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Rob Pattinson’s Busy Week In GIF Wall Form

Rob Pattinson may not have dished the much-desired dirt on his relationship status while hopping from interview to interview promoting Cosmopolis in NYC this week, but he did provide a plethora of must-GIF moments. Over the last four days, Rob ate ice cream on The Daily Show, danced around personal questions on Good Morning America, promised he’s ok on Showbiz Tonight, laughed off awkward questions at TimesTalks, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange and talked about everything but Kristen with MTV’s Josh Horowitz. From his contagious giggle to brooding contemplation to showing his teeth, Rob’s gorgeous, expressive mug is one that should be admired on loop. So have at it!

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Robert Pattinson Joins These Other 10 Heartthrobs Who Went Dark And Twisty

Heath Ledger, Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix

Though Robert Pattinson has made his share of independent movies in his career, this week’s Cosmopolis is widely thought of has his big move to make a post-Twilight career for himself. And he certainly wouldn’t be the first hot young actor to make a case for himself as a serious actor by taking a giant step into the world of dark and twisty films. Many a heartthrob has gone from the pages of Tiger Beat to the local arthouse theater quite soon after they made it big, from Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix’s turns as gay hustlers in My Own Private Idaho to Daniel Radcliffe’s recent venture into spooky suspense with The Woman in Black. Sometimes it’s because they really love the art of filmmaking, like Rob seems to, and other times, it seems like a calculated move to make themselves Oscar contenders instead of Teen Choice surfboard winners.

Sometimes, they find their comfort zone in dark and twisty, sometimes, like in the case of Marlon Wayans, who surprised critics with his performance in Requiem for a Dream, it turns out to be a one-time-only deal. Still, we love them all for trying! Here are our 10 favorite arty and deep roles taken on by mainstream hotties:

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Robert Pattinson Deflects Breakup Talk With Breakfast Cereal On GMA – What Will Interviewers Feed Him Next?

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We’re wondering who should get a kickback from today’s Good Morning America interview of Robert Pattinson — Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or The Daily Show. Taking a page straight out of Jon Stewart’s plan from Monday night, GMA‘s George Stephanopoulos used the cereal instead of Ben and Jerry’s as a prop/tough-question-deflection tool. It certainly served its purpose, but proved more awkward than cute.

“I gotta get the elephant in the room out of the way: Everybody just wants to know how are you doing, and what do you want your fans to know about what’s going on in your personal life?” Stephanopoulos said, after the offering of cereal and obligatory praise for Pattinson’s Cosmopolos performance.

“They seem pretty excited about kind of whatever!” Rob said, laughing. “Literally, you can be like, ‘I’d like my the fans to know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch only has 30 calories a bowl in it,’ for instance. Pretty much anything that comes out of my mouth is irrelevant.”

And with that, Rob made it clear that he wasn’t really going to say anything more about the Kristen Stewart matter. “You get into it to do movies. I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life,” he said.

Stephanopoulos backed off and went for an easier question: “Is there any way to get used to all this?”
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Is Robert Pattinson Really Doing Okay? Yeah, He Says, And Parties In NYC To Prove His Point

Robert Pattinson Parties At Soho House

Robert Pattinson wants you to know he’s doing fine, guys. After his sexy Cosmopolis premiere pop-upclassy appearance on the Daily Show and his New York Stock Exchange bell-ringing, it was time to sit down, along with his director, David Cronenberg with Showbiz Tonight. When asked whether he was doing okay — since reports of him wallowing and boozing it up are rife — he succinctly replied, “Yeah” and laughed! The reporter even admitted he looked “absolutely fine”, to which he said, “Since the first Twilight, you enter this kind of realm where… you get stuff reported about you, and it’s weird.” Cronenberg added, “It’s a very abstract realm that doesn’t have a lot to do with personal reality” following that up with “People think they know what’s going on but they don’t know what’s really going on.” Robert continued the vein of thought, saying, “You start having a total disassociation … On top of that, loads of people just make it up anyway so it doesn’t make any difference.”

And then, when the interviewer asked one last time, if he was really okay (as in really, really okay, RPattz), same answer. “Yeah.” You heard it guys. And you can see it too, not just in the video, but in the photographs of him above, looking like some sort of ’90’s heartthrob, in a backwards cap, heading out of Soho House last night. With a very over-enthusiastic security dude, we might add. He looks just fine, like he’s had a couple of drinks even! Bonus picture after the jump, which illustrates our point!  Read more…

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Robert Pattinson’s Stock Exchange Appearance Proves Operation “Career After Twilight” Is In Full Effect

David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Long before that Kristen Stewart thing we don’t want to talk about, and even as the steady stream of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 promo pics and teasers began to flow, Robert Pattinson was on a mission. Not to alienate the Twilight fans who made him a household name, but to reel in a whole new audience as well — the film-critic types, the artsy folk, the Wall Street types who’d never be caught dead watching sparkly vampires — with his sexy, weird David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis. We saw it in his European magazine interviews, his Cannes appearances and, of course, in the sneak peeks of the film itself.

