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Lea Michele’s 14 Tattoos: Where Is She Hiding Them?

Lea Michelle shows her tattoos

While Rachel Berry would probably never get a tattoo — she’d fear it would affect her ability to get cast as a young Barbra Streisand or maybe, out of respect for Jewish law — we’ve all seen evidence that Lea Michele thinks differently. We didn’t know how differently until last night, when the Glee star appeared on Late Night With David Letterman and shocked the host by telling him she actually has 14 tattoos, most of them in “secret spots.”

“You have 14 secret spots?!” Letterman asked incredulously. Yes, but not much more than that, she said. And most of these tats, she explained, were done on family outings, when the whole Safarti (that’s her real surname) clan apparently get “super sentimental” and get inked together. That is basically one of the best reasons to get a tattoo we can ever imagine. So where are all these secret spots? We can’t locate many in the photos we have available to us. But here’s what we found:

1. The music notes on her shoulder:
Lea Michele's tattoo
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Birthday Girl Kat Von D’s 30 Hottest Tattoo Pics

Talk about tat-tat tatted up. Queen of ink Kat Von D has more tattoos than anyone could count in one sitting. We tried. AnKat has come a long way since her first tattoo job at 14. After appearing on both Miami Ink and her own show, L.A. Ink, which was canceled last year, Kat has become one of the most sought after artists in the industry. She’s also inked some paper with two best-selling books. And with a makeup line, an art gallery, a hefty list of top clientele and her first album on the way, Kat’s permanently marked herself a business woman. Sorry, fans, but snagging a seat in Kat’s chair at High Voltage Tattoo is a pretty difficult feat: the wait list is almost two years. Some of us will just look on from afar, admiring her work, and tut-tutting about her hook-up and breakup from ex-fiance Jesse James. Not that we think she’ll stay single for long — this lady she pulls off that whole tough yet feminine yet super sexy look pretty well.

Kat Von D turns 30 today, and in honor of her birthday, here are 30 pics of some of Kat’s own, personal ink, including the infamous Jesse James’ tattoo. Happy Birthday, Kat!

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Rihanna Gets Hard-Core With Knuckle Tats And Danny Trejo

Rihanna just wants to make it crystal clear how hard core she’s become. Sometimes a parade of microscopic bikinis and a gun tattoo are not enough to convey the level of hard core a lady is hoping to achieve. Might we suggest white-ink knuckle tats and Machete star Danny Trejo? The man’s name almost always appears next to a type of gigantic knife, by far the most hard-core weapon there is. Top five, at least.

Last night RiRi tweeted her cred while boozing it up at famed tattoo artist Mark Mahoney’s Hollywood parlor. “All these bitches screaming that 2pac back ♫ #THUGLIFE,” she posted along with her homage, later adding “I #LOVE my new tattoo!!! Can’t wait for yall to see it!!! I got it in ‘Tibetan’ this time!!! #approved.” So Rihanna got even more tattoos that we haven’t seen yet? And they’re in “Tibetan,” the most hard-core language there is? OK, we’re calling it: gigantic face tat before 2013 and best friends with….let’s say…Mickey Rourke? Yeah, Mickey Rourke.

[Photo: Rihanna’s Twitter]

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Snooki Gets Clicked While Getting Inked

Snooki should really know this is not the most attractive look for her. Why on earth would you invite the paparazzi to click a moment that is reserved solely for grimacing and, if your threshold for pain isn’t particularly high, screaming. She was in L.A. this weekend and decided to pop into the Martlet Tattoo Parlor in Hollywood, along with cameras, of course. The Jersey Shore star got, what else, stars tattooed on her shoulder. But get this, they’re leopard-print stars! We die. She probably just pointed at her earrings and said — tattoo that. Snooki also seems to have got one rather large tiger-stripe star as well. For a closer look, click after the jump. Read more…

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Demi Lovato Gives Us A Look At Her New Tattoo

“Sometimes you just gotta have a little bit of ……,” Demi Lovato tweeted yesterday. Accompanying the message was a photograph of her new tattoo, “Faith” written in cursive on her right forearm. Props for the dreamy photograph because Demi’s looking quite lovely in it with those smokey eyes. She also had “Stay Strong” tattooed on her wrists earlier this year, so this latest ink fits in quite nicely with the whole inspirational package. It’s been just a few days since Demi visited her old treatment center as a motivational speaker. Maybe the two instances are connected, considering what the tattoo reads.

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Do We Have To Call Her Queen Snooki Now?

“MY NEW TAT <3 badass” tweeted Snooki to celebrate that … thing … on her arm. It looks like a fake doesn’t it? It’s not though, because a gilded colorful crown complete with a pink bow was meant to be on our Nicole’s arm. This is Snooki’s second tattoo, as the reality star already has the words ‘La Familia’ emblazoned across her back. But back to this latest bout of regal ink — do you approve, FABpeople?

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Megan Fox Explains Why She Removed Her Marilyn Monroe Tatt, Added Carbs

After being put on blast earlier this summer by everyone on the Transformers movies but the craft services people, it seems like Megan Fox’s tattoo removal was a big step in moving on to the next phase in the actress’s life. “I’m removing it,” the This Is 40 star explained to Italy’s Amica. “It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.” Well, Marilyn could also be a positive character who stands for being fabulous and have a really great dye job, but we can see the connection.

Besides her ink, Megan Fox’s diet is the lastest thing undergoing a change. “For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, no bread, sugar and coffee,” Fox explained. “But I had lost too much weight. So now I eat a bit of everything.” New bare skin available for future tattoos, the ability to eat food heated over 104 degrees Fahrenheit: 2011 is looking like Megan Fox’s best year yet.

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Miley Cyrus’ New Equal Rights Tattoo

This could have been any random symbol but Miley Cyrus‘ tweet has given her tattoo a whole new spin. Over the weekend, the singer tweeted a photo of a new equal sign etched on the side of her middle finger writing, “All LOVE is equal.”  That obviously, was enough to spark off a row about gay rights and marriage equality because she had to defend her position from tweets that fired back with, “look up Leviticus, 1 Corinthians. Read both chapters and tell me where God says homosexuality, incest, and polygamy is ok?” Miley wrote back saying, “where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn’t. GOD is the only judge honey. “GOD is love”.  Preach! Whatever you say about Miley, at least she doesn’t shy away from making her point.

[Photo: /Miley Cyrus’ Twitter account]