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It’s John Travolta …. From The 1860’s!

In one of the more eerie stories we’ve heard in awhile, a man from Canada has posted a photograph of who he believes to be John Travolta from around 1860, on Ebay. We’re not talking about a movie, or any gimmick here. The dealer really does think that the “Original 1860’s Ambrotype” is John! Because the actor is a Scientologist, see? The dealer explains, “For those of you who don’t know, John Travolta is a Scientologist and many Scientologists can Time travel. The belief is that time travel is possible and may have even happened before to them in the past. Some events may not be remembered by the person….” He’s also asking for $250,000 for it! Time travel means big money.

All we know is that really is the spitting image of John. It’s totally bizarre that it was taken a 151 years ago because that could be a young Travolta. Considering Scientology also believe in reincarnation — let’s not throw that out of the window either! What do you guys think? The similarities are astounding, right?

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The 6 Creepiest Moments From Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Weekend


This news may have slipped under your radar so we don’t blame you if you aren’t aware of it, but Chelsea Clinton got married this weekend. Oh wait, just kidding, it was apparently the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY.

While we wish Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky the best we also feel a little bad for them,  thanks to the media frenzy surrounding their nuptials and the frenzy of “fans” (is that what you call people who dress in costumes and post signs all over town trying to get your attention?) that descended on Rhinebeck, NY, the site of the event. So in honor of the newlyweds, we’d like to bring you the top six creepiest people and things lurking nearby on their wedding day. Turns out the heavy police presence was justified after all.

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