And though the rest of us got pretty distracted by his Twilight-entangled love-life woes, the past two days are proof that Pattinson will not be sidetracked from his goal. He gamely showed up for the New York premiere of the movie last night, and was an amazing sport for his appearance on The Daily Show. He knew we’d all tune in to see what he’d say about Kristen, and yet he managed to end the interview on his terms, challenging Twilight fans to help make Cosmopolis a huge success at the box office. And this morning, he and Cronenberg took part in the time-honored tradition of people from all sorts of walks of life ringing the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Sure, there are probably plenty of Twi-hards buying and selling stocks and bonds on Wall Street, but it’s also a big push to make Rob’s own stock rise as an actor who can appeal to all kinds of crowds. Also, he made his typically adorable range of faces throughout the appearance. Enjoy!

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Robert Pattinson Is A “Class Act” And “A Pro” – And Other Fan Reactions To His Daily Show Appearance

A nervous but still smiling Robert Pattinson made his first public appearance since his girlfriend Kristen Stewart was…you know. Let’s not rehash those dirty details. Instead let’s focus on Rob, who has come out in full force promoting his new David Cronenberg-helmed film, Cosmopolis. He’ll do Good Morning America and MTV First with our pal Josh Horowitz later this week, but tonight he went face-to-face with Jon Stewart and a couple of pints of ice cream, and the consensus from fans is that the dude nailed it. Let’s review what people had to say on Twitter, shall we? (Thank you to every one of you who tweeted your thoughts to me! You rule the school.)

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Did Robert Pattinson Actually Admit To Breaking Up With Kristen Stewart On The Daily Show?

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We should probably feel bad about the fact that we feared Robert Pattinson would somehow manage to avoid all questions about his personal life and only plug Cosmopolis when he appeared on The Daily Show tonight. But hallelujah! About 90 percent of the interview was personal. Or, was it?

“Obviously, uh, uh, what have you been up to?” Jon Stewart opened the interview. And as Rob complained that that the host had ruined his setup joke, Stewart proceeded to bring out two pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. It was an obvious nod to the fact that Rob was going through a breakup. “We’re just two gals talking,” Stewart said.

But then, it turned out, “talking” equalled a lot of talk about the ice cream melting in front of them. Or were there subtle references to the Kristen Stewart-size elephant in the room? It’s hard to tell.

“What are we doing here? Are you all right? Is everything OK? I’m worried about you, and you’re all right,” Stewart asked, sounding a little more like a grandma than an interviewer.

“I just don’t even know how to approach this now,” Rob answered, which out of context, sounds like he’s actually referring to how to approach questions about his love life.
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Robert Pattinson Smiles, Oozes Sex Appeal At Cosmopolis Premiere

Well hello there, Robert Pattinson! It’s so great to see you again. The actor arrived tonight at the NYC premiere of Cosmopolis looking…how do we say this? SO EFFING GOOD. Decked out in Gucci with his infamous untamed hair slicked back, the actor greeted fans and press at his first public appearance since his relationship with Kristen Stewart entered crisis mode a few weeks ago. We gotta applaud Rob – not just for doing the press rounds so soon after going through such a challenging situation so publicly, but for looking so good while doing so. Class and professionalism – this guy’s got ‘em.

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Rob Pattinson Is Headed To Daily Show, Good Morning America; How Should He Play This?

Robert Pattinson Headed To Daily Show, Good Morning America

There are some new badass Cosmopolis photos that dropped today. The movie premieres next week. Rob Pattinson is set to visit the Daily Show next Monday, and Good Morning America next Wednesday to promote the film. Everything seems to be primed for Rob to enjoy a hassle-free publicity tour…except you know someone is going to ask him about KStew on TV. It’s inevitable. We’re guessing Jon Stewart might tease him about it without actually asking any questions, but there is no way on God’s green Earth he will be able to leave the GMA studio without discussing his relationship with Kristen Stewart and/or his rage toward Rupert Sanders. Pattinson’s rep already made it clear RPattz isn’t going to miss any promo appearances over something like a devastating breakup, so what are his options here? As far as we can see, his choices basically break down to:

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Kristen Stewart’s And Robert Pattinson’s Next Projects: An In-Depth Look Ahead

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
The past week has been a tumultuous one for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their fans, after the actress confirmed (and quickly apologized) that she had cheated on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Currently every celebrity publication has a jillion stories up about the affair and the couple’s possible split, filled with anonymous sources and loads of speculation. So let’s walk away from the gossip for a bit and take a look at what lies ahead for each of the actors and their careers. While their personal lives might be stuck in a rough patch at the moment, their creative pursuits have never been better, with new roles (on- and off-screen) and possible awards-season appearances on the horizon. Consider this a pleasant palate cleanser from that toxic rumor mill that’s currently churning away extra hard right now.

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