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Taylor Swift Has Most Lady-Like Wardrobe Malfuction Ever

If we were to accidentally flash a group of people, it would be humiliating. Like, “Flash everyone at a White House dinner after we’ve turned our underwear inside out to save on laundry bills” humiliating. A Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction, on the other hand, is just as cute and endearing as ours would be horrifying and cringe-worthy. Note to Taylor’s set designer: maybe move the upward-pointing wind machine from the end of the stage. We’re no engineers, but is just an embarrassing YouTube video waiting to happen.

Now, clearly this is nowhere near as gasp-inducing as Nicki Minaj’s nip slip earlier this month. Then again, if we know Nicki Minaj like we like to think we do, she would just cut two circles in her shirt a la Mean Girls and just keep on dancing like it was all intentional. Either way, what do Nicki and Taylor have in common? They didn’t stop singing, even in a moment when most of us would have collapsed to the stage in embarrassment after everyone saw our unmentionables. And that, our friends, is professionalism.

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Britney Spears Straddles DJ Pauly D, Gives Lap Dance

DJ Pauly D recently joined Britney Spears’ epic Femme Fatale tour as Brit’s opening act. He’ll take to the stage and work those turn tables later this month, but in the meantime the Jersey Shore star is busy prepping for his new gig. Pauly made his way to Montreal last night and watched Ms. Spears rock the stage. Just when we thought  Pauly D’s life couldn’t possibly get better, Brit’s dancers pull him onstage and the pop star proceeds to give him a lap dance. Pauly D later took to twitter and excitedly wrote:

Wow Just Got A Lap Dance On Stage From @britneySpears !!!!!!

We’re anxious to see whether or not this will merely be a once in a lifetime experience or if Brit his more in store for this DJ.

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Kanye West Eats It Hard On Stage

We know it’s just the timing of the chorus, but it sort of looks like the crowd loses their minds after Kanye West’s concert fall, which has the Watch The Throne rapper watching his feet sail toward the ceiling. And that sad little half-roll! We almost started screaming and dancing too, not because we don’t love Kanye, but because we love performers falling in concert. If more artists fell during their concerts, we’d be more inclined to pay crazy ticket prices.

Yeezy shouldn’t feel too bad, however. He joins a long line of performs, like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, who tripped, got back up and kept killing it. Plus you know Kanye’s just going to play it off like he did it on purpose, so let’s all just smile and nod along so he won’t be humiliated.

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Gavin DeGraw Cancels More Concerts, Vows To Be Back By The End Of August

Considering the man got hit by a taxi, it makes sense that Gavin DeGraw’s concerts have been canceled for the next couple weeks. It makes less sense that DeGraw plans to definitively join Train and Maroon 5 for a concert August 24. How do they know if that’s enough time for him to heal from a “concussion, broken nose and other injuries”? Even DeGraw tweeted yesterday, “Still sometimes seeing double. NYC looks overpopulated.” So, what, on August 24 his manager will just open the trapdoor under Gavin’s sick bed and drop him directly onto a piano bench? Actually, we would pay a lot money to see that…so we’re back on-board with the whole deadline idea!

DeGraw’s rep released a statement today confirming that the singer would need “additional time to recover” from his attack earlier this week, and would have to skip 8 concert dates that stretch from tomorrow night until the 22. According to US Weekly, new details about Gavin DeGraw’s attack suggest that that the musician was beat up at random. “These guys jumped him out of nowhere,” a source claim. “It’s weird because they didn’t take anything, I think they did it for sport.” This might be cruel, but we hope those attackers’ loved ones all had tickets to Gavin DeGraw concerts that they can longer use.

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Beyonce’s Dad Denies Embezzling While Her Manager

When your daughter is literally queen of pop music and more internationally recognizable than the President, why, oh why would have to steal from her? According to TMZ, Beyonce’s father denies embezzling money from his daughter while her manager, filing legal documents to that affect following allegations from tour company Live Nation Entertainment. Mathew Knowles asserts that the company informed Beyonce that her father “had stolen money from Beyonce on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to,” which lead to her letting him go. Papa Knowles is claiming that the allegations are false, despite the fact that Beyonce herself ordered the audit which revealed her dad’s shady dealings. As if Bey couldn’t have snapped her fingers and made diamonds rain down on him if she so chose. We’re 90% sure she can; she’s just really down-to-earth so she hates to show off.

Beyonce fired her dad as manager in March, explaining at the time, “He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly,” but declining to elaborate further. Knowles is currently seeking to depose several Live Nation employees to discover how they know he was taking funds. So…not exactly the best way to deny it, right? Couldn’t he have just gone through Beyonce’s purse instead? What’s a few (dozen) rolls of hundos between family members?

