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Taylor Swift Flies To England To See Harry Styles: Is It A Salvage Or Sendoff?

Taylor Swift flies to England to see Harry Styles

Fans of Haylor, this could be your lucky day! Mere weeks after the short-lived couple met their extremely timely demise, Taylor Swift had a reunion with her ex (?) Harry Styles. Taylor flew to the One Direction star’s native England yesterday, and according to an insider “she has no obvious reason or promo duties in London this week.” Ohhh damn, you know what that means! “There’s talk of a meeting with Harry being on the cards,” the source continued to the UK Star. That would certainly explain why T-Swift checked in to a hotel near his home. “Harry has just got back from a small tour in Japan with the band, and now has four days off.”

The real question is why the pair are meeting up? Are they trying to work it out and get things started fresh? That could be hard, considering  the fact that Harry apparently broke up with his superstar girlfriend because she “didn’t put out.” Ehh, that’s the kind of thing that might be hard for Taylor (or anyone) to forgive. Who knows, maybe she’s trying to get some closure on the whole affair and end things on a nice note, i.e. one that isn’t the title breakup track on her latest album.

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Rapper Cozying Up To Coco In Twitpics Claims To Have Nude Pictures Of Her In Bed

Rapper claims to have nude photos of Coco in bed

Before we begin, take a minute to evacuate the 10 mile radius around Ice-T, because he’s probably going to blow his top Mr. Vesuvius style. Who knows, maybe this is what the Mayans meant by the apocalypse. We were just recovering from the shock of Ice and Coco’s marital tiff last week. Mr. T made his displeasure known when pictures surfaced of another dude cozy up to his wife. Totally understandable. But if he was pissed about a little nuzzling, he gonna go ballistic at the rumor that the guy in the pic did a hell of a lot more than a peck on the cheek.

Rapper AP.9 is now claiming to have nude pictures of the always glam bombshell. On the surface that doesn’t sound so bad, considering the fact that Coco posts nude pictures of herself to her twitter and website almost every day. In fact, we’d wager that one out of every one person has nude pictures of Coco somewhere. But the rapper insists that these pix were taken in his bed. Dude…are you trying to make Ice-T kick your ass? Is this some kind of bet?

“AP.9 has been bragging that he has photos of Coco with him in a private room in Vegas, and that in some of them she’s on a bed, totally naked!” a source told RadarOnline. “He’s been putting feelers out to see if people want to buy the pictures and he’s claiming they’re really salacious and that a LOT more happened with Coco than just them posing in a night club.” The insider went on to say that Ap.9 is not spooked by Ice. For what it’s worth, he totally should be.

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