Crazy Wealth

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Soulja Boy Buys Himself A $55 Million Jet For His Birthday

For our 21st birthday, we bought ourselves a 40. For Soulja Boy’s 21st birthday, he decided to treat himself to a $55 million dollar jet. Why? Because he’s worth it. To be honest, we’re seriously surprised that Soulja has that kinda cash, but then again, he did write ‘Donk’. His management team, who for some reason didn’t stop him, told TMZ that the young rapper purchased a G5 jet earlier in the week.

The jet itself cost a paltry $35 million (chump change!). But then he spent a further $20 million to trick it out with ridicu-swank accouterments like flat screen TVs, four liquor bars, Brazilian hardwood cabinets, custom tiled floor and 12 Italian leather chairs. Apparently displeased by the claustrophobic inflight potties, Soulja had them replaced with what we hear is a massive bathroom.  Oh, and naturally he had his logo painted on the side of the plane (of COURSE he has a logo, don’t you know anything!?). But that isn’t the end of his birthday splurge. He’s ALSO shelling out $300,000 to hold a bash at a Miami nightclub. Dude, you just dropped $55 million on a tricked out jet…who needs a nightclub!

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