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New Look Alert: Taylor Swift Goes Dark For CoverGirl

taylor swift dark hair for cover girl

Taylor Swift has been fabulous in her CoverGirl endorsements so far. But her latest campaign has truly blown us away. JustJared has posted some new photographs of Taylor seriously rocking out with dark hair, as you can see above in the pictures. Yes, it’s slightly darker, but it makes a world of a difference! The new campaign is exploring four different looks, namely, Clean, Rocker, Glam and Country — T.Swift has a lot to play with, and we’re wolf whistling at her in the picture on the right. Way to work that corset, Tay!

There’s also a behind-the-scenes video that has the singer explaining, “I think in life we have a bunch of different versions of ourselves and that goes with our personality and how we act around a friend, that’s how we act in a job interview…it’s all very different how we act. I think it’s all equally different the way we choose to dress, the way we choose our makeup. The cool thing about makeup is that it can be so different on any given day.” We agree! But what we want to know is — how do you prefer her lovely hair? Blond or brunette? Let us know in the poll below.


[Photos via JustJared]

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Taylor Swift Looks Incredible In Her Latest CoverGirl Commercial

WOAH! Way to go girl! CoverGirl just released Taylor Swift‘s new NatureLuxe commercial and we’re sold. Taylor looks stunning and is rocking red lips and wild curly hair. True to her style, but slightly more grown-up, they’ve put her in two versions of a gold shimmering dress. The first is long, clinging and sexy, and the other short, strapless and fun.

Great timing too, considering Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal just split up. Breakups are hard, but it does help to come out of one looking this good. It’s been a winning streak for Taylor recently considering she looked beautiful at both the CoverGirl 50th Anniversary Party and the People’s Choice Awards, both of which were on the same night.

What do you think of Taylor’s new advertisement? Let us know in the comments section.