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Hilary Duff Gets Engaged, World Vaguely Remembers Who She Is Again


Good news for Hilary Duff‘s career! The actress/singer appears to be engaged to her hockey star boyfriend, Mike Comrie. The pair, who have dated since 2007, were spotted by paparazzi cameras on the balcony of their Hawaii hotel, cuddling, snuggling and drinking wine. (To answer your question: No, it doesn’t look like she’s headed downtown in that one pic. It’s a stomach kiss, ya pervs.) The photos then show Mike getting down on one knee and proposing, we assume, to Hillary, as she covers her mouth in shock. Further proof: she then returns to the balcony and takes a photo with her iPhone of the giant ring on her left hand. (Check out the pics on ONTD.)

Hilary used to do actual things that made her famous: she starred as Lizzie Maguire (aka, the Hannah Montana of the early 2000s) on the Disney Channel, feuded with Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter and had a huge album in 2003, from which the opening theme of “The Hills” was born (thanks for that, Hil). But then she got giant vaneers on her teeth, lost a lot of weight (that she eventually gained back, thankfully) and got stuck doing things washed-up actresses do, like gust starring on “Gossip Girl.”

Let’s hope some new bling and a wedding help to reboot her career and, as a bonus, make her less-talented sister Haylie jealous. Lest we forget: Congrats Hilary! You landed a Canadian, and according what we’ve seen during the Olympics, they’re nice. Well done.  [Photo: SplashNewsOnline]


Nicole Richie Plans Wedding, Wears Cut-Offs To Fashion Line Launch

It took Nicole Richie and Joel Madden three years (and two children) before they decided to get married, but that doesn’t mean their wedding will be a Hollywood event. “Nicole wants to keep the ceremony to close friends and family. It will be traditional with a simple white dress and very private,” a close source revealed to PopEater. “Both parents want their two beautiful children—daughter Harlow and son Sparrow—to be involved in the service where Nicole’s famous father Lionel Richie will give her away. However, old BFF Paris Hilton will not be a bridesmaid.” That’s what you get for trying to find a new one on TV, Paris.

Considering her impending nuptials, we should probably give Richie a pass for wearing jean cut-offs to the debut of her Winter Kate line’s Spring 2010 collection at Bloomingdale’s. Even if she can do glamorous, she’ll always be a hippie chick at heart.

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Katie Price Marries Cross-Dresser In Quickie Wedding


Congratulations to the UK’s preeminent attention whore, Katie Price! The model married her cross-dressing (and kinda hot, yowza!) boyfriend Alex Reid in a super-quick ceremony in Las Vegas yesterday afternoon. The couple was spotted ring shopping and later walked down the aisle at the Wynn Hotel. Says the couple, “We are very much in love and look forward to the future together. We can’t wait to get back and celebrate our marriage with our friends and family who we know fully support our wishes.” Adds her publicist: Their decision to marry has not been made with any pre-conceived commercial plan or media deal in place, and their reason for getting married is purely down to their love for each other.”

Awwww! How sweet. Here we thought Katie was doing it for publicity but — oh wait, there were TV cameras there capturing the whole thing? Gah! Says an insider, ” ITV2 camera crew were with her and could well have filmed the wedding. But Katie is not sure yet whether she will allow the footage to be aired. She has not signed any magazine deal for the wedding photographs but they are likely to do an interview about it when they get back.”

Whatever the motive, at least they celebrated their nuptials the old-fashioned way: with a trip to a strip club. Congrats, you two! [Photo: SplashNewsOnline]


Kristen Bell Engaged To Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

When In Rome‘s Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are getting married! “Yes they are engaged,” a rep told People. “[It happened] over the holidays.” Wow, that long ago? Must have been hard for Bell to pose ringless and apart from her fiancee on the red carpet at their Rome‘s premiere last week. Were they keeping mum out of professional courtesy? Maybe someone thought it’d be distracting for fans to know one of Bell’s unwelcome suitors in the film had already locked that down. Not that their relationship was a secret after paps caught them grappling underwater on a Hawaiian vacation in 2008.

With their movie’s crucial first weekend out of the way, Bell was free to sport her ring while giving a Grammy to Taylor Swift last night. Take a look at the stone in the gallery below.

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Katy Perry Goes Back To Work In Gold And Silver

Katy Perry

Russell Brand and Katy Perry spent Saturday morning together in LA (having answered phones at the Hope For Haiti telethon the night before), but the newly engaged couple were soon forced to separate—if only for the night—with Katy making her debut performance as a bride-to-be at the Haze nightclub in Last Vegas. Though fellow performer Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship and partygoer Mickey Rourke have both been known to make the good girls go bad, we’re sure the ring on her finger kept everyone from taking too long of a look at Perry’s slinky, gold dress. Besides, Mickey had his own fiancee, actress Anastassija Makarenko, to attend to.

