Cloud Atlas

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Cloud Atlas “Yellowface” Vs. “Transcending Tribal Differences” – Is There A Gray Area?

Hugo Weaving in Cloud Atlas

This is one of those fascinatingly debates that is so complicated, I’m going to count myself among the undecided voters, especially since I haven’t seen Cloud Atlas yet. If you simply showed me stills of Caucasian actors Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess and James D’Arcy playing Asian characters, yes, I immediately side with the Media Action Network for Asian Americans. The group issued a statement condemning the film for A) not casting Asians in those roles, and B) simply slanting the eyes of said actors and thinking that counts as making them look Asian. That’s some messed up Andy Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffanys ish. What’s more, directors Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer were sensitive enough not to put any actors in blackface in the movie but seemed to think it was OK to do yellowface. Insensitive, racist, enough said.

Except, there are a few details making this more of a conversation than a round of name-calling. There is a narrative reason the three directors say they chose to cast Sturgess, Weaving and D’Arcy for those parts, in a storyline that takes place in the year 2144: They are the reincarnated souls of characters that were white in their previous lives. OK, so that’s kind of interesting. Except, as Crushable pointed out today, plenty of stories (like the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There) have successfully used multiple actors to portray the same person or soul, so you could expect the audience to make a leap with you. Read more…

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Lana Wachowski Appears In Cloud Atlas Promo; We Wonder If She’ll Be The First Transgender Oscar Winner

Filmmakers Lana Wachowski, brother Andy and Tom Tykwer made a video for their iTunes Movie Trailer page hyping their upcoming sci-fi romance action flick Cloud Atlas (based on the trailer, it also has old timey ships!), but the internet seems to be less interested in the script based on David Mitchell‘s novel or any subtle hints as to whether those ladies in the trailer are actually robots or clones. Instead, the rare on-screen appearance featuring Lana, former known as Larry, suggests that The Matrix co-writer and director has completed her transition to a woman. So of course we have to skip a billion steps and wonder, is Lana destined to be the first openly transgender person to win an Oscar?

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The Cloud Atlas Trailer Has Something For Everyone. No, Really. We Broke It Down For You.

What did we just see? We watched the Cloud Atlas trailer and it somehow looked like 8 different awesome movies…seamlessly blended together. We saw glimpses of a futuristic dystopian tale, a swashbuckling adventure, several tragic romances and at least the hint of a time travel movie. While it definitely has a similar vibe to their smash hit The Matrix, it’s hard to know if the Wachowskis‘ film will hold up to what we can only describe as an incredibly well-edited trailer. Either way, we think we spotted just about every conceivable element that would attract moviegoers to the theater. Take a look below if you don’t believe us. If you don’t see at least one thing that makes you want to see Cloud Atlas…then watch the trailer again, because we are sure it’s in there. Come on. Don’t tell us you aren’t into…

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Halle Berry Breaks Foot While Shooting Cloud Atlas In Spain

First she has to wear terrible wig, and now this. While in Spain shooting Cloud Atlas, Halle Berry broke her foot this morning. TMZ reports that Berry experienced “a misstep” which resulted in the actress sporting a cast and tooling around in a wheelchair. Hmm, is there a way to fit a very obvious leg injury into a post- pocalyptic sci-fi drama? You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately for both Halle and the film, which costars Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving and Susan Sarandon, Berry’s injury could allegedly cause complications for shooting. Filmmakers are reportedly hoping to shoot around Berry’s cast with use of a stunt double and above-the-waist shots, in addition to shuffling the filming schedule if possible. It seems like just yesterday Halle was skipping around Mallorca with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez and her incredibly bored-looking daughter Nahla Aubrey. If only thing had stayed that boring…