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Avril Lavigne And Her Sk8r Boi Brody Jenner Get Matching Tats


When Avril Lavigne hung out with Brody Jenner and his mom over Easter weekend and we thought aww, young love, that’s sweet. They took their relationship up a notch this weekend, however, reportedly getting matching tattoos during a trip to Las Vegas. Fortunately, they weren’t of each others’ names. That would be way too permanent.

The couple, who still refuse to be photographed together despite all their public make-out sessions and dinners together, apparently flew to Vegas on Friday and, after some clubbing and noshing, decided to check out Mario Barth’s King Ink where they both got lightning bolt tattoos. Avril got hers on her forearm (in addition to a tat of the number 30), and Brody got his behind his ear. And lest you think that Avril’s ex-husband, Deryck Whibley is upset about Avril moving on, a source says “He thinks Brody is a good guy and that it’s great the two of them are doing well.” Jayde Nicole and all her artificial parts were not available for comment.

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Avril and Brody certainly aren’t the first famous couple to declare their love with matching ink. Does “Winona Forever” or “Billy Bob” come to mind? Check out our massive gallery of celebrity tats below.

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Jersey Shore Kids Skip GTL For Tattoos

Ronnie-Jersey Shore-Tattoo

The second season of Jersey Shore is already off to a bizarre start. The above picture of everyone’s favorite toe-dissing thick-neck, Ronnie, looks to us like a screenshot of a male porno. Much to our sadness relief, it’s actually just a strange snapshot of Ronnie getting another atrocious tattoo.

Apparently his new ink was more painful to get than that 6 foot cross on his back, because Ronnie bit down on a mouth gag and was consoled by his fellow guidos and guidettes during the session. Sami Sweet Hair Extensions was also there to tenderly support him through out his skin art adventure. Could this mean they’re back on for more boning? Oh to spend another season listening to Sami scream “RAAAAHHHHH-nnie” after downing nine amaretto sours. We should be so lucky!

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Jesse James’ Mistress Explains Her Tattoos, Amish Upbringing (Seriously)

Sandra Bullock‘s new arch nemesis, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, is a walking tattoo shop. (Check out Michelle Bombshell’s naked pics.) Jesse James inked out mistress is featured in this video for the Miss Ink Pageant in which she takes us, the rapt viewer, through her various pieces of body art, including a f*cking forehead tattoo. This chick is not messing around, and neither is Sandra, who just moved out of the home she shares with Jesse. Sandra found out about the tryst from her publicist, allegedly, the morning the story broke.

Even more interesting, Michelle grew up Amish (yes, Amish) explaining that she “left the church at 16 and never looked back.” Her parents disowned her a while ago, which is a good thing as they’d probably be doing it now, after she ruined the life of Amish Country’s sweetheart, Sandy B. (View Jesse James’ text messages to Michelle Bombshell.)

Hilariously, VH1’s own Brandi M., Rock of Love contestant, makes an appearance at the beginning of the clip.

Check out our mega-gallery of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, including naked pics, below. NSFW, ya’ll.

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Rihanna’s Rated R Tattoo – Love It Or Hate It?

Rihanna‘s mediocre performance at last night’s American Music Awards was overshadowed by an eye-catching new tattoo strategically covering the starlet’s neck and chest. We barely noticed her meekly warbling her new single because we were so transfixed by that giant “Rated R” tatt. Fierce, right?

But then we checked out Rihanna on the red carpet, and her ink was nowhere in sight! Turns out the songbird faked us out with some not-so-permanent ink. But we’re still digging the look. Maybe she should add it to ever-growing tat collection?

Feast your eyes on pics of her new tattoo below and check out other celebrity skin art here. And don’t forgot to tell us what you think of Riri’s neck tat – is it hot or not?

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