Christian Audigier


Christian Audigier Calls Posh Spice “Simple”


Christian Audigier is famous for his torn, bedazzled $120 Ed Hardy t-shirts, and apparently the designer thinks that anyone whose clothing is not laden with gems and their name is just not up to par. Christian recently bashed Victoria Beckham‘s clothing line, calling Posh Spice’s designs “simple.”

“I like her, she is a nice girl, but she is not completely my style,” Christian says. “I have seen some of her designs, they are very simple. It’s difficult for an artist or a singer to enter the world of fashion.”

Maybe Vicky B.  should glue some gems and paint “Posh” all over her duds and then Christian wouldn’t think she is so “simple.” [Photo: Getty Images]

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T.I., Pussycats Headline Super Crass Sweet 16

Christian Audigier is best-known as the designer behind such brands as Ed Hardy, Diesel, and Von Dutch, as well as his label Crystal Rock, named after his daughter. This weekend, Christian threw Crystal (decked out in super-high heels and a tight, skimpy dress) a sweet sixteen birthday bash, and as the rest of the world was heating up ramen noodles and searching for jobs, Crystal was receiving not one – but two cars as a gift.

It only gets worse, my dear Old Navy-clad friends. Nicky and Paris Hilton presented Crystal with her decadent gift, after both T.I. and the Pussycat Dolls performed at the party. The rich are not only getting richer, they’re getting more ridiculous too.

Got some free time between clipping coupons and paying bills? Check out video of the extravagant affair above, and browse pics below. We’ve included some extra shots of Crystal, who’s got the body – and the attitude – of a 25-year-old party girl. Classy.

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