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Justin Bieber And Dad Share A Beautiful Tattoo-Related Moment

While most of us screamed at our parents for refusing to let us get that sweet dragon inked onto our lower backs (in retrospect, thanks Dad!), Justin Bieber’s tattoo is such an awesome idea, his dad Jeremy opted to get a matching one in the exact same place. Earlier today,  The Justin Bieber Shrine posted photos of a very special father-son ink session that took place back in May, just in time for Justin and Selena Gomez to spend their vacation in Hawaii. We probably should have know from all the macking it in Maui that Justin’s dad was a “cool dad,” but now we have proof you can only get removed with a laser.

Their identical tattoo is allegedly Hebrew for “Jesus,” and as you can see from the full set of pictures, Bieber looks more than a little scared to be under the needle. We know he’s a mature young man and has parental consent and so on and so forth, but does anyone else think the more ink Justin gets, the younger he looks? This is unsettlingly like watching a toddler getting a Mike Tyson face tatt.

[Photo: TheJustinBieberShrine]

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Warner Bros. Settles Hangover Part II Tyson Tattoo Lawsuit

At least you can rest easy knowing when you go to buy The Hangover Part II DVD (along with 94% of the world’s population), Stu’s face tat will not have to be covered by a stylized dreamcatcher or the lyrics to “Allentown,” as Warner Bros. settled The Hangover Part II tattoo lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount. “Warner Bros. and Mr. [S. Victor] Whitmill have amicably resolved their dispute. No other information will be provided,” said attorney Geoff Gerber, who was representing Whitmill, Mike Tyson‘s tattoo artist, in the case. We’re sure Whitmill is relieved that he can get back to doing what he does best: giving awful tattoos in the hope that they’ll end up on camera near or around Zach Galifianakis.

Settling up now rather than wait for next year’s court date seems like a smart move for the studio, considering that a month after it premiered, The Hangover Part II is the highest earning R-rated comedy in the history of civilization, raking in $488.7 million worldwide. The film that used to hold the title of the highest-earning? The Hangover. With all that dough, the producers could potentially give everyone in the continental United States matching Tyson tattoos and still have enough to settle a lawsuit all over again. We’re not suggesting they should, mind you. Just that it’s a possibility.

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Judge Rules Face Tattoo Will Not Stop Release Of The Hangover Part II

In case you’re studying up on how to be a tattoo artist/lawyer that sues only movie studios, you’ll be interest to hear that The Hangover Part II face tattoo case got thrown out of court this morning. A judge in St. Louis determined that Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill cannot file an injunction against Warner Bros for using his ink in the upcoming film, nor could he delay the movie’s release. Our suggestion that they Photoshop Ed Helm‘s face out of the film and replace it with another, even more manic Ken Jeong was met with silence.

“We are very gratified by the Court’s decision which will allow the highly anticipated film, The Hangover Part II to be released on schedule this week around the world,” Warner Bros said in a statement. “Plaintiff’s failed attempt to enjoin the film in order to try and extract a massive settlement payment from Warner Bros. was highly inappropriate and unwarranted.” Other insane lawsuits dismissed today included an injunction against the Hangover Part II monkey for stealing her act from the monkey on Friends, and an injunction against Ed Helms filed by Jason Sudeikis, for making our mom think they were the same person until she saw them both on SNL. They do look alike, Mom!

[Photo: /Warner Bros.]

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Angelina Jolie Suprised We Didn’t “Get” Her Brad Pitt Tattoo

We are such dum-dums! Of course we should have recognized Angelina Jolie’s Brad Pitt tattoo, which the Kung Fu Panda 2 actress added to her veritable tapestry of skin ink. “Well if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad’s birthplace,” Jolie told Extra, referring to the new set of coordinates she had added to those of her children. “It’s Shawnee, Oklahoma.” Argh, we should have know that! Why did we make all those Brad Pitt flash cards if we aren’t going to use them?

Rumors were swirling earlier this year that Angelina Jolie’s adopting another child from Haiti, fueling speculation that the new tattoo might be celebrating a new little bundle of joy. Of course, if these gossip mongers would only check our meticulous chart of Brangelina facts they would see the lunar calendar is all wrong for them to be getting another child so close to the solstice. We mean, clearly.

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Mike Tyson’s Tattoo Artist Sues Over Hangover Part II Ink

Did you know you can copyright an ill-advised tattoo design? Neither did we. Whoever owns the rights to “pouting Tasmanian Devil” or “yin yang symbol with a rose draped over it” should know they could have a lot of money coming their way, now that Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist is suing Hangover Part II filmmakers for using his design without permission. Thank goodness “crudely-drawn dragon” isn’t a copyrightable image, or else everyone in our high school would be completely bankrupt by now.

