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True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley Geeks Out Over Jem And The Holograms

Tara and Pam True Blood

Rutina Wesley is making her way to San Diego Comic Con on Saturday for the always massively popular True Blood panel. We’re putting on our comfiest shoes already, just to stand in line. While we wait for her — and for the next installment of True Blood: Death Camp Edition — VH1 got on the phone with her and asked what she would stand in line all day for.

“I used to love Jem and the Holograms,” she said. “I think if they were doing a concert, I would stand in line to see Jem and the Holograms.” And of course, she does an excellent version of the ’80s cartoon’s theme song.

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Comic-Con Or Bust! Who’s Your Favorite Geek Girl Of Our Time?


Once upon a time, Comic-Con was thought to be the home of mostly male geeks and their comic book idols. We know that stereotype was never entirely true, but now more than ever, girl geeks are coming out of the closet and declaring their love for superheroes, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and everything in between. In anticipation of San Diego Comic-Con 2013, where VH1 Celebrity will be on the ground along with our friends from MTV Movies, MTV Geek and NextMovie, we present to you the 25 hottest girl geeks, real and fictional, of modern times. Who is your favorite? Peruse the gallery and vote below!

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Total Recall‘s Three-Boobed Hooker … REVEALED!

Total Recall's New Three-Breasted Hooker, Kaitlyn Leeb, Appears at Comic-Con 2012

One of this summer’s most anticipated films is the Total Recall reboot, which stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. We don’t have any expectations that this film is going to top the gonzo 1990 original directed by the legendarily crazed Paul Verhoeven, but we were excited to recently hear that director Len Wiseman made the wise* decision to stay faithful to the original in some very important regards. Namely, the inclusion of the three-boobed hooker!

Sadly, we didn’t make it to the Total Recall panel discussion at Comic-Con last weekend but, thankfully, the ever vigilant paps at Splash just released pictures of the brand new, soon-to-be-infamous three-breasted prostitute, played by an actress named Kaitlyn Leeb. The IMDB has her credited in the film as “Seductive Woman”, but we’re pretty sure everyone will be referring to her as the three-boobed hooker for the next few months at least. The movie is rated PG-13, so you probably won’t be getting a glimpse of exactly what you saw in the original, but since we’re a family publication, we put the borderline NSFW pictures of her after the jump, just in case your boss happens to walk by.
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Arrow‘s Stephen Amell Unmasked: New Girl Jerk Is Really A Sweet Canadian!

If you didn’t fall in love with Stephen Amell from watching his workout routine in the trailer for the CW’s Arrow, maybe watching his interview with us at Comic-Con last week will do the trick. How can you not swoon for that Canadian lilt? It’s certainly gone a long way toward making us forget that he played CeCe’s jerky boyfriend Kyle on New Girl last season. Now that his name is all over the place, can we count on him getting a return cameo once in a while, just to keep Schmidt on his toes?

“I’m kind of busy now, but those guys were awesome,” he told VH1. “I liked watching those guys work, and I really like doing comedy, so I hope that Kyle makes a return. We’ll see. It’d be super cool if I was in L.A. to do a day on the New Girl set. They were so helpful, too, because I was shooting Private Practice at the same time. They wanted my character to come back and to make it possible to do both of those shows in the same day, actually. I like those people there, and I’m glad they’re having such success.”

Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell of Arrow
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Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn Won’t “Indulge In Theories” Again With 666 Park Avenue

After six seasons of constantly being asked “What is the island?” “Who is the man in black?” and “What’s up with that smoke monster?”, Lost alum Terry O’Quinn is not in the least bit reluctant to dig into another show with a whole lot of mysteries. In fact, he’s hoping that Gavin Doran, his devilish character on ABC’s new fall TV offering 666 Park Avenue, will eventually become as ambiguous as John Locke.

“No, one-dimensional characters, not appealing! So, hopefully I can develop this character into — so far he has only one dimension and it’s not very nice,” O’Quinn told VH1 at San Diego Comic-Con. By “not very nice” he means being the kind of Upper East Side landlord that buys tenants’ souls in exchange for certain favors. And while he probably isn’t the devil himself, he and his lovely wife, played by Vanessa Williams, might be on a first-name basis with the guy.

So, to make him multi-dimensional, does Terry hope we’ll see a good side to Gavin? “Well, at least something that makes us ask questions. Something that makes us feel that we can’t necessarily safely assume that this guy is always going to do the worst thing.”
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Glee‘s Cory Monteith Says Finn Has To “Suck It Up” For The Army

Some of us Glee fans are still in denial about the bomb Finn dropped at the end of the season finale: As he sent Rachel off to New York on her own, he revealed that he’d enlisted in the army. It seems like a well-meaning attempt to fix the memory of his father, whose drug addiction (likely due to PTSD) led to a dishonorable discharge and his untimely death. But we’re all left wondering: Can a softhearted glee club alum like Finn survive boot camp, let alone going into battle? At San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, our own Kate Spencer asked Cory Monteith how he thinks his character will make it.

