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Daniel Radcliffe Defends Lana Del Rey’s SNL….Performance

At least Daniel Radcliffe isn’t bad-mouthing you on Twitter…or Tumblr…or Facebook, Lana Del Rey. One down, millions upon millions to go! We’re sure the “Video Games” singer appreciates having someone in her corner, though, after critics tore into her Saturday Night Live debut. “It was unfortunate that people seemed to turn on her so quickly,” the Woman in Black actor said in Del Rey’s defense at the BAFTA nominations. “I also think people are making it about things other than the performance. If you read what people are saying about her online, it’s all about her past and her family and stuff that’s nobody else’s business.” Haters, if you’re going to hate, at least stay on topic!

Added Radcliffe, “I don’t think it warranted anywhere near that reaction.” Personally, we thought Lana’s performance was weird, slow and vocally all over the place…a.k.a. everything we like about a Lana Del Ray song. And her hair! It looked like a wig such as Aphrodite herself would wear! Or RuPaul! So what did you think? Was Daniel right to leap to Lana’s defense? Or was Lana Del Rey’s SNL performance enough to override both her celebrity supporters and that shimmering honey-colored mane?

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Jersey Shore’s Vinny Gets Put On Blast For Rape Rap Lyrics

Looks like the combination of menthol smoke, bronzer particles and the incessant quacking of that duck phone has finally started to dissolve Vinny’s brain. How else can you explain why the Jersey Shore star included a reference to rape in his new rap song “Vinny Rack City Mix”? Posted earlier today to YouTube, the song lyric in question reads, “Actin’ like I’m raping it/F–k her ’til she fakin’ it.” Was Vinny just staring at his computer screen at 3:00am, thinking, “Hmm, what’s the only thing that can make this song even more horrifying to the human ear? Give it a terrible name? No, that’s not it. Oh, I’ve got it! Rape!” At least he admits the probable likelihood that a woman would have to fake it with him. Meanwhile, we can’t even.

The Shore star has since yanked the video off YouTube, and posted to Twitter about the backlash. “Whoa! Some people really know how to take things out of context ! #LearnToListenToMusic …It was fun though!,” he tweeted. We would love to know what “context” would make that line appropriate, Vinny. Actually, no, we wouldn’t! We would never want to know that. We would give anything to never, ever know.

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Lars Von Trier Unapologizes For Hitler Comments

Looks like someone is letting his freak flag fly, even a lot of people would argue that his flag has a big ol’ swastika sewn on the side of it. In an interview with GQ, allegedly director Lars von Trier unapologizes for Hitler comments he made back in May at the Cannes Film Festival. Says von Trier, “To say I’m sorry for what I said is to say I’m sorry for what kind of a person I am, (and that) I’m sorry for my morals, and that would destroy me as a person. It’s not true. I’m not sorry. I am not sorry for what I said. I’m sorry that it didn’t come out more clearly.” Lars also went on to explain who was on first and how he was his own grandpa, because he is the most eloquent man on the planet Earth.

Even early this month Lars von Trier attempted to explain away the comments, but as the Melancholia director explains now, “I’m not sorry that I made a joke. But I’m sorry that I didn’t make it clear that it was a joke. But I can’t be sorry for what I said — it’s against my nature … but that’s maybe where I’m really sick in my mind. You can’t be sorry about something that’s fundamentally you. Maybe I’m a freak in that sense.” Let’s not limit yourself, Lars. There are so many other senses out there you might be a freak in.
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Eli Roth Defends Russell Crowe Over Circumcision Comments

Russell Crowe may have kicked off “Celebrity Offensiveness, Round 2: This Time Is About Jewish People” following Tracy Morgan’s rant this morning, but according to director Eli Roth, the actor’s comments were just the two joking around. Earlier today, Russell Crowe’s Twitter ramblings struck some as insulting, particularly after the actor tweeted, “many jewish friends, I love my Jewish friends, I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies @eliroth.” The fact that Roth quickly tweeted back, “You didn’t seem to be complaining when I was recutting you this afternoon…” probably should have tipped people off that he was in on the joke, but still, why would you ever put that in public? Don’t these guys have Gchat? Or a basic level of self-awareness?

