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A Guide To The Scariest Celebrity Stalkers

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Earlier this month, Taylor Swift obtained a restraining order against a crazed stalker who’s been harassing her since 2011. He’s sent emails, letters, and social media posts calling her his “wife” and threatening to kill members of her family. It’s a sad and unfortunate situation, and thankfully legal action has been taken, but these types of extreme circumstances are also pretty common amongst celebrities. For years, obsessed fans have been tracking down and bothering the famous. Read on for our breakdown of some of the scariest examples and watch Omar Epps recall his own experience with a crazed fan in the video below.

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Kat Von D Gets Restraining Order Against Crazed Fan

Kat Von D Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

These kind of stories always give us the heebies. We understand that Hollywood has always been stalkerville but that doesn’t mean that every new episode with a crazed fan isn’t as scary as the previous one. The latest celebrity target is Kat Von D — whose Twitter timeline over the past couple of weeks has revealed she’s back together with Deadmau5 after breaking up over some randomness. Thankfully, that’s a silver lining, because her other daily activities include getting restraining orders. Kat has had to get legal protection against an over-zealous admirer of hers called Michael Nunn, who has apparently been harassing her over the internet as well as physically showing up at her house in L.A. Kat has a a temporary restraining order against him which orders Nunn to stay a 100 yards away from her, which is a good thing considering he has, “delusional and paranoid tendencies, including the belief that the FBI is watching him.” Nunn started his manic spree seven months ago and was constantly contacting her over Twitter as well as on the phone, and even posted her number onto the internet. Let’s hope this restraining order does the job and that he cools down. Stay safe, Kat!

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Miley Cyrus’ Home Gets Broken Into, Intruder Arrested

Intruder Arrested At Miley Cyrus' Home

Thank the Lord that Miley Cyrus wasn’t at her home this weekend. A man named Jason Luis Rivera — clearly more than a bit off in the head — broke into her Studio City home by jumping a fence. Why? Because he wanted to meet her, of course. And this is where it gets even crazier. Not only was he carrying a pair of scissors, but this is what he said when the cops apprehended him, “I am a friend of Miley Cyrus. I am. She’s my wife. Me and Miley have been friends for five years.” See what we mean? Crazy town. The police were called in because someone in the neighborhood called 911. We’re presuming these were people at her home, because he talked to them after he broke in, refusing to leave until he met Miley. Is there any surprise he didn’t go with officials quietly? They found Rivera hiding in the bushes, where he had lit candles for his “wife”, we presume, and had to be tased because he refused to co-operate. He has been booked for burglary and trespassing now. We’re glad that Miley didn’t have to deal with any of this. We shudder to think why he had scissors on his person. Let’s hope he’s locked away for a while.

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Usher Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker; Alleged Stalker Replies Via YouTube

Usher Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Ugh, is this going to be a thing now? Celebrity stalkers defending themselves on YouTube? We can’t even. We had thought that after the sob-inducing, food-hurling, bridesmaid-seducing mess that was Usher’s recent custody battle, the singer would be able to return to a semi-normal life. Instead Usher had to get a restraining order against alleged stalker Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw after the woman repeatedly came to his home, “pounded on his front door and demanded to be let in.” After cops were called to the scene, Jones-Rakestraw tried to claim she was Usher’s wife and had “simply misplaced her keys.” Fortunately the police officers read the same websites we do, and arrested her earlier this week.

As if that wasn’t already the worst, Darshelle allegedly posted a response video to the accusations online yesterday, which we’re sure is exactly what a lawyer would recommend someone was accused of stalking should do. In the clip Jones-Rakestaw shows off the documents detaining the restraining order against her, explaining in part, “Mr. Raymond has apparently trespassed me.” Oh boy. Concludes Darshelle, “He has officially slandered me and defamed my character.” Wow, who would have thought the fact the video sounds like it was recorded on an airport tarmac wouldn’t even make the top five weirdest things about it? Note: the fact it exists at all is number one.

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Cops Called To Kat Von D’s Home After Threatening, Creepy Phone Call

Kat Von D Calls Cops At Home

This has got to be one of the creepiest things ever. TMZ just revealed that Kat Von D received an extremely disturbing phone call from a crazed fan or deranged prankster on Monday night. The person called her home and began asking her a series of personal questions and then hung up, only to follow up with a text message on her cell phone. Kat, being under the impression that the individual was on her premises, call the cops around 10:45 p.m.

All these details were actually revealed by the police themselves as they came swarming in en masse. They really got the whole “to serve and protect” deal down, as not only did they show up in a fleet of cars, but they actual sent a helicopter to scour the neighborhood aerially. The good news is that they found no one, and Kat is safe. She still had to file something called an “annoying persons report,” which we hope made her giggle even through all the stress.

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Alec Baldwin Tweets He’s “Leaving NBC” After Today Segment On Stalker

Oh, man, Today producers, you’ve done it this time. Maybe. Alec Baldwin has been posting all morning about how the morning show had a crew camped outside his apartment building to tape a segment about his accused stalker, Genevieve Sabourin. And the latest one sounds like he’s directing his ire at the entire network, all but saying that he’s leaving 30 Rock:


Actually, Baldwin began tweeting about journalists at his place late last night: “Outside my apt, “journalists” from the Post camped out to talk to me about stalking. They camped out all day. Wait. Isn’t that…….?”
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