As you can hilariously see in the Hangover Part II trailer, Ed Helms‘ character awakes to find himself branded with Tyson’s famous face ink, an homage to the boxer’s cameo in the first movie. Now tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill, who gave Tyson the tattoo in 2003, is suing Warner Bros. for violating his copyright. In addition to an undisclosed amount of money, Whitmill is attempting to prevent the film from even showing the design. Doesn’t he realize the more people see it, the greater the chance that some drunken frat will collectively decide to get it etched into their face as well? And you know what that mean. Cha-ching! Get that hideous tattoo money!

[Photo: /Warner Bros.]

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Is Megan Fox Saying Goodbye To Her Marilyn Ink?

No one can say terrible tattoos are going out of style anytime soon; Avril Lavigne and Rihanna’s neck tattoos can attest to that. If nothing else, Ke$ha’s home tattooing kit will keep America flooding with regrettable ink for the foreseeable future. That being said, recent photos suggest Megan Fox’s tattoo removal has begun, starting with the portrait of Marilyn Monroe she has permanently etched into her forearm. Of the two photos above, the more recent photo is on the right, taken on April 16 while the traditionally tattoo-covered Fox cheered for husband Brian Austin Green at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Beginning earlier this spring, Fox’s ode to the classic blond seems to have faded away as gently and as quietly as her acting career. Maybe Megan finally realized that large forearm tattoos don’t play so well if you’re hoping to play a role that doesn’t involve leaning over a motorcycle, making out with Mickey Rourke, or some odious combination of the two.

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Demi Lovato Shows Off New Wrist Tatt, Big Fan Love

Every celebrity loves their fans; few would go so far as to get their doodles permanently inked onto their flesh. In a new video Demi Lovato shows off her new wrist tattoo, a small heart which fans would apparently draw on themselves in support of Demi’s recovery in rehab. “I wanted to show you something that I did recently in honor of my fans and their support,” Lovato says as she points out her new body art, which joins her “Stay Strong” tattoos on her arms. “The journey that I went through and the support of my fans was so meaningful for me, I wanted to thank my fans in a way that I know can never be forgotten.” Good thing the symbol was sometime cute like a little heart, rather than a bat skeleton or something. We don’t know why someone would chose that to represent their love for Demi Lovato, but, you know girl almost certainly would have gotten it anyway.

Demi is also back on Twitter as of yesterday, tweeting among other things “I love you guys SO MUCH… this support is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m tearing up I’m so thankful…” and “Stay strong.”  Seems to us that Demi reeeeeeally likes all supportive tweets she receiving. Likes them so much that she’d get one tattooed into her body, perhaps? We’re just kidding; we doubt that’s in her game plan. Then again, why take the risk and blow this golden opportunity? Tweet that teen star now!

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La La Vasquez Chronicles Kelly Rowland’s First Tattoo

Who knew these two were besties? That here getting a tattoo on the table is Kelly Rowland. And that here taking the photograph is apparent BFF La La Vasquez who tweeted, “@KELLYROWLAND getting her 1st tattoo!! I’m here to witness it!!”  Well good thing she took an angle where Kelly didn’t seem to be writhing in pain, because that looks like a super painful spot to get inked. And Kelly’s always been on the skinny side, so that ribcage doesn’t have much covering! La La also tweeted a picture of the tattoo writing, “Tattoo is done!!! @KELLYROWLAND did it!”

When we saw the photograph of the tattoo, we seriously cracked up. If you’re curious to see what it is, check after the jump… Read more…

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Ke$ha Makes Homemade Tattoos, Is Pretty Sure They Don’t Cause Gangrene

Of all the services we’d hire Ke$ha for, tattooing is right up there with Lasik eye surgery and babysitting. In her new Vanity Fair interview, we learn that Ke$ha has a tattoo machine at home, and apparently spent her Super Bowl carving some prison-style ink into her hairdresser’s arm. “He said he wanted a tattoo, so I whipped out my new tattoo gun. It’s really loud; it makes this whirring noise like some scary electronic mouth drill from the dentist. He got really freaked out and said, ‘No, no, no, just give me an old school tattoo,'” the singer said. We personally wouldn’t want a crudely-drawn unicorn scrawled in our flesh courtesy of Ke$ha, but then again we would assume a man who creates Ke$ha’s trash-chic looks would have slightly different standards.

As you can imagine, things just got worse for Ke$ha’s stylist from there. “So I whipped out a sewing needle and ink pen, and I gave him this tattoo. And he was like, ‘No, first you have to sterilize the needle!’ And all we had was some Jack Daniels,” Ke$ha explains. “We just kind of soaked it for twenty seconds. And the man still has an arm. He didn’t get gangrene or any sort of diseases,” indicating that Ke$ha’s litmus test for a great idea is apparently, “Do your limbs rot off immediately after you to it?” The interview goes on to discuss Ke$ha’s claim that she actually brushes with Jack, name-checks her idol Oscar the Grouch (we wish we were joking) and claims that in her new concerts, “I am shooting glitter from glitter guns and out of every orifice in my body.” Hmm, if that isn’t a sign of some horrible ink-related illness, we don’t know what is.