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Lady Gaga To Provide Counseling At Her Concert Pre-Show Because She Is Literally A Genius

Lady Gaga To Provide Counseling Buses At Her Concerts

If anyone can make seeing a counselor seem like a cool Saturday night activity to do with your friends, it’s definitely Lady Gaga. “For those wondering about the “counseling” at the BTWBall BornBrave pre-show, it will be a fun tailgating experience for monsters to unite,” Lady Gaga tweeted to her fans today. “At the ‪#BornBraveBus‬ you have access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school & friends.” Do we even have to say that we love this? What other international pop star is out there trying to make it okay for teens to get therapy? Not nobody!

First eating disorders, now depression: Gaga has clearly got her teen fans’ backs. Anything to lessen the stigma around mental illness is okay by us! “‪#BornBraveBus‬ Is a place where mental health + depression are taken seriously w/ no judgement, FREE real help available to all ‪#BraverWorld‬,” Gaga explained. “I feel like most kids don’t look for help because they feel embarrassed so mom + I wanted to break the stigmas around “help” and make it fun.” We are so all about this. Can we eventually have counseling buses at every concert? How about every high school football game? Just constantly driving the world around helping people? We need Bill Gates or someone equally as loaded to help make this happen immediately.

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The 5 Most Awkward Moments Of Enrique Iglesias’ On-Stage Concert Kiss

Enrique Iglesias

Dang, remind us to go to an Enrique Iglesias concert sometime. That’s our response after seeing all these awkward photos of the “Hero” singer getting close with an audience member at his New Jersey concert this weekend. Enrique is just…straight up making out with her, isn’t he? We’ve never performed in front of a stadium full of fans, let alone made out with anyone on-stage (high school drama club notwithstanding), but from the looks of it, Iglesias has it down to a science. A horrible, uncomfortable science.

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Axl Rose’s Faceplant Joins Britney, Kanye On Our Favorite Awkward Concert Moments List

Oh Axl Rose, how the mighty have fallen. Headfirst onto their hands with an embarrassing stumble, if the video of Rose’s concert faceplant in Hellfast, France is to be believed. Seeing Axl flail to keep his balance got us thinking about our favorite awkward concert moments, which include everyone from Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga, and everything from wardrobe malfunctions to slippery piano benches to getting kicked in the head by a gyrating fan. We hope you got a cat scan after that, Usher! After you watch Axl bite it hard, check out our other favorite awkward concert moments after the jump. Oh man, and you can hear everyone laughing on his video! That is the sweetest plum. The sweetest, most horrible plum:

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Lady Gaga Models Some Terrifyingly Sexy Concert Looks For Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga Models<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Concert Costumes For Terry Richarson

Terry Richardson has already snapped Lady Gaga topless except for a football and, uh, peeing into a cup. Watching her strap on some extraterrestrial gear S&M helmet backstage at her concert was the next logical artist step. Joining Gaga on the Korean and Chinese leg of her tour this month, Uncle Terry gave Little Monsters everywhere  a tiny fabulous peek backstage at how the Lady transforms for her fans. Once she has that mask on, Gaga looks like she should be bursting out of a screaming astronaut’s chest cavity. But, you know, in a hot way.

Sadly, not everyone is as thrilled about hosting Gaga’s erotic E.T. extravaganza as China, including those Indonesian groups currently protesting her upcoming performance in Jakarta on June 3. “Lady Gaga insults all religions. Even Christians in Korea opposed her. She is promoting the worship of Satan.,” say a spokesman for the country’s Islamic Defenders’ Front. No, you guys, that’s just her hats! That’s just her haaaaaaats! If only they would look at the portraits Richardson also snapped the singer’s sweet weirdo fans, or some of Gaga’s markedly non-Satanic after-show down time, maybe they would feel differently. As long as they don’t look at this goat woman outfit though. We…can’t imagine that’s going to help change anyone’s mind.

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Demi Lovato Swarmed By Mob Of Adorable Fans During Concert

Having your screaming audience suddenly appear onstage would be a scary moment for any performer (Miley Cyrus, you know what we’re talking about). It’s probably slightly less intimidating, however, when the mob of fans is made up entirely of happy, squealing teenagers, as they were at Demi Lovato‘s concert in Paraguay last night. After allowing one section to get closer to the stage in what must have seemed like the best idea at the time, Lovato was almost immediately swept up in a million bear hugs by concert-goers who bolted past security. Even Demi chiding the crowd is cute, considering what she could could be saying. “You guys gotta be safe though!” Demi warns, even as they start to grab her. Aw girl…you’re so sweet. Seriously though, you’re lucky they didn’t rip your vest off and take it home for their scrapbook.

