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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Buy $11 Million Mansion, Apparently Don’t Need Your Lousy Baby Pic Money

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly bought a house in Bel Air

If Kim Kardashian’s baby turns out to be a boy, we are already bracing ourselves for Fresh Prince of Bel Air jokes now that she and Kanye West have reportedly bought an $11 million home in the ritzy neighborhood. According to TMZ, the couple are turning the 10,000 square-foot home into a 14,000 square foot “Italian-style villa,” complete with movie theater, salon, bowling alley, basketball court, and indoor and outdoor pools. With that many recreation options, we hope they don’t opt to stay home too much instead of hitting the town where we can catch site of them and Babye.

After plunking down money for a new home like that, we are still surprised they didn’t take that $3 million deal for baby pics. Must be nice to have enough money to take a moral stand like that! (Unless, of course, they’re still waiting for a better offer.) Anyway, if paying the mortgage gets tough, they could always turn to the latest tactic Khloe is trying out on the eBay site she and Lamar Odom started to raise money for his Catherine’s Kids Foundation. Khloe’s unloading old clothing, including a used sports bra!

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$9 Million Will Buy You Donna Martin’s Sex House

Good news for the world’s richest Beverly Hills 90210 fans: The house where Donna Martin lost her virginity is for sale, and it’s only going for $9 million! Donna Martin, played of course by Tori Spelling, lost her v-card to David Silver, played by Brian Austin Green after years of withholding her precious flower. It was a tender, candlelit moment in a four-poster bed that ends up looking like a condom PSA, but it was a milestone for old Donna, and for anyone who grew up watching the show. The building where Donna (and best friend Kelly Taylor) lived is actually located in Hermosa Beach, CA, and is being marketed as “the 90210 house.” So if you have a spare $9m lying around and want to be known as the crazy super-fan who bought the 90210 house, this might be the thing for you. Personally, we’re holding out for Jim and Cindy Walsh’s Spanish-style ranch to come on the market.

Just for old time’s sake, you can watch the video of Donna and David doin’ it in the beach house after the jump if you can handle/stomach it.

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Got An Extra $45K A Month Lying Around? Rent Nicole Kidman’s Apartment!

It’s enough that celebrities rub their tropical surf vacations in our faces and flaunt their dumb fur coats around town, we don’t need to be reminded that they live in homes that could easily fit 25 of our one-bedroom apartments inside.  Unfortunately, that’s a fact that was highlighted this morning when we read about how Nicole Kidman’s New York apartment is for rent, and you too could live in her lap of luxury for the low, low price of $45,000 a month. No, not $4,500 a month. $45,000. As in, roughly the same amount the average American takes home in a year.

Photos of the apartment show that it has a glorious view of New Jersey, recessed lighting, a soaking tub, and penciled-in notches on a closet door that mark Tom Cruise’s height with and without lifts in his shoes. It’s positively palatial by New York standards, at a whopping 3,785 square feet, and if you can afford the rent, your neighbors would include Calvin Klein, Alexis Stewart (daughter of Martha), and Hugh Jackman. We would hope the rental price includes daily entertainment provided by Jackman and the occasional neighborly pan of brownies from the Stewarts, but somehow we doubt it. And the nice thing is that if you moved in, your landlord would be nearby, since Kidman and Keith Urban live in a $10 million apartment just a few blocks north.

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That 70’s Show’s Danny Masterson In Real Estate Scam


Danny Masterson is probably feeling very stupid right now. Something his character Hyde on That ’70s Show probably wasn’t used to feeling. He got played in a real estate scam when he decided to invest in a $3.2 million condo back in 2007. He took a loan from a company called TomatoBank to come up with the cash. Problem is, he’s being sued by them for nearly the same amount for not making the payments on his $3.2 mill loan.

Masterson claims he’s been duped by them. The story is that he agreed to co-sign the loan with TomatoBank for the schmancy digs.  He says they totally played him by secretly approving a 3-story building, instead of a 4-story condo, like they had agrees. The builders then obviously ran into permit issues. And because his name’s on the papers, Danny’s the fall guy with a big fat loan and an unfinished building. And loads of debt. Masterson now wants the TomatoBank agreement to be rendered null and void, and wants the courts to get them to cough up the cash. Sounds like something Kelso would get himself into.

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Russell Brand Unloading His Crib


Could unloading his palatial bachelor pad be the first step towards settling down with girlfriend Katy Perry? Russell Brand has put his London home up for sale. The home is spread over 2000 square feet and five floors and features a yoga room, media room, stunning master bedroom, hot tub in the backyard and a decadent reception room that Russell once said scares him a bit. Russell told The Times, “I am slightly intimidated by that room. I tend not to go in there much. You shouldn’t have a room you’re intimidated by.” Check out our gallery of Russell’s pad.

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Carla Bruni And Nicolas Sarkozy Want YSL’s Former Home

Carla Bruni Nicolas Sarkozy

Only the best is good enough for French First Lady Carla Bruni and hubby President Nicolas Sarkozy. The couple reportedly have their eyes on a luxurious second home in Paris, which used to belong to famed designer Yves Saint Laurent.

The three story apartment has been on the market since June, when the designer died at age 71, and is priced at $5.3 million. Carla reportedly wants to snap up the pad and turn it into a “love nest” for her and her hubby.

“Carla was a close personal friend of Yves and would relish moving into his flat with her husband,” a source reveals. “They want a little love nest where they can get away from the hurly burly of the Elysee and Yves’ place would fit the bill perfectly.” [Source: Daily Mail; Photo: Getty Images]

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Buy Laguna Beach Star Kristin Cavallari’s Family Home – For $14 Million


Yes, you tell can let the rain fall down and wake your dreams, just like the stars of Laguna Beach! Kristin Cavallari – who tried to turn her reality TV stint into a failed acting career – and her family are selling their Laguna Beach estate, and it’s $14 million worth of decadent luxury. The house resides in a gated community, and – in a cute little twist of fate – was designed by architect Jim ConradLauren Conrad‘s rich daddy.

Wanna know what kind of ridiculous amenities you’ll get from dropping that kind of cash on a house? Let’s see – the place was approved by a Feng Shui master, was made of numerous organic materials, and includes an infinity pool, jacuzzi, spa, sauna, steam room, yoga studio – with a koi pond, wine cellar, gym, media room, solar heating, and a “private trail to scenic overlook.” Oh yeah – it’s got 4 bedrooms, too!

Check out the entire listing here. Keep a couple of tissues handy to wipe away the drool.