While talking to TMZ, Eli Roth defended Russell Crowe after The Hollywood Reporter wrote about the tweets, claiming “The headline blatantly attempts to make Russell look like an anti-Semite.  It’s tabloid journalism at its worst. No one contacted either of us.  It’s terrible.  Russell is a great person and respectful of all religions.” Crowe apologized for his comments and deleted the offending posts. “I have a deep and abiding love for all people of all nationalities, I’m very sorry that I have said things on here that have caused distress,” Russell tweeted. “My personal beliefs aside I realize that some will interpret this debate as me mocking the rituals and traditions of others. I am very sorry”

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Lars Von Trier Apoloizes For Hitler Comments After Iran Defends Him

Iran, please stay in the minivan. You are embarrassing Lars von Trier. In a bizarre twist to the whole Lars von Trier Hitler controversy, Iranian Vice Minister of Culture Javad Shamaqdari apperently sent a letter to the Cannes film festival accusing them of “fascist behavior” after they declared von Trier a persona non grata. Yes, that Iran. Von Trier has been dealing with the fall-out following his disastrous “Final Solution” cracks at the press conferences for his film Melancholia last week. Don’t they know Lars von Trier is a big boy, and can handle himself? Seriously, Iran is just like our mom, if our mom had crushed a people’s revolution back in 2009. Not that we’d put it past her.

And just like you had to prove yourself on the playground after your mom yelled at the neighbor kid in front of all your friends, Lars von Trier apologized for his offensive remarks…while simultaneously defending them. “In my opinion, freedom of speech, in all its shapes, is part of the basic human rights,” von Trier said in a statement. “However, my comments during the festival’s press conference were unintelligent, ambiguous and needlessly hurtful. My intended point was that the potential for extreme cruelty, or the opposite, lies within every human being, whatever nationality, ethnicity, rank or religion.” You see, Iran, sometimes you have to let directors leave the nest. Though we guess as long as you are aren’t actively oppressing them yourselves, we should see that as a huge step forward.

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Gaga Approves Weird Al Parody; All Is Right With The World

We were crushed earlier today when the Lady Gaga Weird Al Parody was reportedly shot down by the singer’s people. Why can’t our favorite musician from childhood get along with our favorite musician from adulthood? It’s like if Justin Timberlake got in a fight with…well, a slightly older Justin Timberlake. However, Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times just tweeted that Gaga approved Weird’ Al’s parody for his upcoming album. “BREAKING! Weird @alyankovic ‘s manager tells me @ladygaga has now given permission for “Perform This Way” to be included on his album.” See, we knew no one could turn down the accordion-and-lunch-meat-flavored sounds of the master!

Earlier today TMZ reported that Lady Gaga’s rejection of Weird Al’s parody of “Born This Way” was misreported. In fact, the Judas singer hadn’t even heard it. “There must of been a misunderstanding because [Gaga] is in no way trying to block the release of the parody,” their source claimed at the time. “She’s busy touring and hasn’t heard the song yet. Her manager hasn’t had a chance to play it for her yet. “That being said, we can think of at least three reasons Gaga wouldn’t have wanted the spoof blowing up her spot:

  • Weird Al is basically poking fun at her outlandish concerts, which Gaga seems to take Extremely. Seriously.
  • There is a faint but distinct voice that sings “Express Yourself” during the song. Such an obvious reference to the Gaga/ Madonna comparisons might not fly.
  • The song basically ruins every creative outfit Gaga could potentially have worn in the foreseeable future. Covered in bees? What is Weird Al, a mind reader?

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Rosie O’Donnell Feels Chris Brown’s Pain

A lot of people claim that the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident isn’t anyone’s business except their own. Whether or not you agree on that point, we can all agree on one thing: it is definitely none of Rosie O’Donnell‘s beeswax. Rosie On’Donnell defended Chris Brown on her Sirius show Rosie Radio this morning, arguing “I just don’t know why this kid seems to be held to a different standard than anyone else.” O’Donnell’s statement seems to imply that there is someone on the planet who could have pulled off Chris Brown’s GMA meltdown without the world giving him or her the extreme side-eye. Unless Rosie is just pointing out that the 6 billion non-famous people on Earth would have been straight-up arrested for shattering a window with a chair. In which case yeah, there is a double standard.

