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Lauryn Hill Getting Sued By Her Stylist For Fashion Fraud

Why does it feel that Lauryn Hill‘s only in the news these days because of controversy? The last we heard was that her baby wasn’t partner Rohan Marley‘s; a rumor which Ms.Hill strongly denied to the press and public.  Unfortunately, this round is a lot more serious because she could be in trouble with the law. A fashion stylist is suing Lauryn because of allegedly making off with her clothes without paying the full price. This, BTW, went down in 2007 when Lauryn was on tour!

The lawsuit relates that fashion consultant Via Davia Vintage fitted Lauryn “with an entire wardrobe of high fashion items.” The deal that was made apparently stated that Hill was to pay fixed weekly installments for the clothes for a month. It further claims that the singer not only kept all the clothes for three months, but ended up returning only 30% of the items. To add insult to injury, the suit states that Hill paid only paid a tiny amount of what was due. Considering there’s silence coming from Hill’s camp, we’ll just have to see how this story plays out in court.

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Another Day, Another Protective Order Filed Against Michael Lohan

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Lindsay Lohan‘s pop. What’s he been up to? Oh, the same horrible thing he’s been up to for years now? Guess that makes sense. Despite having gone to court over domestic violence charges as recently as May, allegedly Michael Lohan is harassing ex Kate Major, causing his ex-fiance to request a proactive order against him. Again. As in, multiple times. As in, this whole situation is a walking nightmare.

Allegedly Lohan has been persistently threatening both Major and her father, claiming that he’ll have her dad “whacked” while attempting to “ruin her career,” though some might argue that you can only ruin something that actually exists.  According to TMZ, this will be the third order of protection Major would be attempting to place against her ex, so we guess it’s true what they say: those who forget history are doomed to be Michael Lohan.

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Chris Brown Gets Dozens Upon Dozens Of Parking Tickets Dismissed

According to TMZ, 95 of Chris Brown’s parking tickets have been dismissed, or approximately the number of parking tickets a normal person would rack up before being thrown in a holding cell. Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos explained that the “Beautiful People” singer originally owed $15,000 in unpaid parking citations before most were removed from his record. The fact that we would be living in our cars if we owed the government that much money has not escaped us.

According to Geragos, Chris was given most of the tickets for parking in “what appeared to be handicapped spaces” at his L.A. condo lot, which later proved to be perfectly legal spots available for Brown’s use. That being said, “22 citations remain open” of the 117 original tickets he racked up, which means Chris still hasn’t paid them. Celebrities! They’re just like us. Us being all the terrible parkers world-wide.

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Rihanna Sues For Getting Conned On Her Mansion

If there’s someone you don’t want to cross, it’s Rihanna. Because she will take you down and make sure you pay for whatever mess you made. That’s why we love her! Her realtor doesn’t at the moment, because she’s being sued by Rihanna for selling her a defective home. Ri-Ri bought the $6.9 Beverly Hills two-story property in 2009 after being assured of its quality. The singer claims she was duped because she’s found that there are a number of defects in the house that have caused severe damage to many of the rooms.

Waterproofing and construction are some of them because Ri’s home suffered major leakage post a “moderate rainstorm” in January last year. The documents state that the lady who sold her the home knew about all the issues and didn’t inform Rihanna and her people about them. So now everyone connected with the sale is being taken to court including the former owner, the inspector, the real estate agents and engineers as they’re all complicit in the fraudulent sale. In a nutshell, the suit claims that, “the actual value of the property at the time of purchase, taking into consideration the extensive construction defects … was millions of dollars less.”

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Linda Evangelista Demands Child Support From Her Babydaddy-Cum-Salma Hayek’s Husband!

He may be Salma Hayek‘s husband, but it was recently ascertained that François-Henri Pinault is also Linda Evangelista’s babydaddy. The dude gets around. And because he did the deed, he needs to dole out the child support, Linda thinks. If she gets her way, Pinault will soon be coughing up $46,000 every month for the upkeep of his child, Augustin James, and his mamma.

The supermodel filed her claim on Monday at Manhattan Family Court which states that Pinault sired Evangelista’s son around 2006. She’s going for gold with her lawyer, William Beslow, telling the judge that Pinault has “just been sitting back, paying zero.” His lawyer, David Aaronson, on the other hand, fired back with, “She testified that she wants to have a 24-hour nanny because she does not want to be alone with the child … Miss Evangelista, you should understand, has a worth of more than $8 million, and she earned, last year, $1.8 million.” This biz is going to get nasty, we think. But here’s a little fact that made us laugh out loud. Evangelista also asked for $7,500 every month for … monthly vacation expenses. The judge had the good sense to shoot that one down.

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Pamela Anderson Sued For Personal Appearance Screw-Ups

Who’s suing for what? Here’s the short version. Pamela Anderson sued ex-boyfriend Laurence Hallier for not giving her a promised condo in Las Vegas. They made a deal together and if that deal wasn’t honored on his behalf, he was supposed to give Pam $1 million in compensation. Now, the problem is that Laurence is saying Pamela didn’t honor the deal and she owes him money.

Hallier’s company built Panorama Towers in Vegas five-six years ago. She signed a deal in 2006 saying that she would make personal appearances to promote the buildings and would therefore, get a condo there as payment. Hallier says that Pamela didn’t show up at all for a number of appearances and thus, flaked on their agreement. She should not only forget about getting a pad, but Hallier’s countersuing Pamela for her inability to market the condos (by showing off her condos, hah, we kid), as she had promised. He claims that his company has suffered losses because of her screw-ups. And guess how much he’s suing her for! $22.5 million! That’s the amount he alleges she cost him. Ouch. Thinking twice about having sued him, aren’t you, Pam?

