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Evan Rachel Wood Is Pregnant With Her First Child, And It’s Not Marilyn Manson’s

Evan Rachel Wood pregnant with her first child

Evan Rachel Wood is having a baby…and it’s not Marilyn Manson’s! Sorry, when we first heard the news we regressed to a few years ago when Wood was engaged to the shock rocker, and the thought of his spawn caused us to have flashbacks to Rosemary’s Baby. But then we remembered that the 25-year-old actress married Jamie Bell in October, and we chilled out a bit. And now the couple are having their first child together! Yay! And it’s not Manson’s. Double yay!

“Evan Rachel Wood and husband Jamie Bell confirmed that they are expecting their first child later this year,” a rep for the pair told Us Weekly. “The couple is thrilled.” This is not the first baby news for the newlyweds, who met on the set of Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” back in 2005. Rumors were floating around that they were expecting soon after their wedding, but Evan (or is it Evan Rachel?) shot down the reports soon after. “Sorry to disappoint. But no baby on the way here.” Now we’re so happy to report the opposite. Congrats to the happy couple! Check out the soon-to-be-parents being adorable in the gallery below.

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Buy $11 Million Mansion, Apparently Don’t Need Your Lousy Baby Pic Money

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly bought a house in Bel Air

If Kim Kardashian’s baby turns out to be a boy, we are already bracing ourselves for Fresh Prince of Bel Air jokes now that she and Kanye West have reportedly bought an $11 million home in the ritzy neighborhood. According to TMZ, the couple are turning the 10,000 square-foot home into a 14,000 square foot “Italian-style villa,” complete with movie theater, salon, bowling alley, basketball court, and indoor and outdoor pools. With that many recreation options, we hope they don’t opt to stay home too much instead of hitting the town where we can catch site of them and Babye.

After plunking down money for a new home like that, we are still surprised they didn’t take that $3 million deal for baby pics. Must be nice to have enough money to take a moral stand like that! (Unless, of course, they’re still waiting for a better offer.) Anyway, if paying the mortgage gets tough, they could always turn to the latest tactic Khloe is trying out on the eBay site she and Lamar Odom started to raise money for his Catherine’s Kids Foundation. Khloe’s unloading old clothing, including a used sports bra!

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Holly Madison Paints Her Baby Bump For All Of Us

Holly Madison Decorates Baby Bump With Smiley Face

What a nice little gesture from Holly Madison. The pregnant ex-Playmate, current reality star is expecting her first child with Pasquale Rotella sometime in March, so she’s already somewhere around seven months into baby-time. A tweet from her reading, “Took this baby bump update pic today for you guys!” linked to her Celebuzz page, revealing a very natural looking Holly, sans makeup, hiking up her shirt to reveal an adorable, big baby bump with a smile face on it, as you can see above. The message with it reads, “Hey guys! I took this pic of the baby bump this morning— smiling just for you! Hope you’re having a great weekend.” She looks so cute, and so very young without the big makeup and hair. And we like that she’s got sneakers on. This picture reminds us of Mariah Carey who was also into baby bump decoration while she was preggers. Remember her Easter egg decoration bump masterpiece? Or her glittery, girly, colorful butterfly bump art? While Holly’s may be a tad more DIY and less … swirly, we still love it. Except, on third and fourth look, the eyes weird us out a little, but still, baby bumps rule!

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Amber Rose’s Keyboard Dress Is Our New Obsession

Amber Rose wore this rainbow keyboard dress to her baby shower

You know we’ve been obsessed with Amber Rose’s adorable baby bump photos for months, but the pics she posted this weekend from her baby shower blew the rest away. Not only is she still incredibly cute for someone in her eighth month of pregnancy, but she is rocking a dress that we immediately want. It’s part of designer Jeremy Scott’s Adidas Originals collection, shown above on the runway. The most remarkable thing is how much better it looks on preggo Amber than on the skinny model.

Also great is this pic of Amber and Wiz Khalifa opening presents together.
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Kim Kardashian Isn’t “Real” Enough For A Jenny Craig Post-Baby Weight-Loss Deal

Kim Kardashian won't be getting an endorsement from Jenny Craig after she has her baby

What a weird (wrong) world we live in when the first thing everyone asks about a pregnant celebrity is who will be paying her to lose her baby weight? But when that celebrity is Kim Kardashian, whose very fame relies on people paying her to live her life, we guess it’s not such an odd thing to speculate about. Which is probably why TMZ went straight to diet companies Medifast and Jenny Craig to see if they were considering a deal with Kim. The answer is nope, ’cause neither companies are interested in famous ladies at the moment.
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Jessica Simpson Shows Off Baby Bump While Sister Ashlee Goes On Bikini Vacation

Jessica Simpson shows off her baby bump on Twitter

After playing coy for a few weeks, Jessica Simpson is now flaunting her baby bump on Twitter! “Bumpin’ and Proud!” she captioned the twitpic showing her very pregnant self in the bathroom mirror. She made the big announcement over Twitter on Christmas Day that she’s expecting her second child. She announced that she was pregnant with daughter Maxwell Drew on Halloween, so maybe she just has a theme for themed pregnancies.

