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Beyonce’s Maternity Line: For The Pregnant And Fabulous

Beyonce’s baby bump has been the topic of much conversation recently. How many more blog inches would it earn if it was, say, covered in Swarovski crystals or draped with golden scales? Hopefully we’ll find out, now that Beyonce’s maternity line for House of Dereon is on the way. “All I see now are clothes that are flattering on a pregnant woman,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s been so exciting for me!” Let’s hope Bey’s still as excited when her abdomen starts looking better than she does. Then it can have it’s own line and call it…what, Bump-yonce? Sasha Fetus?

Not included in the new line, we’re assuming, is the baggy dress that had rumors of a fake Beyonce baby bump swirling yesterday. Says Bey, “I love figuring out designs that still make me feel edgy and sexy while pregnant. Flowy fabrics are always flattering but I still rock my stilettos.” With any luck her designs will come out before Babyonce does. Though…do you think a nursing bra would look good with epaulets? What are we saying? If Beyonce‘s wearing it, of course it would!

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The Office‘s Jenna Fischer Births Baby Boy

We hope they have his little cubicle all ready, because The Office‘s Jenna Fischer’s baby boy has arrived! People confirms that Jenna and her husband Lee Kirk welcomed son Weston Lee into the world on last Saturday, Sept. 24. It’s not too late to start firing celebration shots into the ceiling, a la Dwight Schrute is it? We didn’t think so.

“Mom and baby are doing great,” their rep says, though the fact lil’ Weston was born into a world without Steve Carrell as his mom’s blundering boss is kind of tragic. Fischer’s character Pam is also currently pregnant, with TV spouse John Krasinski, on their hit NBC show, meaning that now in real life as on TV, everyone needs to do everything they can to keep Creed away from that baby.


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Jay-Z Opens Up About Being Excited For Babyonce, Possible Move To Brooklyn

We all know he’s been busy hand-stenciling baby ducks on the wallpaper above the bassinet, but it’s still nice to hear Jay-Z take the time to gush with us about Beyonce’s pregnancy. “I’m excited! I think that is pretty easy,” Hova explained at his Shawn Carter Foundation charity carnival last night in New York. Hova then dropped 30,000 pink “It’s A Girl!” and blue “It’s A Boy” cigars out of a helicopter hovering over Midtown. Oh no, sorry, we were just looking into the future there for a second.

When asked whether the family would be roosting in Brooklyn however, Jay-Z went into Typical Dad Mode. “I have been thinking about it, but the prices over there are really high,” Jay-Z joked. “It’s not like before!” Yeah, that’s what our father would say too. Though to be fair, he isn’t one of the richest men in the continental United States, nor is he married to Beyonce, one of the wealthiest women. He wishes.

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No, You’re Not Going To Correctly Guess Mike Myers’ Baby Name

We refuse to make the obvious “Yeah, baby!” joke that we are required, practically by law, to insert at the beginning of this post. Wait one minute…we accidentally made it anyway! Damn you, Powers! You’ve bested us again! People confirms that Kelly Tisdale and Mike Myers’s son Spike arrived two weeks ago, which means baby Spike probably already knows that Wayne’s World II just doesn’t measure up. “He is healthy and his parents are ecstatic,” the SNL alum’s rep says of Myers’ Mini-Me. On the other hand…Mike and Spike Myers? This is REAL LIFE, not Austin Powers 4. Seriously, you are naming an infant, Mike, not the sidekick to an obese Scottish super villain.

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Beyonce Thinks Jay-Z Stinks!

She would know, right? Considering she’s a fragranista now, due to the release of her perfume Pulse! But that’s not the reason why Beyonce thinks hubby Jay-Z smells off! In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Beyonce revealed that her olfactory sense is completely out of whack due to her pregnancy! She said, “Oh! My nose is like [mimics radar] ‘doot, doot, doot’! I smell everything! It enhances it. If it smells bad, I smell it! My husband’s fragrance, his one that I always love, I hate right now. So, thank God I love this one .” So don’t worry, folks. All is well. No trouble in paradise, unless Bey gets a whiff of Jay-Z. Poor guy!

