Worst Christmas Ever: 10 Horrible Holidays In Movie History

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Sure, Christmas is great when you’re a little kid, what with all the presents and food and family and friends gathered. However, as an adult it can be a time of stress as you worry about gifting your loved ones, how much that costs, and of course you love your family except for that one cousin Billy, he’s a jerk, and Aunt Ruth who always asks when you’re going to settle down but look, Christmas could be a lot worse. Need proof? Just look to the movies. Ever since Mr. Potter turned down George Bailey’s loan in It’s A Wonderful Life films have been there to remind us no matter how bad your holiday blues are there’s someone who’s got it worse. Why, there’s even an entire sub genre of horror films about bad things happening on the holiest of holy nights. So if your eggnog is curled and your presents disappoint check out some of the Worst Christmases Ever In Movie History and cheer up already, it’s Christmas after all!

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Miranda Kerr Wishes You A Merry Christmas … In Lingerie

Miranda Tweets Christmas Picture Dressed In Lingerie

Right, so Miranda Kerr‘s very festive instagram picture is making us feel just great about all the holiday food we’ve been scarfing down. Because, a sexy Santa’s Helper who also happens to be one of the most famous supermodels around, will do that to you. But since it’s Christmas and just in case you don’t feel like perving out at this picture, we’ll give you five other things to focus on in the photograph other than the obvious. Or little chains of thought that you could consider to stop you from staring at the obvious!

1. HAIR. Must make a note to find out Miranda’s regime. I WILL HAVE THAT HAIR.

2. I wonder if red is my color? Do I have anything red in my wardrobe?

3. Will faux fur ever look good on a regular woman? Someone who’s not a supermodel?

4. OH, Instagram! Big controversy! Let’s talk about that!

5. Are my Christmas decorations as … sparkly? I should check!

Did it work? No? Oh well, we tried. But it’s really hard to ignore Miranda while she’s dressed like that. And while you’re at it, how about you check out or list of the 30 sexiest celebrity Santas? Might as well go all the way, right? Happy holidays, everyone!

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Beyonce, Katy Perry And Darren Criss Head Up Our List Of The 30 Sexiest Celebrity Santas

The 30 Sexiest Celebrity Santas of 2012

It’s not easy to pull off red felt and white fur, but there are a few lucky celebrities out there that manage to look hot in it regardless! Yes, it’s Christmas yet again, the time of the year where we prepare for a large bearded man to break into our homes as we sleep. Wouldn’t it be so much cooler if, for example, Katy Perry were to come down our chimney instead? Or Beyonce?! When famous folks dress up as Santa Claus, it provides a really interesting/weird alternate reality holiday. Or the beginning of a festive porno, depending on how you look at it. Head on down to the gallery below to see 30 Santa’s whose laps you definitely wouldn’t mind sitting on! From Victoria’s Secret Angels like Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Barbara Palvin, to divas like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. So step right up and check out the gallery of the ho-ho-hottest Santas around! It’s not only sexy, it’s tradition!

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If Betty White Actually Spends Christmas “Alone” With Her Dog, We Have Failed As A Society

Betty White Says She'll Be Alone With Her Dog For Christmas

Stop whatever you’re doing. It means nothing now. We just learned that Betty White is going to be alone for Christmas, and in doing so learned how truly we as a collective have failed. The Hot In Cleveland actress was chatting with People about her golden retriever Pontiac this week at an anniversary part for L.A.’s Love and Leash animal charity. “He had little growths on his leg and he had to have it removed, so he had to wear one of those plastic collars so he wouldn’t take his stitches out,” Betty said about her pup. “Well, he got it off today and he’s a happy Ponty tonight!” Sweet, charming, adorable: everything we’ve come to expect from a Betty White anecdote. And then.

Then the former Golden Girl says this: “He’s my family. It’s just the two of us for Christmas because I’m alone, and so we just have a cozy day all day. We look forward to that all year.” NOOOOOOOOO! This is unacceptable, people. We cannot accept this. How did we as a species let this happen? There is not a family alive who wouldn’t want Betty White at their holiday party! If 90-year-old Betty White is alone on Christmas, then that is inevitably what will happen to all of us! We will personally pick Betty up in a horse-drawn sleigh and take her across America to have hot chocolate under the Rockefeller Christmas tree if if need be. We’ll all take shifts driving. Steering? Do you drive or steer a horse-drawn sleigh? Never mind! We’ll ask the rental guy when we make reservations.

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The 10 Most Festively Bizarre Things About The John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John Music Video

Looks like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa came early this year! Or, if you celebrate Eid al-Fitr, super late! Whatever faith tradition you belong to, we can guarantee you’ll still be baffled by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John‘s video for their new holiday classic “I Think You Might Like It.” Great Christmas song title, you guys! It goes without saying that there is a variety of weirdnesses going on in the self-made video, but we tried to isolate the 10 weirdest for you to wrap your holiday-loving brain around:

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Hilary Duff Slips A Little Something Under The Tree

Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie have a teeny tiny living Christmas present headed their way soon, so why not celebrate early with a little abdominal watercoloring? “Happy holidays from the three of us!! @HaylieK what would I do without you and your artistic ways!,” Duff tweeted along with the photo of her festive belly decoration, giving a shout-out to older sister and uterine exterior designer Haylie Duff. Hilary is, of course, taking a page from Mariah Carey‘s seasonal bump artistry earlier this year, which made for the easiest Easter egg hunt of all time. Can this be a thing with all expectant moms now, please? We’ve been looking for a way to jazz up Flag Day forever.

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Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Send Out A Joint Christmas Card

How long have these two been dating? Seven months? It looks pretty serious either way, because Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have sent out a joint Christmas card this year, pictured above. And it’s a socially minded one because the couple have have it embossed that the recipient of the card has a donation made in their name to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Best Friends Animal Society. It’s signed off with quite a flourish too — “With warmth and love, Jen and Justin.” This one’s a lot sweeter (and less indulgent) than the creepy Kardashian card or the kooky Kiefer Sutherland one, don’t you think?

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Heidi Klum Wishes You A Very Merry Pantsless Elevator Ride

In case you were wondering what Heidi Klum looks liked without Photoshop…or pants….dressed as Kris Kringle…in a hotel elevator, the answer to your bizarrely specific query is: fantastic. “Mrs Claus going to work,” the Project Runway host tweeted this morning in the latest, and possibly greatest, sexy celebrity Santa costume we’ve seen this season. Ho Ho Ho my god, seriously, look at this woman’s flawless legs! You know Mrs. Claus is taping this photo in front of her elliptical as we speak.

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Super Boss Marc Anthony Takes His Entire Staff On Vacation

How’s this for best Christmas present ever? It seems like  Marc Anthony is gunning for a ‘Boss of the Year’ award and he’s probably going to get it. The singer surprised his entire staff — that’s 14 people — with an all expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic. That’s like … Oprah! Apparently, he wanted to treat them for all their work and it was a very big thank you considering he took them for five days to the La Romana resort, where everything was free for each member of his team. They also went and spent quality time with children at the Niños de Cristo orphanage, which he also arranged. That’s pretty generous of Marc. ‘Boss of the Year’ for sure!