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Who Had The Best Wedding Gown: Beyonce, Kate Middleton Or Bella Swan?

This has been a year for huge weddings. (Or a huge year for weddings?) There was the royal one across the pond, the royal “fairytale” of Kris and Kim, and of course, Bella and Edward’s long-awaited walk down the aisle this week. But remember back when music’s Queen B and one half of the Throne tied the knot in almost-secret three years ago? Pregnancy seems to have made Beyonce less shy about her private life. Among the many home videos showing B’s absolutely amazing life that accompany the video of her live performance of “I Was Here” at Roseland Ballroom in August, there is a quick glimpse of her in the gown. Even all grainy, with B clearly not wearing makeup, she is pretty stunning in the strapless, gathered dress. Maybe now that she’s shown this much, we can one day see the finished product? We’ll keep wishing, anyway.

Though some of us are old and long-married, we still enjoy a little fantasy gown shopping once in a while, so we’d like to ask …

And yeah, feel free to come back and vote after you’ve seen Breaking Dawn Part 1.

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Tara Reid Admits Marriage Technically “Not Legal”

Tara Reid’s marriage has somehow become so unnecessarily confusing. First, Tara Reid’s engagement only lasts about as long as it takes to read this sentence before she gets married that exact same day. Fine. Then reports claim that Tara Reid’s husband was her recent ex Michael Lilleund, when the groom’s name is actually Zack Kehayov. Okay. An honest mistake, we’re sure. Now we find out that Tara Reid’s wedding might not even have been legit? “We were never really married,” the American Reunion star informed TMZ while exiting a flight at LAX. “No, it was never legal.” Why is there so much information about Tara Reid’s love life, and yet all of it so contradictory? You better get your story straight, Reid, or we’re going to demand those monogrammed tea towels back. You know we don’t know another TR and ZK, but we’ll do it anyway!

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Danny Masterson And Bijou Phillips Are Married!

Congratulations, Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips! The longtime couple — they’ve been together for eight years — got married yesterday in Ireland, according to People. Masterson has Irish roots, so the wedding took place in a private castle in Tipperary (cue “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”) surrounded by close friends and family. And if that doesn’t sound completely ideal, then get this — Bijou wore a custom made Zac Posen wedding gown. The celebrations started a week prior to the ceremony and hey, an Irish party is something anyone would want in on. Good luck, you two. Hopefully some pictures will be released soon because we’re dying to see that gown!

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Presenting Mr. And Mrs. McDonald-Reed!

Yay! Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald got married! We haven’t spotted any photographs of the wedding just yet but what we do have is the newlyweds exiting Trousdale nightclub in West Hollywood together, looking completely adorable. If body language says anything, then these two are madly in love. They’re probably still floating from the wedding, which just happened on Sunday. You know what they say — the couple that parties together, stays together. Or something like that. Congratulations, you two! We’re digging the leather jackets and the skinny jeans you both have on.

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Rachel Uchitel Secretly Ties The Knot With Her Boyfriend

We didn’t know that she was dating anybody? As it turns out, not only was she in a relationship, but Rachel Uchitel just married boyfriend Matt Hahn in Vegas. She was attending a wedding with her decade younger beau over the weekend when they decided to get hitched as well! Nothing like an impromptu wedding to make it a fun trip, right?

Rachel and Matt said “I do” in the Little White Chapel on Sunday. They had got post their marriage license earlier in the morning from a courthouse. TMZ also reports that  Rachel, Matt and 12 friends danced into the chapel to the song Single Ladies around 11 pm and danced out to That’s What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas after the ceremony. She may not be our favorite person in the world but here’s hoping marriage makes an honest woman out of her, if you catch our drift. Congratulations, guys.

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Seth Rogen Joins Hearts, Bong Collections With Fiance Lauren Miller

Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in silence and in constant chortling after every sentence? US Weekly reports that Seth Rogen married Lauren Miller this weekend in a ceremony that hopefully  made up for Rogen’s topless proposal blunder, though maybe no wedding could be that nice.

The 50/50 star locked it down with his fiance of almost exactly a year at the Kunde Estate in Sonoma, California. “The wedding was more laughs than anything else,” a source said of the Jewish ceremony. “Every other line was a joke and the crowd couldn’t contain their laughter. It was nonstop fun!” The crowd attending the happy couple’s nuptials included Paul Rudd, The Office‘s Craig Robinson, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill, who, if we were the bride, we would have asked to gain some weight back and stop stealing the spotlight on our special day!

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Molly Sims Bikini Honeymoon Makes Us Wish We Married Molly Sims

Molly Sims is officially off the market, and these hot honeymoon pix make us regret it even more! The model-turned-TV host tied the knot with producer Scott Stuber over the weekend at a ceremony in Napa, California. But now that all of the official stuff is out of the way, the newlyweds can kick back in Hawaii and Molly can show off her Sports Illustrated covergirl body. Check out more in the gallery below!

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Eva Amurri Gets Racy For Her Very Public Bachelorette Invite

Susan Sarandon‘s daughter Eva Amurri is celebrating her bachelorette party at Lavo in Vegas on Friday. It’s clearly not the era of blushing brides anymore considering the invite (see above) where Eva looks all come-hither in sheer, white and black-detailed lingerie. She’s marrying ex soccer player Kyle Martino, who met his fiancee at her — and this is fate’s hand, clearly — at a lingerie shoot for Maxim magazine. What we’re kinda having a problem with is this — why would anyone want to have such a public bachelorette party with a bunch of random, sweaty people? It seems like such a Kardashian-Paris Hilton thing to do! And that invite is very ‘pimp my wedding’, isn’t it? Looks like every little bit of a celebrity wedding can be encashed now. Do you think it’s in poor taste?

[Photo via Eva Amurri]

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Rumors We Hate: Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Reportedly On Hold

Trouble in paradise? Because this sounds pretty fishy to us. Jessica Simpson‘s wedding to Eric Johnson is on hold according to sources. Not off, note, just put on a back burner as one insider claims, “he wedding isn’t off. It’s just on hold while Jessica sorts out some of the details.” Apparently, Jess is getting a tad overwhelmed with all the planning causing her to hit the pause button because, “It’s starting to affect her relationship with Eric.”

But, they’re still good according to the various reports surrounding this rumor. Her NFL fiancee is willing to wait till she’s comfortable. Another source says, “He just wants them to be happy. Eric says they could elope tomorrow or get married in three years. It almost doesn’t matter; he is convinced they’ll spend the rest of their lives together.” We hope that Jess dismisses this story with as much elan as she did with the boob reduction report!

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Amy Smart Is Married!

Congratulations, Amy Smart! She married Carter Oosterhouse on Saturday in Traverse City, Michigan. Amy wore a Carolina Herrera gown while her eight bridesmaids wore navy Ann Taylor dresses. The couple met last year in November and looks like it was fated — he’s from Traverse City and her parents live there too. The happy bride and groom have released a statement that reads, “We feel so excited and blessed to celebrate this happy day with our family and friends” with Amy adding, “He’s from there and my parents live there, so it’s been my second home since I was very young.” Mazel Tov!

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