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Beyonce Is A Hot Mama In White Feathers At Her NYC Perfume Launch

Is it us, or do recent Beyonce photos suggest Queen Bey is taking even more fashion risks now that she as a baby on board? Between New York Fashion Week and her perfume launch this week Bey is still bringing it, sartorially-speaking.We know we personally would not be wearing a strapless bra after our first trimester, no matter how fabulous we looked. In fact, you practically have to give us an epidural to get us into one now.

Luckily Beyonce doesn’t concern herself with earthly matters like sufficient underwire support, choosing instead to float through the launch of her perfume Pulse at the New York City Harold Square Macy’s in white ostrich feathers. Maybe Bey’s just trying to get in as many statement outfits as she can before she has to switch to sweatpants 24/7. Which is incidentally what we’re wearing already.

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Beyonce’s One Very Sparkly Mom-To-Be

We’ve all been dying to see how Beyonce‘s maternity wardrobe is going to pan out. So far it’s mostly been sparkly or poufy — both couture, though, obvs. Not that we have a problem with either. She’s carrying the Messiah of Music so she can put on any damn thing she wants! Her latest public appearance went the sparkly route again. Beyonce launched her fragrance Pulse in New York last night and covered the baby bump with a blingy blue minidress and matching glittery blazer. Do we like? We’re so biased when it comes to Bey! We’re wondering if her mommy wardrobe needs to shake things up a little, though?

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Mel B Gives Birth To New Baby Spice

Okay, not an actual new Baby Spice; Emma Bunton is still alive (we’re assuming) and well (also assuming). Either way Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice Mel B, welcomed a baby daughter into the world last night. Brown’s baby girl joins the family alongside father Stephen Belafonte and siblings Phoenix, Angel and Giselle, all of whom were apparently fainting all over the delivery room. “Finally our baby arrives,” the former Spice Girl tweeted.” Stephen nearly passed out, Phoenix screamed, I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!! She is just sooo amazing!!” We were already picturing Mel wearing stars-and-stripes platforms and a tongue stud with her hospital gown, hysterical labor-inducing laughter just seems to round out the picture.

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Alyssa Milano Welcomes Baby Milo

Wait a minute, Alyssa Milano’s baby friend just arrived this morning? We swear this woman had a medium-to-large baby bump back in February at the Hall Pass premiere! That kid must have come out with a full set of teeth and a mastery of the alphabet up to Q, not that we would expect anything less from an Alyssa Milano offspring.

People reports that Milano and husband David Bugliari welcomed son Milo Thomas Bugliari this morning at 9:37am. Alyssa Milano’s pregnancy went smoothly, according to the actress, who also gushed that her husband will be “the most amazing father ever” to the “biggest newborn on the planet” (note: that second quote is ours).

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Babyoncé Might Hold Up Production Of A Star Is Born

While Beyoncé’s pregnancy might have made our hearts explode in a collective burst of multi-colored tuxedo jackets, it also means it might be awhile before we see Beyoncé in A Star Is Born, Clint Eastwood‘s musical remake the often-rebooted film from 1937. The most recent version of the movie would be the 1976 film starring Barbra Streisand, and wait a minute…not only is she currently growing a tiny adorable person inside herself, but we just realized that Beyoncé is the new Barbra. It’s only Monday, but we do not see how this week could get any better for this woman.

While Eastwood was allegedly hoping for a February 2012 start, the arrival of Baby Hova will likely push back filming, unless the movie’s screenwriters can come up with an explanation for why Bey’s character would be holding a laundry basket in every scene. Oh, maybe she works at a laundromat. That wasn’t that hard. The delay might work out for the best anyway, seeing as how Leo DiCaprio, Clint’s first pick for the male lead, is opting not to do the film. Other names that have been bantered around include Christian Bale and Will Smith. Personally, we’re going to go ahead and suggest Jay-Z for the role, and then just subtly tweak the movie’s premise into being one giant, star-studden episode of A Baby Story. We’d all be on-board with that, right?

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