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Before They Cleaned Up: See The Cast Of Celebrity Rehab 4 At Their Sloppiest

Celebrity Rehab 4 Cast: Before The RehabrnrnThe explosive fourth season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew debuts tonight on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. This year’s cast — Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis, Janice Dickinson, Leif Garrett, Jeremy London, Frankie Lons, Rachel Uchitel, Jason Wahler and Eric Roberts — all publicly battled their demons in the harsh glare of the spotlight before being treated by Dr. Drew Pinsky and crew. While you’ll have to tune in each week to see how the cast deals with the difficulties of the program (not to mention withdrawal symptoms), the following slideshow highlights exactly the kind of shape (hint: not very good) that these celebrities were in before they checked into the Pasadena Recovery Center. rnrn

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Janice Dickinson And Rachel Uchitel: Roommates And Mortal Enemies

We kinda knew that Celebrity Rehab 4 was going to be a party…for us. And wooohoooo, it hasn’t disappointed! When the cast was revealed, Rachel Uchitel was on the roster revealing a surprise addiction to Ambien (and erm, lying). That’s when we thought to ourselves… the dramz coming.

But in a move that made our day, it turns out that Yuckitel was made to room with the ebullient Janice Dickinson. Picture this: Egos. Vanity. Issues. Illusions of grandeur. All in one room together. How could it not explode? And when it did … and oh, the two ladies went for it… it got so major that staffers had to pry Dickinson and Uchitel  away from from each other. A source revealed that the two ladies “were practically at each other’s throats from the beginning. They fought constantly, and Dr. Drew and the staff ultimately made the decision to separate the two as they were just being so disruptive to everyone involved. It was just way too much ego in one room.” You think?

Oh joy! And a lot more snarkiness has surfaced. The source went on to say, “Rachel just couldn’t stand even being in the same vicinity as Janice, and the tension that Rachel was dealing with because of it was one of the reasons that she left.” And Ms J was happy to dole out her judgement too because, and we agree on one level, “… It drove Janice over the edge that Rachel thought she was a celebrity. Both of these women are dealing with major self esteem issues, along with their personal addictions.” Well… Janice had/kinda still has a legitimate career. The fame whoring was a natural extension, to be fair.

All we can say is… where are the tapes? Please God, let there be a video of this!

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