Claressa Shields

by (@laurenkaye)

Say TaTa To The London Olympics With This GIF Wall Of Victory

The 2012 Summer Olympics went out with last night’s star-studded, nostalgic Closing Ceremony. It’s been an emotional couple of weeks, welling up on a nightly basis while watching dreams come true from the comfort of our couches. To tie our Olympics coverage in a neat, hypnotizing bow, here’s a GIF wall of winners winning and inevitably treating us to victory dances, tears and triumphant cheers.

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by (@hallekiefer)

Claressa Shields Is Today’s Olympian To Watch: 10 Reasons We Love Her (Besides The Fact She About To Make History)

Claressa Shields Competes For Gold

With the Olympics, it can sometimes seem like America has a new sweetheart every single day of the week. So with that in mind, set your fangirl/fanboy squeeing to “High” and meet Claressa Shields, the 17-year-old female boxer from Flint, Michigan who might potentially be the first female boxing gold medalist…ever. Set to square off against Russia’s Nadezda Torlopova during today’s middle weight bout, Shields has the giddy enthusiasm of your average high schooler combined with the raw boxing talent of someone who could mash your face into paste without breaking a sweat. Those are only a two reasons we love Claressa, however. The rest include:

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