We Would Kill For Cheryl’s Hair


Cheryl Cole can take that reported $800k she landed for the L’Oreal contract and pocket it as money well earned as far as we’re concerned – because if the products she’s flogging really make your hair look like that, we’re in. The lustre! The shine! The fullness! The touch of the airbrusher’s wand! Yep, those adverts for the UK-only range Elvive Full Restore 5 work.  It would be mean of us to point out that her mane doesn’t usually look quite so flawless, but she’s worth it, etc etc.  [Photo: L’Oreal]


Watch Nicole Kidman’s Bizarre Ad With Slumdog Star

The Internet is brilliant for so many reasons, but one of our absolute favorites has to be that we can now watch all the lucrative, ludicrous foreign adverts that Hollywood’s A-list do for  bucketloads of cash. We were ashamed for Brad Pitt recently at his roll call of humiliating show-me-the-money commercials, and now Nicole Kidman has joined his ranks with a totally incomprehensible ad for Schweppes drinks. Co-starring cute Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali, the plotline is bizarre to say the least.

Set in India, Nicole is a Bollywood Princess, who ditches her adoring crowd at a party to run off with little Rubina (?) They then proceed to stroke each others’ faces (??) when eagle-eyed Nic spots a hunky stranger across the lake (played by actor Arjun Rampal). Naturally, Nic unzips her dress ready for some smoochin’, but then brushes away from him at the last minute and runs off to her room. Rubina is waiting there (???) when half-undressed Nicole grabs a bottle of the soft drink, glugs it down like a good Aussie bloke and giggles at the camera while saying, “Hey, what did you expect?” Honestly, we don’t know. We’ve watched it multiple times now and it still doesn’t make any sense.

by (@katespencer)

The Super Bowl’s Most Scandalous Commercials

The commercials are arguably always the best part of the Super Bowl, though Bruce Springsteen did just give ‘em a run for their money. You’ll find Scandalist’s most salacious and sexy favorites below – we’ve got everything from lusting horses, killer Cheetos and of course, Danica Patrick showering for GoDaddy (watch above). You may forget who won the game, but you never forget the commercials!

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