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Lindsay Lohan Channels Charlie’s Angels For Court Appearance

In the past, Lindsay Lohan has dressed like a really expensive escort for her court appearances. Today she toned it down a bit, replacing that boob-hugging white dress with some high-waisted bell bottoms last seen in our mom’s high school closet. Mock though we may, the look suits LiLo, who complimented her Lanvin pants and shoes with a tight black turtleneck, a white scarf, some shades, and comically large lips full of injection juice. Lindsay is currently in the courtroom for her preliminary hearing in that jewelry theft case that just won’t go away. Hey, at least all this time in front of various judges is giving her ample inspiration for her next role as a mob princess!

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Before Heading To Court, Lindsay Attempts To Rehab Her Image Online

Lindsay Lohan is heading back to court today in Los Angeles for a preliminary hearing in her stolen necklace case. It is expected that Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will ask for the charges against her client to be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. If the judge agrees, Lohan will likely avoid any hard time and she can get back to work playing not-Victoria Gotti.(Though she wanted the role of Victoria, Lohan was cast instead as the younger Kim Gotti.)

In an effort to boost her image (if it’s even possible for her to do that anymore), Lohan has actually been trying to put the good word out that’s she’s eager to be back in the acting game. She told the Associated Press “I’m really excited to be back on set and clear up all the misinterpretations about me and show this is what I love to do.” Lohan also Tweeted a message to her fans, writing “With my family and thinking of my grandfather [whose] birthday was yesterday and unfortunately passed away a few years ago… i am just grateful for the life i have, i cannot explain how excited i am to begin working on films again, on top of that- i better get one of my two favorite scripts that i am in love with. my friends know what they both are….. all my love- LL god bless and g’night :)”

Is her time for redemption near? We hope so, but at this point, it’s up to the judge to decide. We’ll keep you posted on the verdict as it comes in.

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Report: Brooke Mueller Refuses Blood Test, Is In Rehab

On Friday we reported about Brooke Mueller‘s drug-free pee search saga. She was ordered to get tested for substances to see if she was finally off them. Apparently, if Brooke refused the test, or if she tested positive for drugs, Charlie was going to fight for custody of their two kids, Max and Bob. There have been a couple of interesting developments since then. The first is that Brooke refused the test that was scheduled for Friday evening. Reports say it’s because she’s using again, with one story suggesting that Brooke was hunting for cocaine in the same neighborhood of the pawn shop, with a dealer called T-Mac alleging he, “… got in her ride, bent a corner, and I hooked her a— up with 8-ball for a buck fifty and told her if she liked it, to come see me again.”

Whether or not that particular story is true, Brooke is back in rehab. A source says that’s because the terms of the test didn’t seem fair, saying, “Brooke will not take a drug test until Charlie takes a drug test. Brooke will not go along with the agreement she and Charlie have in regards to testing until he stops talking about her in public. He’s been violating their agreement from day one and she’s had enough.” Either way, this does not bode well at all for her and her primary custody agreement because Charlie’s lawyers will go to court tomorrow to hash out the details. Does this mean that Brooke’s going to lose custody of the kids? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Willie Nelson’s Drug Bust Court Saga Will Involve A Song Routine

This has got to be a joke! Here’s a little background to this bizarre story. Willie Nelson was busted for pot possession (again) in November last year. The po-po stopped his tour bus at a check post in Louisiana after a “strong odor of marijuana was detected.” Willie’s case is in court now and apparently, the prosecutor will sic the singer with only a $100 fine on one strange condition. Willie has to sing “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain” in court because apparently, that counts as community service these days! Lets break it down — Willie has to do what he normally does for living, in court because that’s “work” now.

Unfortunately for Willie, while the prosecutor’s clearly a fan, his courtroom performance may ultimately get him nowhere. The final decision will rest in the presiding judge’s hands and if he isn’t a fan of singing-for-freedom, then Willie faces up to 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

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Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Turns Down Plea Deal, Headed To Trial

Does anyone else think like we should be earning credits toward a juris doctorate for following Lindsay Lohan‘s never-ending court drama? We feel like a slightly less charming Matlock over here. According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan is not taking the plea deal she’s been offered…which means she’s taking her chances in court. Per her last trip to see Johnny Law, Lohan is required to decide on the plea deal today, as well as make a court appearance Friday to officially turn down the deal, rather than plead no contest or guilty. Sure, Lilo would automatically get up to 3 months in jail with the plea, but if she gets convicted of felony grand theft she’ll be looking at hard time. That is to say, by the time girlfriend sees the light of day again, we’ll be sitting pretty on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Regardless of what road Citizen Lohan takes, Lindsay is due back in court April 22 for a preliminary hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner. Further complicating matters is the very real possibility that Lohan may be tossed in jail for violating probation before she even sets foot in a courtroom, Man, that makes us just want to slam our fist down on our coffee table and scream, “The whole freaking system is out of order.” In fact, we are. You just can’t hear us.

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Ivanka Trump’s Crazy Stalker Denied Bail, Blames Aliens For Obsession

Justin Massler, Ivanka Trump‘s stalker, was denied bail in a Manhattan court yesterday after being extradited from L.A for the trial. The assistant DA Lucrece Francois revealed some pretty scary facts about him to the overseeing judge. She said that Massler had, “threatened to track the victim overseas to escape the court’s jurisdiction and that he “would go down in a hail of gunfire” rather than surrender to authorities. The alleged stalker, who is from Nevada, told officials his address was “a volcano in Hawaii”.  We’re hoping that Ivanka feels safer now that he’s still in custody. She doesn’t need this kind of stress, especially when pregnant!

