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by (@seapeaz)

Lady Gaga Ingests Her Meat Dress, Ditches Bony Look


Do you hear that? It’s our sigh of relief! Less than a year ago, Lady Gaga was having a difficult time keeping her uber skinny and slightly scary thin body conscious on stage. We worried for months that her insanely busy schedule was running our momma monster down and wished she would take the time out to care for her body. We hoped that she’d take a bite or two out of the meat she was busy draping on herself and give her pop star body the protein fuel it desperately needed.

Thankfully she heard our cries of worry! Lady Gaga flaunted a much healthier and more curvaceous physique over the weekend on stage in Norway. She rocked a fuller frame that included plenty of sexy cleavage. Three cheers for real Gaga meat! [Photo: Getty Images, Left: October 2010 Right: May 2010]

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by (@katespencer)

Jennifer Hudson Is Suddenly Super Skinny

Wow. Jennifer Hudson has lost all her baby weight, and then some, with help from Weight Watchers. The Oscar-winner (and Idol loser) showed off her slimmed-down figure last week and praised the weight-loss company for helping her to shed the poundage. “After I had the baby, I made up my mind that I wanted to go in a different direction and find a better lifestyle and a better way,” she told Good Morning America. “So I set my mind to this challenge and I went after it. I feel like I’ve conquered the world.”

Jen’s weight loss goes hand in hand with her new gig as a Weight Watchers spokesperson, so while she’s dropping pounds, she’s gaining some extra cash. What do you think of Jen’s slimmed down look? Do you like here long and lean, or are you craving her old curves?

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