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Rumors We Hate: Did Rita Ora Have An Affair With Mentor Jay-Z?

Rita Ora denies she had affair with Jay-Z

Folks are really trying to make that “Rita Whora” nickname stick! The dust has barely settled from Rob Kardashian’s Twitter tirade against ex-girlfriend Rita Ora and now the singer is facing more unkind accusations. British reality show star Holly Hagan of Geordie Shore is making claims that Rita had an affair with her Roc Nation mentor Jay-Z. “I’ve been told to say that Rita ora has been ALLEGEDLY bukin jay z! I repeat ALLEDGELY [sic],” she wrote to her Twitter on Wednesday. “Apparently beyonce is denying claims… But if I gt cheated on I’d also deny it #embarrassin.”

The posts have (naturally) since been deleted, but it hasn’t stopped the white-hot fallout from Ora herself.  “I stayed silent on one bulls–t rumour but this one I have to speak,” she responded in followup tweets that also have since been deleted. “Neva eva will any1 includin a red head dum z listin attention seekin whore try talk s–t about me& my family holly wateva da f-k ur name is.” It took us a minute to decode all that, but we gather that she seems pretty pissed.

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Spend New Year’s Together In Bed. So That Settles That!

Rihanna in bed with Chris Brown on New Years

Rihanna and Chris Brown have taken their bizarre brand of coupledom to the most coupley of all holidays: New Year’s! Despite the constant push and pull about whether or not they are actually dating, over the holiday the superstar pair got very close in a very public way, sharing court-side seats and laughs at a Lakers game on Christmas. “Sure,” we can hear you loyal readers say, “Friends go to basketball games all the time.” We hear that. But now it looks like the two were each other’s all-important midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve, which can only me one thing: They are totally going to get married and make babies immediately.

OK, maybe not. Yet it still is pretty decent proof that the two are together in a more than fellow basketball fans kind of way. Riri posted a pic on Instagram of herself peeking out of a distinctive polka dotted bed comforter yesterday with the caption “Good morning! Still haven’t slept lol #hello2013.” Soon after, Breezy did the same thing, showing his legs sticking out of the very same comforter. The pic has since been deleted, because as we all know, Chris Brown is a very fussy Instagrammer. So despite all of Rihanna’s angry tweets about being single, we’re guessing they’re back together again? Right? Who knows.

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Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Ring In The New Year With A Big Ol’ Kiss

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are taking their romance to the public. Like, seriously to the public. Like, we’re going to make out and we don’t care kind of seriously to the public. The two impossibly cute and famous pair — hey, like does attract like — were in New York for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, where Swifty was performing a medley of her songs during a concert that attracted thousands of people. But instead of whizzing off after the show, Taylor stayed for the famous ball drop with Harry by her side. There’s the video you can see above of the whole moment as the clock strikes twelve ushering in the new year and a big, public, full-on kiss between Taylor and Harry. Which goes on for a while, we may add. We’re hoping both fan bases approve because quite frankly, how could you not? It’s adorable and exactly like that romantic comedy we know you have stashed away and like to bust out towards the end of the year. Just don’t screw it up, Styles. You don’t want to be fodder for her next album. Also, disclaimer: we know it’s voyeuristic but the moment is so darn cute and going viral and who doesn’t want to feel mushy at this time?

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Rihanna Tweets Another Chris Brown Photo For “Throwback (To Last) Thursday”

Rihanna tweets picture of Chris Brown

We love Rihanna with all of our hearts, but she’s starting to test our patience with all of this Twitter teasing in regards to her relationship with Chris Brown. Although it seems like their rekindled romance is now at an end and she’s living it up on the beaches of Barbados, she can’t quite seem to get Breezy out of her system completely. The “Diamonds” singer has taken social media again to make another reference to her controversy-filled dalliance with the man convicted of assaulting her back in 2009. “#THROWBACKtolastTHURSDAY,” she captioned a photo on her Instagram showing Brown’s hand on her thigh, with her own hand resting on top.

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Taylor Swift Looks For English Home Near Harry Styles, Probably Freaks Him Out Big Time

We’re certainly not experts, but we’d like to take a minute to offer a friendly piece of relationship advice to the lovely Ms. Taylor Swift. When you start out dating someone, especially (especially) an 18-year-old boy bander, maybe it’s not the best idea to purchase a house next to them in the first few weeks of courtship. That might, you know, scare him off! Perhaps take it a little slower.

T-Swift attempted made similarly over-zealous moves with her summer fling Conor Kennedy by snatching up a glorious beach-front spread in close proximity to the famous Kennedy Compound on Martha’s Vineyard. Who knows if that contributed to the demise of their relationship shortly after, but now it seems as though she’s trying to do the same thing with current beau Harry Styles of One Direction. According to RadarOnline, the “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” singer is looking for a new place nearer to her British boyfriend.

Apparently it went down the same way it did with Conor, where Taylor paid a visit to his family and “fell in love” with the area. Either she’s really predicable, or her PR people are getting lazy. “Harry and Taylor are crazy about each other,” a source told the website. “They just got back to LA together, after sharing a week-long vacationin England. While they were in the UK, they had a chance to drive up to Harry’s mom’s place in Cheshire and Taylor fell in love with the gorgeous countryside.”

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Rihanna Bikinis In Barbados To Get Over Chris Brown

Rihanna wears a gold bikini in Barbados

In light of her recent heartbreak with Chris Brown, Rihanna sought comfort in the familiar by returning to two things that she knows and loves: her native Barbados and bikinis! Yes, the two B’s will cure whatever ails ya! The singer is back to spend the holiday with her family, and was seen on the balcony of a sweet beach front resort rockin’ a gold two piece with her best pal Melissa Forde yesterday.