Massler was arrested last month for missing two court cases in Manhattan that stemmed from his alleged stalking of Ivanka. He was previously charged with stalking and harassing Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, by sending them weirdo messages and threatening to kill himself in her NYC jewelry store. Of his behavior, he had said, “I could stop bothering her but I like her.” He also blames aliens for this whole situation, as he explained in detail in a completely bizarre YouTube video, claiming, “It’s really aliens who are responsible. It’s like if a guy had a gun to the back of your head and said you have to write a Twitter message to Ivanka Trump. Would I be guilty of a crime? Not really. They don’t seem to acknowledge the alien defense in court.” This is seriously whack. Massler is facing criminal contempt charges and up to four years in jail. Which seems like a very good thing, because do we really want someone like that walking around free? He needs help.

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Mel Gibson Turn Himself In For Booking, Is Released On Bail

If Jodie Foster was crying before, she should be bawling right about now. Foster’s good friend Mel Gibson turned himself in at the El Segundo Police Department in Southern California last night. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for the general population, Mel was released in about an hour after posting 10% of the set $20,000 bail. Judge Stephanie Sautner (also of Lindsay Lohan fame) had given the actor a week to turn himself for booking because of his criminal battery case concerning ex-GF Oksana Grigorieva, and he complied with her ruling last night at 9.30 pm.

Mel’s report stated him to be 55 years old and weighing 190 pounds at 5-feet-ten inches. Hopefully, he won’t get mad and take a swing at someone for revealing his weight. This is Hollywood, guys. The angry actor’s been sentenced to complete 16 hours of community service and he’s also on three years probation. Mel also has to attend one year of domestic violence counseling. We still think he got off easy considering he was charged with battery (so he won’t see any jail time). Now all we have to do is wait for the mugshot to emerge. Charlie Sheen has the rest of the cray-cray covered.

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Lindsay Lohan Gets Extension To Consider Plea Bargain, Jail Still Included

As we reported yesterday, Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer Shawn Chapmen Holley did meet with the Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers and Judge Keith Schwartz on Wednesday concerning Li.Lo’s plea bargain. The actress was all set to not accept any deal which involved jail time, which didn’t seem like such a good move considering the Judge guaranteed that any agreement would definitely involve time behind bars. Schwartz had also mentioned that if Li.Lo didn’t ask for the plea bargain by Thursday, then the case would be sent off to trial judge Stephanie Sautner. Racy stuff, this!

Apparently, no conclusive deal was struck between the three parties yesterday, as reported by TMZ! And Judge Schwartz is going to allow her more time to make a decision, and not be forced to tell him on Thursday! That’s the good news. The bad news is that the deal still involves jail time — something Lindz is desperate to avoid. Looks like she’s going to have to rethink denying the plea bargain, because even though it involves a sentencing, it still seems like her best option. This judge does not sound like he’s going to budge an inch.

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Lindsay Lohan Not Accepting Plea Bargain

Forget the fact that Lindsay Lohan might be suing Kamofie & Co for selling her surveillance tape—that’s like a distraction technique. The fact of the matter is that Lindsay’s not anywhere close to being out of trouble herself. TMZ is reporting that LiLo won’t be accepting any sort of plea bargain offered to her by Judge Keith Schwartz who made it crystal clear that all deals would definitely involve jail time. Doesn’t sound good, right?

The judge is meeting with Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley and the prosecutor Danette Meyers today to discuss a possible deal, which also means that they’ll be discussing jail time because it doesn’t seem like Schwartz will change his mind about her anytime soon. Lindsay then has to appear in court tomorrow. Apparently, if she doesn’t accept the deal all three legal eagles are discussing today, then the case will be given to another judge for the trial — Stephanie Sautner. That means the the terms of Lindsay’s deal, and how lucky she can get with it, will change. Who thinks L.L is going to jail again? Show of hands?

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Kamofie & Co Sells Lindsay Surveillance Video, May Have Helped Her Case

You’re probably as saturated by Lindsay Lohan news as we are. Especially since she stole that necklace from Kamofie & Co. The last we had bothered to take notice of her legal drama was that the judge had refused to consider any plea bargain that didn’t have Li.Lo doing time in it. Now a twist has caused us to sit up and take notice again. Apparently, Kamofie & Co sold the surveillance tape of Lindsay with the necklace at the store, for more than $35,000! If you remember correctly, it was that video that was the most damning bit of evidence against her.  A source reveals that both the prosecution and the defense are not happy at all with this news saying, “Neither side wanted it released. Neither side sanctioned this sale. The tape was sold in the U.S and abroad.”

Sounds super shady to us, but the company’s spokesperson Christopher Spencer says that it’s a legitimate move because Lindsay’s alleged theft has affected the store pretty badly. He revealed, “Customers have stayed away from the store because of paparazzi and the controversy. We worked with the non-profit organization known as the Associated Press to allow legitimate journalists and news access to the video.” Whatever, dude. That’s a fancy way of saying you sold her out to the highest bidder. What they didn’t realize, is that they’ve most likely helped Lindsay’s case and worked in her favor! Her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley apparently thinks that the sale of the video vastly damages the stores credibility. A source explained, “… Holley has an excellent argument that the owners could have inflated the price of the necklace to the authorities. Holley will likely ask that in light of these new developments that Lindsay be sentenced to jail for no more than one to thirty days. If she got sentenced to thirty days, she would serve about seven days…” We’ll keep you posted on this latest turn of events.

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