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Tara Reid Is Engaged!

Tara Reid & Michael Axtmann

Tara Reid and boyfriend Michael Axtmann—pictured above at last year’s Oktoberfest in Munich—are making it official. Internet entrepeneur Axtmann proposed to the American Pie star, previously engaged to Carson Daly in 2001, over dinner Monday. “Michael surprised Tara with a beautiful round brilliant cut ring,” said her rep. “Tara was so happy, and the other patrons clapped and yelled out, ‘Congratulations.'” Ironically, Reid was denying engagement plans only two months ago.

Along with Daly, Reid previously dated a series of athletes including Tom Brady and tennis star Mark Philippoussis. Though her films have a had a hard time making it to movie screens since 2005’s tanker Alone In The Dark (the same year she began her flop E! show Taradise), Reid made the cover of Playboy last month, posing topless and discussing her experiences with plastic surgery inside.

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Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Proposes To Girlfriend At Porn Party

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean has found his Backstreet Woman, proposing to girlfriend Rochelle Karidis on stage Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe’s Wasted Space club in Vegas. “He got up on stage and the DJ turned the music off. He asked her to come up on stage and he got down on his knee and she squatted down with him,” a bystander told People.”He asked her and she said yes and hugged him. He took the ring out of his pocket and put it on her hand…she seemed very surprised.” Previously to Sarah Jo Martin in 2001, this will be McLean’s first marriage.

Though it was his 32nd birthday, we can’t blame Karidis for not expecting a rock that night. The spontaneity is touching—McLean was spotted shopping at the Hard Rock’s jewelry store that same day—but the club was hosting a party for the adult entertainment company Naughty America as part of the annual AVN Expo. We always knew he was the bad boy of the group, but proposing at a porn party? Unless AJ really knows the meaning of being horny, we’ll just assume he didn’t know who the clubgoers were, what they did or where they were from—only that he loved her.

Check out photos from the 2010 AVN Awards on our Scandalist blog. Anyone notice AJ is starting to look like AVN host Dave Attell?

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Derek Jeter And Minka Kelly Set Wedding Date


Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly sure loved the company of all-star athletes in her role on the show and it turns out, jocks are her weakness in real life too. The New York Post is reporting that Kelly and longtime boyfriend Derek Jeter plan to wed on November 5th.

The Post did some dirty work after learning that the Oheka Castle on Long Island was booked under the name “Jeter” on that date. For those of you keeping track, Oheka Castle is the very same place that Kevin Jonas married Danielle Deleasa last month. The timing makes sense – baseball season should be over by then, and Kelly wrapped up her role on FNL last year, so she isn’t currently tied down shooting a series in L.A.

Personally, we can’t wait to hear who A-Rod picks up at the wedding.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Katy & Russell Ambushed At LAX: Is She Pregnant?

Russell Brand and Katy Perry arrived at LAX from Heathrow Sunday for their first appearance stateside since Brand proposed to his “I Kissed A Girl”-friend of around five months (though she filmed a cameo for his upcoming Get Him To Greek earlier, Brand and Perry reportedly first hooked up at the MTV VMAs in August). Naturally, they were ambushed by paparazzi—after all, who doesn’t want to see the rock (check out a close-up in the gallery below)? But here’s a trickier question: why did these two hellions rush to make things official?

People—reading between the lines on Perry’s twitter—thinks she might be pregnant. After all, who else but a pregnant lady would repeatedly demand In-N-Out burgers, and announce she loves her man with a “barf” at the end? OK, at least half the female population of LA, but what about when she tweeted “I heard ur prego-ed” to her man? That couldn’t be just a joke about unfounded gossip, could it? Actually it could—quite easily. But with Brand on record as anxious to propogate, a productive coupling wouldn’t be much weirder than the engagement itself.

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Josh And Fergie Renew Vows, Forget About Cheating Drama


Josh Duhamel and Fergie were all “what stripper sex scandal?” this weekend, when the perfectly plastic couple renewed their wedding vows yesterday in Santa Barbara. Normally people wait a few years before uttering “I do” again, but Josh wasted no time, hustling his bride up the California coast in a private jet to the Bacara Resort & Spa, where a minister joined them on an ocean side cliff for Big Day #2. Fergie was apparently “crying and very emotional” during the 15-minute service.

The couple was married only a year ago, and just a few months in found themselves plagued with rumors that Josh stuck his Duhamel in a stripper while shooting a movie in Atlanta. Surprising a spouse with a second wedding seems like a weird way to celebrate 365 days of drama, but maybe Josh was in the market for a re-do. Mazel tov!  [GettyImages]