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Alec Baldwin Will Run For Mayor Of New York…When He Feels Like It

As America’s favorite capitalist Jack Donaghy once said, “Once I set my mind on something I have to accomplish it. 10 years ago I was one and a half inch shorter than I am today. Pure will-power.” Alec Baldwin‘s run for mayor of New York City might be the actor’s big accomplishment, but just like mentally forcing yourself to get taller, it’s going to take time. Baldwin told the New York Times that he plans to get a Master’s degree in politics and government when his 30 Rock contract is up next year, enrolling in a graduate program in fall 2012. So, if we swear never to vote for him if he leaves our favorite show, can we cancel his campaign before it gets started?

Rumors swirled around Baldwin’s candidacy for the city’s 2013 election following the Anthony Wiener sexting scandal earlier this year, but the actor realizes he has a lot to learn before the subsequent election. “What’s the reality of the city unions, of contracts, agreements, teachers, infrastructure, decentralizing, everything? And utilities, Con Ed, the M.T.A. — how does it all work?” Baldwin muses. Sound like just the things to ponder over a morning shower Scotch.

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Jennifer Garner Stands Up For Alec Baldwin As Mayor Of New York

Post Weinergate, a couple of heads have been thinking about giving the post of Mayor a run since it’s wide open now. One of these heads thinking about contesting for New York’s Mayor in 2013 is Alec Baldwin. He even said that he was “very interested” in running for office on behalf of the Democrats on CNN earlier this year. Now no offense, Alec, but WTF? Maybe we’re being unfair, but we just can’t wrap our heads around this whole deal, despite his longstanding political aspirations.

But Baldwin has an unlikely supporter in Jennifer Garner, so that should give him a bolster. The actress was on Fox & Friends yesterday and was put on the spot when asked about what her thoughts on the 30 Rock star running for office were. After a bit of a chuckle, Jennifer replied, “I think he would give us all a run for his money. He’s awesome, I love Alec.” She continued with, “It hasn’t stopped anyone before, I think he should go for it. He could run and let people vote!”

Not enough to change the subject apparently, because she was then asked whether she was officially endorsing him, amidst peals of laughter. Jennifer gamely answered, ” Yes, I stand up for Alec Baldwin!” Her husband, Ben Affleck, was thrown in as well, so Jennifer went ahead with, “Yes, Ben stands up for Alec Baldwin too.” What a cutie! That’s two votes of confidence for Alec. He’s totally going to run now, mark our words!

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