Cindy Percival

by (@missmuttoo)

Rihanna And Trainer Battle It Out In Court


There’s court drama happening and for once it’s not about Lindsay Lohan! This particular bout is going down between Rihanna and her former trainer, Cindy Percival. The nasty legal battle between them started when Percival sued Rihanna last year for supposedly locking her out of $26,144 in unpaid fees and travel expenses which she shelled out to meet the singer all over Europe.

Now, Rihanna has filed a countersuit in L.A. County Superior Court against Percival. She’s claiming the story is full of BS, and that Percival’s the one who stiffed Rihanna out of $26,244.63. Apparently, the trainer was given an advance of $24k for her services, but the money was never returned after she was fired last year. This one’s getting personal!

[Photo: Splash News Online]