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Happy Birthday, Minka Kelly! Celebrate With Her 20 Hottest Looks

Minka Kelly
When Minka Kelly walked into the VH1 offices earlier this year, we kinda thought there was a real-life Barbie making a special appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live. But no, it was the actress, who was promoting her work for the Heart Truth campaign, to raise awareness for heart disease. So, better than Barbie.

We’re sorry things didn’t work out for the actress’ short-lived series, Charlie’s Angels, last fall. Maybe we still couldn’t picture sweet Lyla Garrity — the girl who got Tim Riggins to go to church on Friday Night Lights, for heavens sake — as a tough crime fighter. That’s silly, though, because clearly Minka, who turns 32 today, is a grown lady, not a demure cheerleader. We bet she’ll have better luck convincing us she’s first lady material when she plays Jackie Kennedy in Lee Daniels’ The Butler next year. In the meantime, let’s all celebrate her b-day with her 20 hottest looks.

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Charlie’s Angels Joins Fall TV’s Fallen

By Natalie Adeeyo
Today we learned that the latest incarnation of Charlie’s Angels received its walking papers after only four episodes. Was anyone surprised? Not really. Every season, the major networks throw so many new shows at the wall, and then step back to see which will stick. Some go on to make their networks proud, while the bad seeds get kicked out and disowned — especially if they’re slick and expensive to make. This fall season had its share of troublemakers, like the controversial Playboy Club, as well as plain, old underachievers, like the aforementioned Angels. So far, here’s a list of the dearly, and not so dearly, departed.

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Was A Charlie’s Angels Crew Member Fired For Slapping Minka Kelly’s Butt?

Are people really risking their job security to get their grope on? In this economy? TMZ reports that a Charlie’s Angels crew member was summarily banned from the show’s set, then later fired from the show, after allegedly delivering a Minka Kelly butt slap. We’re assuming the ex-crew member then hopped in his time machine and traveled back to the Stone Age, where he assumed his rightful crown as King of the Cave Jerks!

While it was allegedly ABC’s zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy and not Minka herself who got the employee  fired, a source claims that Kelly alleged told the crew member “Please don’t ever disrespect me or any other woman like that again” after the incident. The reports don’t indicate that Minka then knocked him to the ground with a roundhouse right, but we’ll go ahead and read between the lines. We know life imitates art!


Charlie’s New Angels Are White Hot

ABC is rebooting Charlie’s Angels and the show has been shooting in Miami for the past two months. So how are the new Angels, Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor, and Annie Ilonzeh, stacking up against their predecessors? Pretty well, we’d say. Given how many women have played one of Charlie’s Angels over the past thirty years, you’d think that all private investigators were supermodel-hot ladies in sexy clothes (or, you know, Tom Selleck). Check out a few more shots of the women on location in our gallery.

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