Her sister Ashlee is having a much more low-key new years, having a bikini vacation in Hawaii this weekend. She was joined by her son Bronx and her mother Tina on the trip. Ashlee just recently split with her long time boyfriend Vincent PiazzaWe guess she’s taking a page from the Rihanna playbook and healing her heartbreak with some fun in the sun. Get a closer look in the gallery below!

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Kanye West’s Baby, Somewhere Kris Humphries Weeps

Hold New Years, y’all, we’ve got even bigger news: Kanye West got Kim Kardashian pregnant! The rapper dropped the baby bomb last night during a concert at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, where he refered to Kim as his “baby mama” in front of 5,000 fans, and gushed that “it’s the most amazing thing.” There had been rumors earlier in the week that Kim had joined the “extreme morning sickness” club, but stuff got real when fellow members of the Kardashian Klan took to Twitter to offer up their congrats.

“Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can!” wrote Kourtney Kardashian, who already has two young kids of her own. “Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!” Sister Khloe also sent her well wishes. “Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!” And of course, momager Kris Jenner got in on the action with a  lame pun: “Oh BABY BABY BABY!!”

Kim and Kanye have been dating since April, and they seem to have been pretty inseparable ever since. Kanye even wrote the song “Theraflu” for her, and rapped about her being his “perfect bitch.”  We imagine they’re pretty pumped about the whole pregnancy thing, but we can think of one guy who might not be: Kim’s technical-husband Kris Humphries. The divorce still isn’t final on their 72-day-marriage, and he’s long made it clear that he intends to fight Kim in court. We’ll have to wait and see how these latest developments will affect the case. Getting pregnant with another dude’s baby while they’re still not divorced might be enough to rile the Brooklyn Nets player.

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Shakira’s Boyfriend Gerard Pique Weirdly Punks World With Fake Birth Announcement

Shakira did not give birth yet, contrary to a tweet from her fiance Gerard Pique

“Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your messages!” Barcelona soccer star Gerard Pique tweeted last night, announcing the slightly premature birth of his and girlfriend Shakira’s first child.

And the congrats started pouring in for the beautiful couple … until, er, he posted another message a few hours later:
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First Kate, Now Kim: We Just Need One More Celeb To Make “Acute Morning Sickness” A Trend

Jessica Simpson, it might be time to get on board the acute morning sickness train. Everybody’s doing it: Kate Middleton, um, allegedly Kim Kardashian… Okay, that’s it so far. According to MediaTakeout, Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy with Kanye West was allegedly confirmed when a doctor visited her home to treat a nasty bout of “acute morning sickness” stemming from “the same illness that Princess Kate Middleton is suffering from.” Has debilitating nausea ever been so trendy? We sure hope not!

Of course, there’s literally no proof Kim and Kanye are even pregnant, let alone laying on the floor of the bathroom, drinking ginger ale and moaning. Plus the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a pregnancy illness which tends to be rare. Unless Kim has the shadiest, most loose-lipped obstetrician of all time, we’re going to go ahead and call shenanigans on this morning sickness tale. But we’re not ready to let go of the pregnancy rumor entirely! Kim and Kanye have made it very clear they’re in it to win it, and rumors suggest that their long-term plans include a baby. Man, Kimye’s kids are going to be so cute. They’re the only reason we still put up with these too!

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Jessica Simpson’s “Big Sis” Tweet Joins 5 Other Adorable Celebrity Baby Announcements Of 2012

Jessica Simpson confirmed her pregnancy with a tweet featuring daughter Maxwell

Jessica Simpson confirmed the pregnancy we pretty much all knew about already with a tweet yesterday that read, “Merry Christmas from my family to yours!” accompanying a deadly cute photo of 7-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew in front of the words “Big Sis” written in the sand. It by far surpasses Simpson’s “Mummy” tweet from last Halloween, and also makes us really wish she’d been able to break this news herself, rather than some “friend” who sold the story to Us weeks ago.

UPDATE: Weight Watchers also let Jessica announce her new pregnancy in a 30-second ad, released today. “Being healthy has become a part of who I am, which is great timing, because I’m having another baby,” she says. (WW made sure to add a printed message on the ad that says, “Pregnant women are not eligible to join Weight Watchers. Jessica has stopped following the plan and intends to return after she gives birth.”)

The announcement made us think back to all the other varied ways in which celebrity moms announced their big news to the world in 2012. Here are some of our favorites:

Snooki’s “OMG! I’m Pregnant!” Us Weekly Headline: This is another one we pretty much already knew about before the story was published, but the fact that we could totally hear Snooki’s voice as we read that headline made it more unique than your typical pregnancy story sold to a tabloid.

Amber Rose Follows Beyonce’s Example: Following a couple of weeks of speculation, Amber accompanied Wiz Khalifa to the MTV VMAs this year in a lacy skintight gown and caressed her little bump on the red carpet, leaving no more doubt about their big news. Months later, it looked like Jenna Dewan-Tatum was doing the same red-carpet reveal in her flowy princess gown at VH1 DIVAS, but she and Channing Tatum decided to let us guess for a few more hours before going the typical publicist-to-magazine route.
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