“He’s really going to have to learn some discipline and learn how to suck it up and not be a high-schooler about things,” Monteith told VH1. “He’s gonna have to learn how to be a man pretty quickly. That’s what I think. He’s going to have to toughen up pretty quickly.”

This sounds like no fun at all. Go back in time and join Rachel in New York, Finn! There are lots of schools in the city that would love to have you! Why don’t you ever listen to us when we yell at you from our living rooms?

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Breaking Bad Exclusive: Dean Norris Thinks Hank Will Be The One Who Takes Walt Down

The last season of Breaking Bad is officially underway, and fans are already hypothesizing about how the show will end. Much of the series’ tension comes from Walter White’s DEA-employed brother-in-law Hank being hot on his meth-making trail. We asked Dean Norris, who plays the mineral-loving, nickname-giving fed, if he thinks his character will be the one to crack the Heisenberg case. Says Dean, “I think Hank’s gonna find out. That’s the last major story structure – the Walt-Hank confrontation. And they’re not going to shy away from that.”

When we asked if he thinks Hank will chose his loyalty to family over the law, Dean said: “I don’t know, that’s up to [show creator] Vince Gilligan. I have a feeling he’s going to struggle with it and then take him down.”

And that’s when we let out a fangirl-y scream, because if there’s one thing we’re looking forward to, it’s Hank and Walt going at it in the ultimate, Breaking Bad showdown! Oh, this show. THIS SHOW!

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Cult Stars Alona Tal, Robert Knepper Lure Us Into Their Show

The appropriateness of promoting a show called Cult at Comic-Con, the headquarters of devoted followers of cult TV shows and movies, was not lost on the stars of the CW’s suspenseful midseason drama. “I can’t wait to hear the reaction from the crowd,” said Robert Knepper, who’d been there before during his Heroes days. And sure the audience there is always eager for a new complicated mystery to unravel. Indeed, the show’s complicated premise — the fanatical followers of a TV show about a dangerous cult are themselves falling victim to some kind of dangerous plot — seems tailor-made for this kind of crowd. They were also excited to see the return of cult-TV vets Knepper (who also starred in Oz), Alona Tal (Supernatural) and Matt Davis (The Vampire Diaries). But what about the rest of the world? Will we all be sucked in?

OK, sorry, we’re not even going to try to answer that in this space. Instead, we tackled another tricky subject with Knepper, who plays the cult leader on the show within the show, and Tal, who plays the show within the show’s escaped cult member-turned-detective: What draws people to cults themselves?

“My husband says this: Everybody wants to be invited to the party,” Tal told VH1. “Everybody wants to be a part of [something]. Everybody wants to be accepted and loved. That’s part of the security blanket that cults, I would assume, offer. You’re part of something so secure and supporting, it could be appealing.”
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Glee‘s Lea Michele Has To “Let Go” Of Her New York State Of Mind Next Season

When Finn put Rachel on the train to New York at the end of last season of Glee, we were both thrilled that she was going to live her dream and sad that it had to be at the cost of her relationship. For us at home, the New York move means Glee will be a whole new show in season four, but we wondered if this will feel like deja vu for actress Lea Michele, a New York native and Broadway star before she made the switch to TV.

“Rachel’s only been to New York once prior to being put on the train,” Michele told VH1 when we caught up with her at San Diego Comic-Con. “So I think I have to let go of everything I know about New York and try to see it through new eyes.”
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Exclusive: Aaron Paul On Possible Jesse Pinkman Death: “I Hope He Goes Out Guns Blazing”

It’s more or less impossible to pick a favorite character on Breaking Bad. Gus was arguably one of TV ‘s all time greatest villains, Hank’s obsession with minerals and his unwavering determination to nail Heisenberg is always TV gold, and then there’s just Marie being Marie. But there’s something special about Jesse Pinkman – his constant use of “yo” and “bitch,” his tiny red car, his desperate, misguided attempts to love and be loved. If Walt is the brains, then Jesse is the heart of the operation — and the show.

So it was no surprise that the Comic-Con crowd welcomed the actor with a standing ovation on Friday, nor was it a surprise that the fans crammed into Ballroom 20 booed when show creator Vince Gilligan teased the possibility of Jesse Pinkman dying this season. When we caught up with Aaron at the show’s premiere on Saturday, he had this to say about whether or not Jesse will get a happy ending. “I hope so,” said the actor. “Hopefully he survives. If not, I hope he at least goes out guns blazing, in a blaze of glory.”

As for Gilligan’s hinting that Jesse’s life may be cut short? Says Aaron, “It’s so depressing. I hope something good happens for him, because I care for him deeply.”

So do we, yo. So do we.

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