Luckily no one was hurt in the throng, even after other fans started trying to get their Demi Lovato hug on; everyone seems to have been safely hauled away by bouncers. Fortunately, the crowd was content to just start chanting “Demi” rather than, say, tip the speakers and really start hulking out. Enjoy it while you can, Demi, because eventually those fans are going to grow up. Maybe invest in a Taser, is what we’re saying.

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Rihanna Claims She Has No Butt…We Prove Her Wrong

We never in a million years thought we’d have to play Sherlock Holmes to locate Rihanna‘s booty. Just kidding, it’s what we went to college for! “It’s difficult to have any kind of routine when your schedule is that crazy. So I really have no idea how I’m continuously losing weight,” the Talk That Talk singer complained on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM show this morning. “It’s actually pretty annoying. Now, I don’t have a butt, no boobs — already had no boobs — so annoying!” Now Riri, we understand that hours upon hours of air grinding under merciless stage lights every night is bound to take its toll on the body, but no butt? We have months and months of booty pics we’d like to submit as evidence to the contrary:

Exhibit A: Rihanna’s 30 Hottest Pants-free Looks
Exhibit B: Birthday Girl Rihanna’s 24 Hottest Twitpics
Exhibit C: We mean, come on! Just look with your eyes!

The defense rests! Booty Court adjourned! Okay, okay, so girl is never going to look like Nicki Minaj in a bikini, but who else in the world does? Just don’t be so hard on your behind, Rihanna. It might be small, but it is mighty. Check out the gallery below if you don’t believe us…

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Katy Perry Kissed A Filipino Boy, And He Liked It

Katy Perry is on a smooch streak. After almost being the cause of an apoplexy by planting one on a fan onstage in Jakarta, Katy has struck again. This time, it was during her concert in Manila, the Philippines, held yesterday. She pulled a buff, young shirtless guy up, grabbed his nipple (shown quite clearly in the picture on the left), and then kissed him. As you can see from the photographs, his year was pretty much made. How altruistic of her. Katy Perry — changing lives, one kiss at a time. Where will she strike next? And will she make it a three for three?

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Katy Perry Makes Some Guy’s Life On-Stage In Jakarta

Katy Perry’s divorce is probably taking a devastating personal toll, but it must be a confidence booster knowing she can send another human being into cardiac arrest simply by laying one on him. We also appreciate this fan’s steez, which he demonstrated while attending Katy’s concert in Jakarta, Indonesia last night. What, you’re going to go to a Katy Perry concert, have her kiss up on you and not immediately have a brain aneurysm? That would just be a waste of money. Money that could be better spent buying a new shirt after Katy Perry’s blistering hotness melted yours off right off your torso.

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Is Rihanna So Stressed She’s Been Put On A 24-Hour Health Watch?

Rihanna hasn’t been feeling too well, you guys. In addition to canceling a concert at the end of October due to illness, Britain’s The Mirror claims that RiRi is currently under 24-health watch, complete with a curfew, after a stress-induced meltdown almost forced her to cancel a performance in Dublin on November 25. Wow, an adult curfew plus no booty calls? The woman might as well be in a coma!

2011 has not been a great year for stressed-out singers in general, though. Everyone from Usher to Keith Urban to Adele have had to cancel concerts for reasons ranging from total exhaustion to bleeding vocal lesions. Ugh, we’re getting bleeding vocal lesions just thinking about it. Rihanna has been on tour for 10 months with 101 scheduled performances; it wouldn’t be too surprising if her body was trying to force her into Mandatory Nap mode. That, or maybe she caught something from that bathtub in her “We Found Love” video. It looked profoundly unsanitary.

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Crazed Fan Bites Britney Spears During Concert Lap Dance

Britney Spears does you the courtesy of picking you out of the crowd, tying you up with a boa and sitting your shoulders, and this is how you repay her? While performing in Rio de Janeiro on the Brazilian leg of her tour last night, BritBrit apparently invited a young man to join her for a spin on the pole, only to have him sink his crazy fan teeth into her calf. After straddling gentlemen like Joe Jonas and Pauly D during her performances, Britney clearly did not expect that she’d end up contemplating a rabies shot. The look of total shock and horror on Britney’s face, plus the howl of disgust from the crowd, really says it all: dude, YOU BLEW IT.