O’Donnell went so far as cast blame on GMA anchor Robin Roberts for asking Brown questions about his domestic abuse of Rihanna. “I felt mildly angry at Robin Roberts. I felt like writing her and going: ‘Can you take a look at this again and see if maybe you find — in any way — your responsibility in this?” Rosie said.  O’Donnell also likened Brown’s rage to the frustration she felt during her tumultuous stint on another day-time talk show: “Part of me wanted to take a chair and throw it through the window at The View after all that happened.” Somehow we think talking about hurling furniture while a panicky Barbara Walter screams in the background isn’t going to help anyone at this point.  Maybe save your comments for a more appropriate time, Rosie. Like, perhaps never.

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Mila Kunis Maintains That Natalie “Danced Her A– Off” In Black Swan

What with body doubles and close-ups and bird arms, it’s hard to determine if critiques of Natalie Portman’s dancing in Black Swan from her dance double Sarah Lane might really be accurate. That being said, Mila Kunis defends Portman’s dancing, claiming “”Natalie danced her a– off. I think it’s unfortunate that this is coming out and taking attention away from [the praise] Natalie deserved and got.” There’s not much anyone can say to refute that. Watch the movie; Portman’s butt has literally melted away under the intense ballet training. It’s like watching Jack Skellington perform in The Nutcracker.

Darren Aronofsky also defended Natalie’s dancing, claiming Portman performed at least 80% her own performances. Settle down, Darren. No one is questioning whether you’re really the king of disturbing pseudo-lesbian ballet horror. You have this in the bag. “[Lane] wasn’t used for everything. It was more like a safety net. If Nat wasn’t able to do something, you’d have a safety net,” Mila claims. “The same thing that I had — I had a double as a safety net. We all did. No one ever denied it.” Don’t worry, you guys. They can’t exact take away Natalie’s Oscar at this point. Just like they’re not going to give away Colin Firth’s Best Actor award just because he doesn’t actually stutter.

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Akira Searches For A-List Leads, Changes Pretty Much Everything About Akira

Ah Hollywood: you give with one hand, take with the other. Reportedly Warner Bros is looking at Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield or James McAvoy for Akira‘s male lead Tetsuo. For the futuristic sci-fi film’s co-star Kaneda, scripts have been sent to Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix. The film is due out in 2013, and will be reportedly split into two parts. Given the amount of sweet biker gang moves and writhing protoplasm in the 1988 animated version of Akira, you’d think this movie would be primed for a mega-success. But since this is Hollywood, you know can’t do something great without messing it up in some profound way.

The most conspicuous theme in the announced casting choices (besides beautiful dudes with a layer of stuble) is the apparent lack of Asian or Asian-American actors in the Akira remake so far, a choice which seems pretty odd considering how extremely Japanese the original story is. The movie is based off a Japanese manga first published in 1982, and takes place in a futuristic Neo-Tokyo in 2019. However, it looks like the new version is set in New Manhattan and, despite keeping the Japanese names, doesn’t seem too concerned with actually having Japanese characters. If you recall, similar issues came up around the casting of white actors in The Last Airbender and Prince Of Persia last year. Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure there are plenty of super hot Asian-Americans actors who are dying for roles like these. No offense, Pattinson; you know we love you in our way.

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Kid Rock’s Confederate Flag Love Provokes Boycott Over NAACP Awards

No, you didn’t fall asleep in a time machine and wake up in 1998 when you’d expect to read about Kid Rock in the news. Apparently there’s a boycott against the NAACP awards over Kid Rock’s Confederate flag use in concerts. The singer is scheduled to receive the Great Expectations Award from the civil rights organization May 1, where he will also give the keynote address. “It’s a slap in the face for anyone who fought for civil rights in this country. It’s a symbol of hate and bigotry,” says Adolph Mongo, head of the group Detroiters for Progress. We’re offended by this too! We mean, Kid Rock has been out of the national eye for so long; the only award he should get is Furthest Distance From Which A Human Can Smell A Pig (Distance: 1 mile).

Says the director of Detroit’s NAACP branch Donnell R. White, “Kid Rock…has consistently lifted up the Great Expectations of many persons…concerning the future of the city.” Kid Rock is also appearing at a benefit to celebrate George H.W. Bush and volunteerism. A man of contradictions, the Kid. It seems to us that anyone who doesn’t actively wear the Confederate flag like it’s the new black would be a better candidate for a NAACP award, but what do we know? We take it Fred Durst wasn’t available?

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