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Taylor Swift Continues Her Onstage Love Affair With Sparkles

We love us some Taylor Swift and think she looks pretty awesome in the photographs above. They were taken at two completely different venues eight months apart. The one on the left was clicked at Taylor’s concert at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, yesterday. The one on the right was taken back in March, when Taylor performed at the Mediolanum forum in Milan, Italy.  It’s the same dress — sparkles, fringed, paired with boots. We get it. It’s a huge tour schedule and the girl’s gotta stick to her thang. But the problem is, we’ve been seeing the same style over the past few years and there are only so many fringed, glimmery dresses one can look at repeatedly. Taylor does look amazing, but we love her even more when we see her in something elegant and matte. Let’s hope 2012 brings more of that in terms of stage wear.

Check out some of Taylor’s sparkliest on stage styles in the gallery below.

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Adele Shoots Down Throat Cancer Rumors

Don’t #prayforadele just yet. Twitter rumors that Adele is suffering from throat cancer are, as it turns out, highly exaggerated. “We would like to reiterate that Adele is to undergo surgery for a hemorrhaged vocal chord,” the singer’s rep told Us Weekly this morning. “All reports regarding any other condition are 100 percent false.” Wait a minute… are we to believe that Twitter isn’t an infallible source of factual information?!? Does that mean there might not be some things that #kimkmarriagewasshorter than?

It isn’t exactly  clear how the internet rumor about the “Rolling in the Deep” performer originated, other than the fact she has frequently be spotted smoking in public. That being said, as she announced last Friday, Adele’s throat surgery will have her out of commission for the rest of the year.  If you still feel the inclination, feel free to #prayforadele’snextalbum. We all burned through her last one in a matter of weeks.

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Adele Cancels Concerts For The Year Due To Throat Surgery

You know what they say: sometimes it lasts in love, sometimes it hurts instead. We’re talking about getting a throat hemorrhage; what were you thinking about? It seems all of Adele’s concerts have been canceled for the remainder of the year in order for the singer to go in for a much needed medical procedure. “She is to undergo surgery to alleviate the current issues with her throat and a full recovery is expected,” Adele’s official site read today. “As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments.” Don’t worry though. If you feel the need to cry in the middle of a huge mob of people, just bring your iPod to any sporting event!

Adele had already canceled the U.S. leg of her tour earlier this month due to voice problems, writing at the time, “I was sent to LA to rest and get another opinion. this time i was diagnosed with a hemorrhage. which is like a black eye on the vocal chord, it was incredibly tender and dangerous if i was to continue to sing through it.” Man, if Adele hates this vocal hemorrhage as much as she hates her ex, she has her next album in the bag. To be fair, though, we can’t imagine her hating anything as much as that guy.

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Rick Ross Cancels Weekend Concert After All Those Seizures

There are only so many airplane seizures a man can have before he absolutely has to have a vacation. Two, to be exact! TMZ reports that Rick Ross canceled his L.A. concert this weekend in the wake of the rapper’s twin medical emergencies last Friday. Rick Ross’s recovery following the seizures he had while traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis seems to be going well, and he will reschedule his Los Angeles gig for 2012. “Pushing [Ross] to do a show that he was not prepared to do was not beneficial to anyone,” Ross’s reps explained. Now we’re imaging the Teflon Don wrapped up in a Snuggie, drinking tea with lemon and watching The Talk. Still with his shades on, though. The man’s not going to give up his swag for anybody.

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Lady Gaga Goes Mint Blond, Could Front Queen Tour

If there’s any pop star around today that can even hold a candle to illimitable Freddie Mercury, it has to be Lady Gaga. You have the fabulous outfits, the soaring voice, and, to a lesser degree, the teeth. So, it’s not that surprising to hear that Lady Gaga might front Queen for an upcoming tour. “We talk about going out on the road all the time but there’s a bit of a singer problem to put it mildly,” Queen guitarist Brian May recently told the Daily Express. “I worked with Lady Gaga and she’s very creative and is someone we’ve talked about singing, fronting the band with.” Whoa, whoa, whoa! If Gaga is considering the possibility of singing with other bands, this opens up a whole world of possibilities. Hard-core rocking possibilities.

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Ke$ha Is Having More Sloppy Fun Than You In Rio

While you’re busy drawing Home Simpson-style eyeballs on each half of a ping pong ball to fool your boss into thinking you’re awake, Ke$ha is having the time of her life at Rio de Janeiro’s Rock in Rio, giving her backup dancers a glitter rub-down and saluting her own freak flag, long may it wave. You know what’s not having the time of it’s life, though? That poor, poor, awesome guitar. Would that we all could give our life for so noble a goal, i.e. the rockin’est version of “Tik Tok” the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen.

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John Mayer Postpones Concerts, Album Due To Throat Lesion

Didn’t think anything could squeak you out more than John Mayer? How about John Mayer’s throat lesion? Throw in that hat he’s wearing and you’re going to need to lie down with a cool washcloth on your forehead. “After several months of going week to week monitoring and hoping to correct the condition, I am forced to cancel my upcoming singing engagements due to something next to my vocal cords called a granuloma,” John Mayer’s Tumblr reads. According to Vulture, a granuloma is a lesion that can “cause hoarseness and pain,” in addition to “making us want to barf at the thought of it.”

In addition to missing the iheartradio Music Festival and an upcoming performance with Tony Bennett, the “Waiting For The World To Change” singer will have to push back his upcoming album Born And Raised until 2012. “This is a temporary setback, though I’m not sure how long or short a period of time it will be. I’ve got the best doctors in the country looking after me and I will be singing and touring again as soon as I get the all clear,” Mayer writes. We hope John takes as much sick leave as he needs to, because who wants to “Your Body Is A Wonderland” sung over a throat lesion? Very, very few people. Not us.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings To You In French

Had you forgotten about the romantic possibilities offered by The Dark Knight RisesJoseph Gordon-Levitt? Does Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing in French during a tribute concert for French singer Serge Gainsbourg help refresh your memory? It’s all coming back to you now, right?

Gordon-Levitt unleashed his Parisian growling at the Hollywood Bowl Sunday night, along with other performers including Beck and Sean Lennon. While this video perhaps not quite as hot as Bradley Cooper speaking French, that’s only because Joseph has to read his lines out of a notebook. And also because we watched 10 Things I Hate About You last week and now can’t help but recall Gordon-Levitt as a prepubescent teenage nerdlinger. Ugh, we just ruined this video for ourselves. Go now! Enjoy the French-ening while you still can, before you remember how adorable he was on 3rd Rock From The Sun!

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Britney Brings Son Sean Preston Out For Terrifying Concert Bow

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ve never been to a Britney Spears concert. Now, having seen the clip of Britney Spear’s son Sean Preston onstage, we don’t know if we’d spent the entire show shrieking with joy or huddled in a fetal position under a desk. While at a concert in Columbus this past Saturday, Brit Brit brought out her eldest for a quick bow after belting out “Til The World Ends.” Call us wimps, but if we were five-years-old and had to wave to a howling audience while a man in a light-up bondage gear danced in front of a video of a mushroom cloud, we’d pee our pants. Actually, we’re on the verge of doing it now just thinking about it.

Luckily Sean Preston is adorable and smiley and seems completely and utterly unfazed by a noise- and sound-level that would send grown adults into a full-blown panic attack. Let’s just hope he was backstage eating a Lunchable if his mom opted to repeat the whole Britney Spears Pauly D lap dance thing.