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Denise Richards Surprised To Hear She’s Roasting Charlie Sheen

Sometimes people are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them. It’s the same thing with doing stand-up at Charlie Sheen’s Comedy Central roast. Rumors were circling this morning that Charlie’s ex Denise Richards was seriously contemplating taking the podium at the roast in August. Us Weekly even reported their source as saying, “She’s interested. Denise has a terrific sense of humor.” Either way, let’s not pretend this wouldn’t be an amazing idea. You  know that woman probably built a new wing on her house to store the thousands of unflattering anecdotes she wanted to throw in his face later.

However, Denise Richard’s Twitter tells a very different story. “I just heard the news I’m roasting Charlie? First I’m hearing this, Is that appropriate for the mother of his children to do that?Good, Bad?,” she tweeted this afternoon. The man parades his steroids-and-porn star lifestyle in front of America, and you’re worried about being appropriate? Oh girl child, have you learned nothing from being married to The Sheenius?

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Charlie Sheen Roast Is Either The Best Or Worst Idea Ever

Comedy Central announced today that they will be roasting Charlie Sheen in Los Angeles on September 10th (to air on the network on September 19th). Time to put your crazy goggles on and watch the world’s greatest spectacle go down! The network is currently rounding up comedic talent to verbally annihilate the star (we use the term lightly) , but Charlie is, of course, already excited about the affair. He tells Comedy Central Insider: “You could say I’ve been providing kindling for this Roast for a while. It’s time to light it up.  It’s going to be epic.”

We are both cringing and clapping our hands with glee over the impending sh*t show. We’re totally burnt out on Sheen’s schtick and never really got into chanting “winning” over and over again. But Comedy Central always snags great stand ups for their roasts and there is obviously no shortage of material for this one. We’ll definitely watch — but we will probably be shielding our eyes half the time.

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C-Listers Hassle The Hoff At Comedy Central Roast

David Hasselhoff‘s career has had nine lives – he went from Knight Rider hero with the coolest talking car ever to bare-chested life-saving lifeguard on Baywatch to “Drunk Guy Who Eats Hamburger In Bathroom.” Somehow, despite that last one, he’s still employable, most recently having been on America’s Got Talent as a judge. Hasselhoff realizes he’s not the most serious of actors though, and allowed himself to be roasted for Comedy Central this weekend.

So who showed up to give Hasselhoff a taste of humble pie? Well, there were some obvious choices – Baywatch co-star Pamela Anderson (and her nearly-exposed nipples) and a slew of comedians, but also the more random, like fellow 80’s icon Hulk Hogan and Jerry Springer, obviously. Check out all the B- and C-listers in attendance, it’s like a who’s who of partially-plastic orange people whose careers need a jumpstart stat.

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