Joe Francis Disses LiLo’s Girl-On-Girl Romance

It sucks when your guy friends don’t get along with your new man, or your woman, in Lindsay Lohan‘s case. Girls Gone Wild owner Joe Francis ripped into Lindsay’s lady love Samantha Ronson, calling her “huffy” and saying, “Sam has taken ownership of Lindsay.” Joe even says that Samantha almost hit him the other night at a party when he tried to talk to his pal and described Lindsay’s girlfriend as “really jealous.” Joe doesn’t see what Lindsay likes in Samantha and disses the DJ saying, “I mean, if I liked dudes, I’d probably like Samantha Ronson too.” Joe also insists that Lindsay is not truly a Celesbian, and is really straight deep down. “If Sam were to let Lindsay go even that much, she would revert back to being straight-and normal.” [Source:E! Online]


Tila Tequila Boogies

Everyone’s favorite celesbian, Tila Tequila, hit up Co Co Deville nightclub last night with girlfriend Courtenay Semel. Above is a sampling of her killer dance moves. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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