmas “Alone” With Her Dog, We Have Failed As A Society

Betty White Says She'll Be Alone With Her Dog For Christmas

Stop whatever you’re doing. It means nothing now. We just learned that Betty White is going to be alone for Christmas, and in doing so learned how truly we as a collective have failed. The Hot In Cleveland actress was chatting with People about her golden retriever Pontiac this week at an anniversary part for L.A.’s Love and Leash animal charity. “He had little growths on his leg and he had to have it removed, so he had to wear one of those plastic collars so he wouldn’t take his stitches out,” Betty said about her pup. “Well, he got it off today and he’s a happy Ponty tonight!” Sweet, charming, adorable: everything we’ve come to expect from a Betty White anecdote. And then.

Then the former Golden Girl says this: “He’s my family. It’s just the two of us for Christmas because I’m alone, and so we just have a cozy day all day. We look forward to that all year.” NOOOOOOOOO! This is unacceptable, people. We cannot accept this. How did we as a species let this happen? There is not a family alive who wouldn’t want Betty White at their holiday party! If 90-year-old Betty White is alone on Christmas, then that is inevitably what will happen to all of us! We will personally pick Betty up in a horse-drawn sleigh and take her across America to have hot chocolate under the Rockefeller Christmas tree if if need be. We’ll all take shifts driving. Steering? Do you drive or steer a horse-drawn sleigh? Never mind! We’ll ask the rental guy when we make reservations.

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What’s Cuter: Justin Bieber’s New Owl Tattoo, His New Hamster, Or Him Holding The New Hamster?

Justin Bieber Owl Tattoo, Gets New Hamster, Pac

We’ve been here before. 2010 saw mass hysteria as the world figured out that Justin Bieber‘s teeny tattoo was real. Our boi has grown since and his ink collection has as well. As he was frolicking with girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in Hawaii last year, mostly shirtless, he made grown women check out his torso in ways that were both creepy and … even more creepy. Hell, he’s even shared a memorable tattoo moment with his dad since! Then there was the new “Believe” tattoo that got David Letterman to yell at him! You would think that that would serve as a cease and desist, but have a seat and ponder over how wrong you were. Because, and we know this thanks to his very active Instagram account, the Biebs now has a brand new owl tattoo on his arm, the picture of which was helpfully captioned with, “Befo the paps get me.” It’s totally growing on us. Okay … it’s grown on us. We think it’s so cute, but if you thought that that was the only adorable thing on his various social media thingamijigs, have a seat and do the whole “How wrong I was” deal again. Say hello to Pac the hamster. If you can tear your eyes away from Justin’s wrist bling, that little guy will coax baby gurgles out of you. So — cuteness stand-off, guys. Hamster … or owl? And just to make it even harder for you, here’s one of Justin WITH the hamster.

Justin Bieber hold Pac the hamster

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Miley Cyrus’ Puppy Lila Is In The Hospital! Check Out Her 20 Cutest Pictures And Send Good Vibes

Nooooo! Some horrible news to pass on today: Miley Cyrus’ dog Lila is sick! “Please pray for my baby girl Lila,” the singer tweeted last night. “She is in the hospital. I am so heart broken. Please send out vibes for her to not be afraid & to heal.” The super cute Yorkie mix joined Miley’s furry clan in February 2011, and his been a familiar face on her twitter feed ever since. If we had a dog as adorable as Lila we’d want to show her off, too! Like most of us, Miley feels incredibly close to her four-legged friends. “Why would I need human friends?” she tweeted last winter. “Dude, Lila will ALWAYS love me & that’s more than we can say about most humans.” No news yet on what landed the precious pooch in the hospital, but we’re sending Lila and Miley all of the strength and good vibes that we can. Feel free to do the same! Check out the puppy’s 20 cutest looks in the gallery below. Get well soon, Lila!

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