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Marie Osmond Re-Marries Her First Husband After 26 Years!

Marie Osmond is a newly-wed! Of sorts, because she just said “I do” again yesterday to her first husband, Stephen Craig. Craig and Osmond were married in 1982, but divorced three years later in 1985 with Marie citing “mental cruelty” as the reason for their split. They’re back together as husband and wife now after 26 years! The couple remarried at the Latter Day Saints Temple in Las Vegas, and Entertainment Tonight reports that Marie wore the same dress that she had on 29 years ago on the day of their first trip down the aisle with her remarking, “I can’t breathe, but I’m in it.” Impressive!

Apparently, Stephen (her son with Craig) was instrumental in getting them back together, Marie explained, “It was our son who got us to kind of be back together, but [my husband] has been there for me and he’s just my best friend, you know, and loves my kids.” Their wedding day was made even more poignant for two more reason. It was her mother’s and also her son Michael‘s — who committed suicide last year — birthdays (Michael was one of Marie’s seven children with second husband Brian Blosil, whom she divorced in 2007). We wish the old-yet-new couple luck on their second round of matrimony! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Chuck and Vanessa, Back On And Loving It Up


It seems that Ed Westwick shutting out Jessica Szhor was akin to a fifth grader acting around a girl he likes. Being mean translates to “I like you.” Because the ex-couple seem quite on now, but their reunion was anything but PG-13.

The New York Post reports that the Gossip Girl stars were flown down to Chicago for a Belvedere Nights event and festival. E! Online confirms there were in Chicago because they were spotted at Lollapalooza.

They were supposed to turn up at both events (apparently, Ed was Vanessa’s plus one). “Supposed” being the operative word here, because the Bass and Vanessa decided to ignore their panicked reps and refused to leave their room. Publicists were banging down their doors but Banessa refused to acknowledge their existence and went on doing whatever it was that they were doing. Must’ve made them hungry too because their room service bill was over $800. *Nudge Nudge Wink Wink*

But with all the lovin’ comes a fair amount of hatin’. Especially from the event sponsors who had coughed up first class plane tickets and VIP festival passes for the pair. A source reveals, “Eventually this blew up into a big argument on Sunday, when the event boss phoned Jessica and said he was canceling their flights. She said ‘We don’t need to do this. We can pay our own way.’ They left that night, and Jessica paid for everything.”

That’s right, all the threats of canceled plane tickets didn’t bother the loved up pair, because they insist that they didn’t know they had to turn up at the event. They only surfaced to watch The Strokes and Edward Sharpe perform post the event. Uh, right. The company flew you first class to another city and paid for two hotel rooms so you could get it on. Because people are really that nice.

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