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Rihanna Getting Sued Twice Over S&M Video For Copyright Infringement

Photographer Phillip Paulus is furious with Rihanna.  So much so, that he’s going to drag her into court. He’s accusing her of ripping off his ideas and using them in her S&M video! Apparently he has a series of fashion photographs called “Paperworld” which he claims have turned up, identical in each minute detail, in Ri-Ri’s video! His lawyers are taking the copyright infringement very seriously, which could mean big trouble for the singer.

Phillip isn’t shying away from talking about the screw up. He’s stated, “Why a worldwide celebrity is not able to afford a creative director, who creates individual concepts and staging, is incomprehensible for me. To create new things within the creative cosmos, you can only expect this to come from a real genius, there is no doubt about that.” And then comes the real blow which literally made us go “ouch:” “However, in this case there is no real genius who created their own work instead they stole ideas from a creative talent. Furthermore every other creative professional should realize how supremely embarrassing it is to copy the work of colleagues from the artistic world and then to  be praised for it.”

In Paulus’s Paperworld, there are images of a model wearing a flouncy gown pinned back by a sheet of plastic. She’s surrounded by black tape X’s on the wall that she’s pushed up against. The same imagery and placing is in Rihanna’s video as well. It depicts a model in a poofy gown trapped against a wall by a sheet of plastic, surrounded by big X’s made out of black tape. In it, Rihanna also wears a big dress and is constricted by a layer of plastic against a wall, with nearly identical X’s around her. Uber-photog David LaChappelle has sued Rihanna as well, for the same video and the same copyright infringement issue. He claimed she appropriated the “composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colours, props, settings, decors, wardrobe and lighting” of some of his work.

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Lindsay Lohan Due Back In Court Today For Failing Sobriety Test

She never allows us to miss her, does she? Lindsay Lohan is due in court this morning for testing positive for booze. That of course is a violation of her probation terms, and Judge Stephanie Sautner has ordered her to come in and face the repercussions. Here’s some extra bad news that doesn’t bode particularly well for her — the Probation Department wants her in jail!  They wanted Li.Lo to take two tests in May but were stymied by the actress’ lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, who stated the procedures weren’t mentioned in the probation clauses.

Never a good idea to throw the book at them, guys. They figured out a way to get Lindz to take two tests last week, one of which she tanked. She’s tested positive for booze and negative for drugs. C’mon … that’s progress! The Probation Department are having none of it though, because they’re also displeased that Lindsay’s been having parties at her pad while under house arrest! She had a rooftop barbecue ‘do recently, and one of the tests was taken right after the do. A source explains, “Lindsay tested positive for alcohol. The judge in her DUI case, Judge Elden Fox said she couldn’t consume any alcohol while on probation. The probation department has prepared a report, and Lindsay will be in court tomorrow.”

We don’t know how badly this reflects on her, but apparently, the electronic monitoring company responsible for her during the house arrest period, is bailing out. Another source explains, “They don’t want to continue to monitor since they have been notified that Lindsay violated terms of her probation. The drinking occurred while Lindsay was under house arrest.” It sounds like they’ve had enough of her antics, which definitely will not sound good in court. Stay tuned for the hearing today.

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Paris Hilton’s Old Stalker Attacks Her Boyfriend, Cy Waits, Outside Courtroom

Things got pretty messy for Paris Hilton and Cy Waits at court yesterday. The heiress and her boyfriend were headed towards the Van Nuys court room so Paris could testify against the man who broke into her house carrying two big knives last year. As they were walking into the hearing, a man came hurtling out of the crowd and lunghed at Waits, punching him in the head! Paris even tweeted her Mom about the incident writing, “Omg @KathyHilton! That other psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house. So scary!”

By other “psycho intruder” she means James Rainford, who broke into Hilton’s home just two months after the first incident. Rainford had snuck onto her property and was busted by her bodyguards who had to physically restrain him because he got so violent. Looks like he isn’t over his Paris fixation—even though he’s on probation, he couldn’t resist stalking her and getting violent with Waits. Her bodyguards came to the couple’s rescue again, pinning Rainford down and giving him over to the LAPD. Apparently, Rainford kept mumbling that Paris and him knew each other and that her dad, Rick Hilton, had given his blessing for them to marry. This guy’s evidently crazytown and needs to be locked up.

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Lindsay’s Headed To The Coroner (For Her Community Service)

This is basically the plot of Lindsay Lohan‘s next movie, right? Franco, are you behind this? Don’t worry; our favorite jailbird isn’t dead. She’ll just wish she was when she has to trade in her high-waisted couture pants for some embalming-fluid-stained coveralls, ’cause Lindsay Lohan’s community service is at the coroner’s office! After the judge found Lindsay guilty of violating probation Friday, in addition to four months in jail she was sentenced to 120 hours of community service at the L.A. County Department of Coroner’s office, where she’ll no doubt be bored stiff…and our screenplay has it’s title.

“She’ll be doing basic janitorial work,” Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter says. “She won’t be handling any dead bodies but she’ll certainly see them.” Certainly! This isn’t the first time Lindsay has mingled with the recently departed; the staff got to see her undoubtedly smiling face after Lohan’s drunk driving violation in 2007. Lohan will also have to complete 360 hours of service at the Downtown Women’s Center in L.A, where she’ll no doubt feel….at home…well, we have more time to work on that one. 360 hours in fact!

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