Chelsea Gill

by (@katespencer)

Jason Segel Says Date With YouTube Fan Was “More Awkward” For Her

Jason Segel, star of the The Muppets, upped his awesome factor when he took a fan and her twin sister out in Chicago last week. Chelsea Gill posted an adorable video of herself singing an original song asking Jason out for drinks, and the star eagerly obliged. “It felt like hanging out with some of my friends,” the 23-year-old told Showbiz Tonight after the big date. “He’s so down to earth.”

At the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, we asked about his decision to contact Gill and take her to the Chicago Film Critic Awards show. “I thought she showed a lot of guts!” he said. “It was really nice and really sweet and sorta reminded me of when I was a kid.”

Jason also spilled the dirty details about their very G-rated date. “We hung out with her and her twin sister,” he said. “It was cool. It was more awkward for them than it was for me. I like jumped right into and we started singing and stuff. She felt incredibly awkward.”

Sounds like every first date we’ve ever been on. Check out Jason above and Chelsea’s adorable video below.
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