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Katy Perry’s Concert Rider Forbids Carnations, Talking To Katy Perry

Katy Perry has always taken pains to portray herself as a sweet glittery kitten of a lady, but Katy Perry’s concert rider, posted by The Smoking Gun, reveals the hidden diva lurking beneath all that pancake makeup. First starters, Perry’s dressing rooms all require cream-colored egg chairs (one with a footstool) and, of course, mountains of fresh flowers. “White and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses and peonies,” are preferred, but Katy will reluctantly deal with a “selection of seasonal white flowers to include white orchids” if the 24-hour florist happens to have run dry. But if you bring Katy carnations, so help her god… “ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.” They are a filler flower! Why don’t you just make flowers out of used toilet paper and old paper bags if you’re going to sink that low? Seriously!

The entire rider is worth reading, but the section on Perry’s chauffeur stipulations are particularly stringent: “The driver will not start a conversation w/ the client, ” “Do not ask for autographs or pictures, and especially not while driving!,””Do not stair(sic) at the backseat thru the rearview mirror,” and our personal favorite “”The driver will never assume. Always ask if in doubt.” Assume what? That is he or she is acting sufficiently like a robot that happens to driving Katy Perry’s limo? Actually, Katy used to have a limo-driving robot at one point. Remember the end of Terminator? Yup, that’s how a diva does it.

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Lady Gaga Preaches About Her “Pop Culture Church” In The Guardian

We aren’t saying Lady Gaga thinks she’s the new pop culture Messiah; we’re just saying if Jesus returns this Saturday like we’ve been hearing he will, he might be put out by how much the “Hair” singer is biting his steez. In her interview with The Guardian, Lady Gaga’s religious controversy only gets more fuel for the fire; in fact, the singer even describes Lady Gaga concerts as “pop cultural church,” explaining “I never intended for the Monster Ball to be a religious experience, it just became one.” We’ve heard this story before. Actually, some people call it the greatest story ever told!

Seeing as how Gaga’s “Judas” single was given to her by God and/or the ghost of Alexander McQueen, it makes sense that she’d be in tune with her spiritual side.” Don’t say I hate institutionalised religion,” Gaga tells the reporter. “Rather than saying I hate those things, which I do not, what I’m saying is that perhaps there is a way of opening more doors, rather than closing so many.” Though later Gaga adds, “I felt, and I still feel, that I was sent to this planet from my planet, Planet Goat, to create a ruckus.” So….Jesus’ reputation as the #1 divo is probably safe for now.

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Bieber Loses His Lunch During Concert In The Philippines

After hearing about Justin Bieber’s beef with CSI‘s Marg Helgenberger, people were lining up to buy Justin a ticket on the Diva Town Express. To counter the assumption that the singer is just a snot-nosed punk, however, we’d like to present the fact that Justin Bieber vomited in concert last night in the Philippines…and he just kept performing. Apparently the “Somebody To Love” singer felt dizzy, then had to excuse himself to throw up in between numbers. “sick as a dog…but the show must go on. got called a trooper. lol. LEGGO,” Bieber tweeted before the show, later adding “that show was great but tough. real sick. time to rest.” Meanwhile, we would have just gone home if we’d gotten sick at work, and at most only one or two people would ever find out it had happened.

Justin’s night of 1,000 barfs comes only a week after Bieber got egged during his Sydney concert. The fact that he didn’t immediately command his Bieber army to rip that egger to shreds, plus his victory over vomiting, is all the confirmation we need that Justin is anything but a brat.

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Fox Announces Glee 3D Concert Movie In The Works

Do you sometimes get so excited during your weekly dose of Glee that you wish Lauren Zizes or Coach Beast could travel through the TV into your parents’ basement for a few jazz squares? While NASA is still developing that technology, Deadline is now reporting creator Ryan Murphy and the New Directions have something almost as exciting in store: a Glee 3D movie staring the original cast. It’ll be like Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, but with more wheelchairs and same-sex intrigue.

The film will be based on the upcoming Glee Live! In Concert! tour, which kicks off this August. Considering the TV show is mostly wide-shots of the school auditorium intermixed with panning shots of the choir room, we’re interested to see what Glee elements could be made 3-D. Besides, of course, the request Slushie thrown at the audience’s collective face. Will Britney finally get launched out of the Cheerios cannon toward the crowd? Could guidance counselor Miss Pillsbury eat a sandwich without wearing latex gloves…inches from our unbelieving eyeballs? Can Lord Tubbington please have a cameo?


Lady Gaga Gets A Birthday Surprise On Stage

Lady Gaga turned 25 yesterday, and in true Gaga fashion she celebrated her first quarter-century on stage, in front of thousands of people, covered in fake blood. Gaga’s backup dancers surprised her with a birthday cake (which also looked like it was covered in fake blood) at the end of her show last night. Gaga followed the performance, which was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with a night of drinking and tacos at La Cita restaurant where she partied with Adam Lambert, Kate Hudson, and her boyfriend, Luc Carl.

For a few more pics of her on-stage birthday serenade, check out our Lady GaGallery below.

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