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Uma Thurman To Marry This Weekend


Uma Thurman is set to get married to mega-loaded Arpad Busson this weekend in a “low-key” ceremony, according to reports. (We’re not sure if her idea of low-key is ours — can’t see them with a sandwich buffet and iPod disco.) The couple is one of the most well-connected in Britain and America, although Arpad has said to be hit hard by the economic downturn and his investments with fraudster Bernie Madoff.  Their joint wealth is now down to $124m, according to the Sunday Times Rich List. How terrible!

They’ve both got romantic pasts, too: Uma was previously married to British actor Gary Oldman and Gen-X icon Ethan Hawke, who’s now married to their former nanny. And Arpad has two kids with Elle MacPherson, who’s been linked with Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex. Who’s dating….oh, you get the idea. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Gwyneth, J.Lo Dispel Marriage Rumors With Baby Talk


Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez have been the subject of rumors about the allegedly parlous state of their marriages recently — and don’t think they don’t know it. Why else would both of them start waxing lyrical about the joys of motherhood and babies in this weeks’ issue of New! magazine, if not to drive it home that they’re REALLY VERY HAPPY THANK YOU?

“[Children] enrich your life in the most incredible way…At first I thought, “OK, that’s it, I’m done, no way will I have more.” Then my son turned two and you think, “Oh, I don’t want this to be the last two year old [I have]. Maybe I’ll do one more,” Gwyneth says. (Translation: Me and Chris are still doing it. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!)

Whereas Jennifer chimes in in another interview, “Marc and I are enjoying being parents so much… Marc is so great. He gets up in the night and lets me sleep because I’m with them all day, for 18 hours, so he helps me then. He is all night and I am all day – that is how we do it.” (Translation: We are a TEAM. Marc and I are TOGETHER. OK?)

OK, we get it. No more nasty rumors until the next one of you “accidentally” forgets to wear their wedding ring in public. [Photos: Splash News Online]


Shooting Drama At Gisele And Tom’s Wedding


Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady said ‘I do’ for the second time in as many months at a beach-side ceremony at her home in Costa Rica – but a nasty taste has been left from the “beautiful” service when a photographer was allegedly shot at by her security guards. INF agency snappers were spotted taking unauthorized photos of the wedding on Saturday, and ordered to hand over their memory cards by the Brazilian beauties’ heavies. They refused, and tried to make off in their SUV when one of the guards reportedly fired a gun at them, shattering the back windscreen and “narrowly” missed the photogs.  Complaints have been filed with police but no charges made so far. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Mickey Rourke: Engaged To Russian Pop Star

Um, congratulations? Mickey Rourke has apparently proposed to Irson Kudikova, a 26-year-old Russian pop star. You can watch her video below, in which she engages in PG-rated sex with two guys, one who looks like David Beckham, the other like Gilbert Gottfried. Clearly, she’s got interesting taste.

Kudikova, who is a single mother and former basketball player, met Rourke in Russia, where he is researching a new role. He apparently told her, “You’re a fantastic woman. I want to marry you.”

Let’s just hope Rourke likes kids as much as he does tiny dogs.  [MosNews via Buzzfeed. Photo: MosNews]

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How To Snag A Hot Wife The Willis Way – And A Few Other Chicks Too

The NY Post reported this morning that hot-but-bald Bruce Willis snagged his new wife, Emma Heming (pictured above), by reviewing every casting choice for his movie Perfect Stranger a couple of years ago. An on-set source revealed, “He personally went through head shots and when the girls were called in to ‘read,’ he was there in the meeting. It was odd for the star of a movie to do so, but at the time he was single and I guess he needed a date.”

Bruce picked up cutie Tamara Feldman this way (they even had a sex scene in the flick) before moving on to Emma, who had a small speaking part. A spy exclusively tells Scandalist that the actor stole Emma away from club promoter (and Heidi’s boss on The Hills) Brent Bolthouse, who was apparently quite enamored with the 30-year-old model. But if he wants to get back at Bruce, it shouldn’t be hard – he could bed one of the other cuties Willis has supposedly sucked face with over the years.

Check out the gallery below to peep some of Bruce’s conquests, Demi and all.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Bruce Willis Marries Underwear Model

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have one of the most amicable divorces in Hollywood (hey, probably the world) — and now he’s followed in his ex-wife’s footsteps by getting married to a sexy younger spouse. Bruce, 54, got hitched 30-year-old British lingerie model Emma Heming in Turks and Caicos on Saturday. Of course, Demi and Ashton Kutcher were in attendance along with their daughters, and Ashton filled his time in the luxury Parrot Cay resort tweeting, “watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!” and posting a nice pic of Demi bending over. It’s amazing the insight we get these days, no? Congrats to Bruce and Emma, anyhow! [Photo: FilmMagic]

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Danny Masterson & Bijou Phillips Are Engaged

Almost five years after meeting at poker tournament, Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson have announced their engagement. Masterson, best known for his role on That ’70s Show, proposed to the Hostel:Part II actress over the weekend. Though the practicing Scientologists have only appeared in one full-length film together so far (2007’s You Are Here, which has yet to be released in theaters or on DVD), three are scheduled for release later this year.

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Justin And Jess Marrying This Summer?

Poor Britney and CamCam! Justin Timberlake has passed them both over for his cranky queen supreme, Jessica Biel. JT has asked for her hand in marriage and she’s said yes, realizing a fantastic meal ticket when she sees one. “Justin was really taking his time looking round the rings,” said a salesperson at Zales an anonymous jeweler. “He made the staff get a couple out of the cabinets so he could properly look at them.”

The pair are apparently smitten with the idea of walking down the aisle in Italy, and they “both like the idea of marrying there in the summer.” His rep had no comment about the rumor, which means it’s either completely true or total bullsh*t. Either way, we’ll take it!  [NYDN.  Photo: GettyImages]


Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Are Married

Mandy Moore secretly married singer Ryan Adams in Savannah, Georgia on Tuesday, according to their representatives. The pair—dating on-and-off for more than a year—announced their engagement last month. Both have had their share of high-profile relationships, with Moore dating Wilmer Valderaama, Zach Braff and DJ AM, among others, while Adams has been connected to Alanis Morrissette, Parker Posey, Winona Ryder, Lindsay Lohan and Leona Naess.

Ironically, while Mandy’s sixth album is due in May, Adams says he’s retiring from his band, The Cardinals, to focus on a literary career.

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Gisele and Tom Get Married

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have gotten married in a super-secret ceremony last night in California. Us Weekly has got the scoop that the pair wed in a dusk-set ceremony at the Santa Monica Catholic Church, witnessed by only close family. The bride wore a Dolce & Gabbana ivory lace strapless gown (who wants to bet that she looked absolutely freaking amazing?), with the only WTF? showbiz note struck by their report that her three dogs wore matching lace collars, too.

Despite Gisele’s attempts to defuse rumors of their engagement only last month, it seems reports were on the money, and the Patriots star and the Brazilian supermodel are now officially the hottest couple in the world. Sorry Brad and Angie, but if you want the crown, you’ve got to put a ring on it…[Photo: WireImage]