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Lindsay Lohan Tweets, “I Was Not Raised To Lie, Cheat Or Steal…”

Lindsay Lohan‘s walking a very thin line thanks to that Kamofie & Co necklace she supposedly stole. LiLo’s arraignment day before yesterday had the judge dishing out some tough love, but chances are that Lohan could possibly plea her way out of jail time, due to her supposed ‘forgetfulness” as opposed to kleptomania. Which means she might get saved by the skin of her teeth.

Lindsay doesn’t think she has a problem though, because as far as she’s concerned she’s as innocent as a lamb. Cue the $575 Kimberly Ovitz white dress she wore to court, which has now sold out of stores. Because nothing sells more than a celebrity criminal, right? Sorry, we didn’t mean criminal, because as we said, Lindsay insists she’s not to blame. She even tweeted her entirely blameless point of view. LiLo ranted, “…fyi- i would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal… also, what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it’s just absurd. god bless xox L .”

Lindsay, stay silent. Seriously. You do not have any moral high ground to stand on.


Lindsay Lohan Pleads Not Guilty At Arraignment, Bail Set At $40,000

Lindsay Lohan showed up to court today for her arraignment on charged of felony grand theft wearing a blinding white, up-to-there mini-dress, seemingly confident that she would post bail of $20,000 for the theft charges against her and go from court to, who knows, H-Wood or wherever. Lohan pleaded not guilty to the charges against her for theft of a necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store, but she might get jail time for violating parole even if she swings a plea bargain. The judge in the case, Judge Keith Schwartz, told Lindsay somewhat harshly that now that she faced a felony, things were about to get a whole lot more serious. “You’re in a different situation now that a felony has been filed against you,” he told her. “If you violate the law, I will remand you and set no bail and your attorney won’t be successful this time. … You need to follow the laws just like everybody else … You’re no different than anyone else, so please don’t push your luck.” Lindsay undoubtedly had some choice words for the judge; she just couldn’t fit them all on her nails.

Lohan was also ordered by Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers not to come into contact with the store after the store owners reported that they received flowers from Lohan after the incident. Uhh, this is the law, not the prom, Lindsay. What? “A good probationer doesn’t pick up a new case,” Meyers snarked when Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley mentioned Lindsay had been dutifully reporting to her probation officer. According to the LA Times Lohan’s bail was eventually set at $40,000 ($20,000 for the felony charge and $20,000 for violating parole) and she was remanded into custody. Even after she posts bail, she’ll have to return to court on February 23. Ugh, think of all the extra necklaces she’s going to have to steal now to make up the difference! We mean…

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Demi Lovato Is Going To Be Sued By Her Assaulted Back-Up Dancer

Demi Lovato‘s dad should’ve held off on the threats towards Alex Welch. Post the whole Demi-punching-Alex extravaganza, Demi’s father , Patrick Lovato, warned Welch, “Demi has really good lawyers and so does Disney. This girl shouldn’t sue. She won’t win.” All this talk of her backing down has pretty much fallen on deaf ears, because it turns out Welch is going to sue Demi next week.

She’s apparently going for some sort of sympathy vote, as she’s also heading to a plastic surgeon to check out the injuries from Demi’s punching. Her lawyer, Donald Karpel, explains, “We will be filing a lawsuit next week. We will be seeking punitive damages for assault, battery and for mental stress. After the attack, Alex had to get emergency treatment. She is now consulting a Beverly Hills ears, nose and throat plastic surgeon.”

We have a feeling it’s going to get ugly. Disney and Demi may have really good lawyers, but does the rehabbed star really want to have her name dragged through the mud? Especially with those pesky coke rumors floating about? Lots of nasty details always surface in court, and does Demi really need that right now?

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More Drama For Fantasia

Things just keep getting messier for Fantasia Barrino. Her affair with the married Antwaun Cook has dragged her into his divorce proceedings, with his wife Paula branding Fantasia as a home wrecker. Fantasia maintains that she thought Antwaun was separated at the time of their 11-month on-and-off affair, but Paula, allegedly, wants to sue her for “alienation of affection and criminal conversation”.

Another element of Fantasia’s struggle was revealed in court. Fantasia spoke of getting an abortion around the time of her suicide attempt while questioned by Paula’s lawyers. Not that this admission has helped sooth Paula in any way at all. A source reveals, “Paula’s lawyer is arguing that they got the room because she knew he was still married. Paula is not doing too well, having to hear all this in court and replay it all over, she’s emotionally torn.”

We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this. But we’re really feeling for Fantasia for going through what she did.

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Taylor Lautner Challenged To The Strangest Push-Up Contest Ever


Look at this man-child. Wait, he’s 18 now and fully L.E.G.A.L baybee! So yes, look at this man. Consider the bulging biceps straining from under his shirt, look at that six-pack just waiting to be whipped out, marvel at the graceful curve of each glute…

What were we talking about again?

Right… does this man, this veritable vault of virility, this yummy yang to our yin, this mountain of muscled masculinity… look like he can be messed with? Hells to the N.O. (And today is alliteration day!)

We had reported how Taylor Lautner was suing McMahon’s RV for not delivering Tay’s customized mobile home on time (after it was paid for). Now, we don’t know where our wolfie found this McMahon dude but clearly there are some screws missing from his construction box.

The owner of the errant company, Brett MchMahon has challenged Taylor to a push-up contest. This is what he came up with instead of being hauled to court. Apparently, Taylor is seeking $40,000 from them for messing up the trailer deal, and we’re guessing they’ve blown up all the cash they got for the job ’cause that’s when this “solution” came up. Whoever wins, gets 40 g’s. And McMahon says if he does(dream on), the money will be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  And if Taylor doesn’t accept, then to the courts it is! Which is what normal people do.

A 47-year-old man has challenged an 18-year-old to a push up contest. And not just any 18-year-old. The 18-year-old. The alpha male of the pack. Brett McMahon, we understand you want the publicity. We understand this is one big stunt to get your name out there. But you need to know this is a very, very bad idea. And Taylor is smarter than you. And prettier. Now go get yourself a donut and prepare yourself for court. See ya!

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Madonna Sued For Fashion Crimes


  • The Case: The Material Girl’s fashion line Material Girl is being sued for…material.
  • The Perp: Madonna, or Madge (her English grandma avatar). Lourdes Leon (the face/”designer” of the the Madonna-helmed fashion line), not so much. Oh the joys of being a minor!
  • The Prosecutor: L.A Triumph (a fashion company). They want the singer to cough up all the moolah she’s made from the collection (as if).
  • The Damning Quote: L.A Triumph claim they will triumph because “… Madonna and her newfound company do not have the right to trade in the same space under this brand.”
  • The Probable Outcome: Madonna will smoke you. Because that’s what she does.

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