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Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth Gets Too Ripped For Norse God Costume

This seems like the ultimate “Which way to the gym?” pick-up line. Apparently Chris Hemsworth’s Thor costume didn’t fit…because the actor was too jacked. “The guy is 500 lbs and looks like Schwarzenegger,” Hemsworth explained while at CinemaCon. “They kept saying get as big as you can, as big as you can…I put the costume on and within a couple minutes, my hands started to get numb.” The actor  quickly realized that the “pins and needles” he was feeling meant his outfit was sending him on a one-way trip to Gangrene Town. Why do we get a feeling this must happen to Hemsworth all the time? “Oh, you know, I just worked out so hard and got so swole that my leather and chain-mail body suit almost made my arms fall off. No big deal. Anyway, what are you ladies doing later?”

Director Kenneth Branagh eventually stepped in to tell the actor he didn’t have to max out every time he went to the gym. “I was just too thick anyway,” Hemsworth admits. “Ken said it’s good, you have the size…let’s just pull the size back a little bit.” After having a bit of a breather (literally and figuratively), the actor is now putting the muscle back on to reprise his role of Thor in The Avengers. They better keep an eye on Chris when he goes to Bally’s, or else someone in Wardrobe will have to be on-call 24/7 with a pair of gigantic scissors.

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Nicki Minaj Goes Juggalette On The Cover Of V

We all knew we’d be blow away by Nicki Minaj‘s cover of V Magazine, but who knew girl would burn it down looking like Dia de los Muertos Barbie? Inside the mag Nicki Teresa opens up about her smash album Pink Friday, dream collabo with Taylor Swift and efforts to just “do her.” Based on all the jaw-dropping costume changes Minaj packed into one magazine, we’d say that she’s doing her just fine!

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