This follows news that Brown is still hooking up with his former flame Karrueche Tran, a rumor that was confirmed by friend Christina Milian. Breezy sure has a thing for his exes, apparently. Rihanna is apparently devastated, going on several Twitter offensives against the dude, and even making extra special demands during her appearance on The Voice on Tuesday. “She made sure her people told everyone on the crew of The Voice that no one could talk about Chris whatsoever, because she didn’t want to hear his name!” an witness told Perez Hilton.

But the plot thickened earlier today when Brown posted an intimate photo of himself with Rihanna to his Instagram. The cozy photo shows him planting a kiss on Riri’s cheek, and seems to have been taken during their time in Europe together a few weeks back. “Always started wit breezy like the letter B…” he captioned the photo, which he has since deleted from his feed. Hmmm, is he missing Rihanna and having second thoughts? Or are they just messing with us? We’re starting to wonder…But hey, at least we have bikini pics! Head on down to the gallery below to check ‘em out!

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Rihanna Tweets About Being Single, Posts A Picture Of An Empty Bed Minus Chris Brown

Rihanna tweets about being single

Now you have it directly from the source: Rihanna is single. At least, that’s what she seems to be suggesting on her Twitter. The “Diamonds” singer posted an “R Card” to her fans via Instagram yesterday that read, “Being single sucks. The only thing I get to do anymore is whatever the f–k I want to do.” This comes on the heals of a reported tiff with rumored boyfriend Chris Brown when he went to visit his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran in Paris. After months of increasingly intimate contact, and increasingly mushy tweets that seemed to suggest that their controversial relationship was back on, Riri went on a thinly veiled rant against Brown last week.

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Kelly Clarkson And Kat Von D Get Engaged: Time For Another Round Of Guess The Celeb Rock!

Guess the celebrity engagement ring

Everyone knows that the holiday season is one of the most romantic times of the entire year. We blame Love Actually. And now it looks like Christmas came early for famous ladies like Kelly Clarkson, Crystal Harris and Kat Von D as their beaus got them all a pretty sweet gift: An engagement ring! The trio all took to Twitter to give fans a glimpse of their new rocks. American Idol alum Clarkson flashed her bling backstage at VH1 DIVAs after boyfriend Brandon Blackstock popped the question over the weekend.

Top DJ Deadmau5 took the opposite approach and actually proposed to girlfriend Kat Von D on Twitter this Saturday! The on again off again couple reunited in November after breaking up in September, so we’ll see if the notoriously tempestuous two-some make it to the alter. But we saved our biggest reservations for Crystal Harris, who showed off her second engagement ring from Hugh Hefner last week. Why second, you ask? Because she sold her first one after she left the 86-year-old at the alter last year. Ooof. Good luck, you crazy kids. With all these engagements in the air, we thought it was time for another round of Guess The Celeb Rock. Head on down to the gallery below and test your ring knowledge! Get the answers under the jump.

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Rihanna Posts Another Angry Tweet Pointing Towards Split From Chris Brown

Rihanna tweets hint at trouble with Chris Brown

Last time we checked in, Rihanna posted a series of tweets over the weekend that hinted at trouble with her rumored boyfriend Chris Brown. The pop queen was reportedly angry that Breezy flew to Paris to meet up with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, whom he dumped in October so that he could see Riri guilt free. Her passive aggressive tweets on Sunday night made vague references to the feud, but this morning she posted an even more pointed message, almost certainly aimed at the man who famously assaulted her nearly four years ago.

“Never underestimate a man’s ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes,” she wrote to her more than 27 million Twitter followers this morning. Strong words coming from the lady who’s been under an incredible amount of fire for not only resuming contact with her former abuser, but seemingly entering into a romantic relationship with him again.  There’s a lot to unpack in there, and a lot of incidents it could be referring to. Is it the beating? Is it the Karrueche Tran visit? Who knows, maybe he just left the toilet seat up. And of course, it might not be about Chris at all.

Despite her loaded Twitter activity, some close to the mysterious couple deny that claim Riri doesn’t give a damn about Chris’ rendezvous with his ex. Insiders tell Hollywood Life that all reports of a rift between the two are “lies” and that they “talk every f—ing day, every hour and every second.”

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Coco, Ice-T Step Out Together In New York, So Let Us Never Talk About Them Breaking Up Ever Again

Ice-T and Coco step out in New York after Twitter fight

Sorry AP9, if that is even your real name! The photos of you snuggling Coco at a nightclub recently might have been enough to start a marital dispute, but they were no match for the deep cosmic love that flows between Coco and Ice-T. So let us never talk about them splitting up ever, ever again. People’s Exhibit A: the pair were spotted out at an event at Last Rite’s Gallery in New York City Monday night. We can only assume their matching outfits were an intentional statement of solidarity…and awesomeness.

In case the solidness of their union was in doubt, Ice-T has been on a consistently hilarious rant against the haters pretty much all day, with bon mots like “Everyone with opinions about MY personal life.. Can ‘Eat a Hot Bowl of D—s’ Check YOUR b—-.” and of course “My wife checks 100k a week….. Worry about your broke h-….. Not your b—-. Not your concern.” Is it wrong to feel this emotionally invested in a couple you don’t know in real life? Maybe. On the other hand…well, we write celebrity gossip for a living and you read it. No one has to know how we feel here. No one. This is a safe space.

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