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Hot In Here: How Stars Escaped The Polar Vortex

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If you live in the USA, you now know what a polar vortex feels like. Congratulations. For those of you who might not have experienced the freezing temperatures and blizzards, there’s no other way to describe it other than “very sucky.” Unfortunately for most, we’re kind of stuck with it, lacking the requisite bank balance and time off work to escape to warmer climates. Not true for celebrities, though. Those cashed-up beauties are jet setting all over the place to avoid the cold and flaunting it on their social media accounts, leaving the rest of us soothingly jealous.

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Miley Cyrus Gives It Back To A Rude Fan In Costa Rica

It’s times like these that we’re happy that Miley Cyrus is the sort of girl who stands up for herself. She’s in Costa Rica with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, for a holiday. Earlier this week, they were heading to get onto a small helicopter when a group of young fans approached her for autographs. She obliged with a couple, and then politely told them they had to move ahead with her schedule. That’s when an extremely rude woman called her an “A—e” out of the blue. You can catch it clearing at 00:26 in the video above! A shocked Miley turned around and said, “What the f—! Are you for real?” And we’re so glad she said that, because that was completely out of line. Seriously, who does that?

Miley posed for a few more photos by the helicopter and then went on her. But she did get on Twitter to explain what happened, tweeting, “Been trying not to tweet & just enjoy the holidays but just to clear something up I would NEVER swear to a fan. When someone yells something”, completing the sentence by writing, “SO rude making ME look like an “a—e” infront of fans who I am more than happy 2 take a picture w/ i cant tolerate that kind of rudeness.” Her last tweet regarding the matter said, “Every1 who was there apologized 4 the womans brusque behavior. She obviously wasnt a fan. Hope every1 has a Merry Christmas! LOVE 2 ALL!” Hopefully that’s the last bit of nastiness she’s encounter on her vacay.

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Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards And Their Brood Get Away To A Mystery Locale

Where are they exactly? This photograph could be at any number of beachy, tropical resorts, but they’re not telling. Charlie Sheen, his ex-wife Denise Richards and their kids Sam and Lola and Denise’s adopted six month old baby girl Eloise are all enjoying themselves at a secret location right now. His other ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, is currently in rehab after being arrested for assault and drug possession, FYI. It’s nice to see Charlie and Denise getting along because it got quite acrimonious — not to mention dysfunctional — there in the middle. The actor just tweeted this photograph, pictured above, of the family, that read, “what’s better than a modern family vacation!?! love spending winter break w/ denise richards & my kids!” Whatever works, right?

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Taylor Swift Posts Swimsuit Photos From Her Beachy Vacation

We love how the Taylor Swift’s bathing suit photos manage to look like a series of a turn-of-the-century postcards, while our vacation pics always have to be immediately untagged on Facebook due to extreme sweatiness/chronic sunburn. Managing to look vintage while slathered with what is probably layers and layers of SPF, Taylor posted the pics to a specially-designation photo blog while on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina. “We’ve been on the Speak Now Tour since February, and it occurred to me a few weeks ago that it would be so incredible to take a mini-vacation!,” Swift wrote with the pics, explaining “And because your niceness is why I get to take vacations, I thought I’d share them with you.” Seriously, it’s like we’re looking back at the 1920s, except with more faux Magic Marker arm tattoos.

[Photo: Taylor Swift’s Charleston Photo Blog]

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What In The World Happened To Anderson Cooper?

What made Anderson Cooper turn into the Swamp Thing? He’s almost unrecognizable in the photograph on the left! It’s hard to imagine, but all that mud is actually through voluntary application… which we can’t imagine anyone doing outside of a spa, but we’re not as adventurous as Anderson Cooper, clearly. He tweeted this mysterious message yesterday that read, “I’m off for a few days. From this photo can you guess where in the world I am? Exact location?”

Our geography must be way off because his next tweet suggested that folks who travel would know where this spot was in a shot. Mud bath in Reykjavik is all we could think of, but the background of that picture doesn’t seem Icelandic! After driving everyone bananas, Andersoon finally tweeted the answer, writing, “great guesses. some got it right! I was at volcan el totumo. Mud volcano near Cartagena, Colombia.”  Vacation time for us means something completely different, but yay for him having fun!

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Who Is Jennifer Aniston’s Thanksgiving Mystery Man?


Besties Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler are spending Thanksgiving basking in the sun, in Los Cabos, Mexico. Sounds like fun! While the rest of us are slaving over the turkey’s we’re so thankful for these bikini-clad duo are splashing about with mojitos, mariachi and…men?

We don’t know what Chelsea’s been up to, but check out these photos of Jen that have surfaced looking cozy with an unidentified man. As in hugging, hanging out, drinking, laughing and generally looking mucho flirtypants.

So who’s the dude? Fling or friend? What’s the deal? Have a look at the gallery below to tell us what you think’s going on. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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