Report: Notorious B.I.G. Murder Investigation “Reinvigorated” By New Leads

Notorious BIG

More than 13 years after the unsolved shooting death of The Notorious B.I.G., CNN reports that new leads concerning Christopher Wallace‘s murder have “reinvigorated” the case. While no other details were given, it is believed that the FBI, LAPD and LA District Attorney’s Office have been investigating the new information for months. Could this leak be a warm-up for an arrest?

According to TMZ, Wallace’s family is “greatly pleased with any advancement” in the search for his killer, but will make sure not to “interfere” with the investigation. Mother Voletta Wallace‘s wrongful death suit against the LAPD—she believed corrupt police officers working for Death Row Records mogul Suge Knight were responsible for her son’s murder—was dismissed by a judge last April.

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DA: Conrad Murray Waited 25 Minutes To Call 911 For Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray

Los Angeles DAs are establishing a timeline for the death of Michael Jackson in a preliminary hearing for Conrad Murray‘s manslaughter trial, with brutal testimony from witnesses claiming the doctor basically did everything but try to revive the King Of Pop, allegedly waiting 25 minutes to call 911. Here are some of the damning details:

  • Though Murray’s girlfriend said she received a call from Murray at 12:30pm, phone records revealed he actually called her at 11:51am. She admitted he disappeared the call a few minutes in (due to the discovery of Jackson’s state), but 911 wasn’t called until 12:21pm—a 25 minute gap.
  • Murray texted Jackson’s assistant “Where are you? Get here right away, hurry,” minutes before calling 911.
  • An EMT said Murray claimed he could still feel a slight pulse upon their arrival.
  • Murray told two EMTs he had never given drugs to the singer, and failed to mention the Jackson’s use of Propofol, merely claiming Jackson had been “dehydrated.”

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Drug Charges Against T.I.’s Wife Dropped

T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle may not be allowed to jerk off husband T.I. in prison, but at least she won’t be joining him there. The LA County DA’s Office dropped drug charges against Cottle upon her completion of 24 sessions of counseling back home in Georgia. The couple were caught with pills in their car last September.

Some of you might be wondering “hey, how come she just got treatment while T.I. went back to prison?” Fact is, TI was never charged for drugs at all! Nope, the 11-month stint T.I.’s serving stems solely from his probation violation. Thank goodness Tiny wasn’t stockpiling automatic weapons, too.

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Jaime Pressly’s Mug Shot Released, New Info On DUI Arrest

Jaime Pressly

The above mug shot was taken after Jaime Pressly‘s DUI arrest in Santa Monica late last night. While few specifics have been issued, authorities told TMZ that there were no children involved or drugs found in the car (Jaime has a three year old, Dezi, from a previous relationship). Pressly’s bail was set at $15,000, usually means a blood alcohol level above .15.

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T.I. In Trouble After Wife Gives Him A Hand (Under The Table)

T.I. & Tiny

Come on, po-pos! First you won’t let T.I. stockpile automatic weapons, then you won’t let T.I. have ecstasy pills, and now you won’t even let T.I. get a handjob from his wife in prison? Talk about No Mercy! TMZ says the convict is in hot water after his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle‘s hand slipped below the table during visiting hours at the Arkansas State Prison he’s serving in. Hopefully her attentions were worth it, as the rapper has been sent to a “special housing unit” as punishment for the indiscretion.

Tameka told the site that she hasn’t seen her man since she was caught T.I.P.-handed, but hopes to be allowed to visit him again soon. Maybe next time she’ll just bake him a cake with a Fleshlight in it.

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Could Lindsay Seriously Be Headed Back To Prison Already?

It might be out of the frying pan and into the minimum security women’s prison for Lindsay Lohan, due to probation violations connected to the slap-fight she instigated with a rehab technician last month. Less than a day after Lindsay was released from rehab, investigators allegedly want Lilo charged with battery for her late-night shoving match with Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland on December 12. The altercation constituted a violation of Lohan’s probation for her 2007 DUI conviction, which in part requires that she “obey all laws.” All of them? Every single one? Well that was setting the bar pretty high for Lohan, now wasn’t it?

Sheriff Joe Borja released a statement Monday indicating that authorities probing the incident would be sending their report to the Los Angeles County Probation Department this week…and it does not look good for Lindsay. “The investigation determined Ms. Lohan violated several aspects of her probation, including the battery [charge],” the Palm Desert Police Department said. Depending on the whims of  L.A. judge/Lohan’s archnemisis Elden Fox, the violation could land Lohan up to six months in jail. So here’s hoping Lindsay really enjoyed herself last night as she peered through the blinds at Sam Ronson’s house. It might be the last evening she spends out of a regulation orange jumpsuit for a long time.


Gucci Mane Sent To Mental Health Treatment Facility


Gucci Mane (a.k.a. Radric Davis) was in court yesterday, but rather than face the judge, he filed a “Special Plea of Mental Incompetency” which got him sent to a mental health facility for a month. The rapper faces a hearing as a result of a string of probation violations, but he filed the plea claiming he was unable to “intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing,” and the judge sentenced him to the facility where he is currently being evaluated. Mane’s lawyer, Michael Holmes, said the reason for his seeking treatment was confidential.

When he is released from the facility, he will then be expected to attend the hearing, which could result in up to seventeen months of prison time.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Battle: Who Assaulted Who?

Move Lindsay Lohan wherever you want, but drama is going to find her. We already know Lindsay’s accused of criminal battery for pushing a Betty Ford Clinic worker, but that’s only the tip of the ice berg. According to TMZ, Dawn Holland filed a report that LiLo went loco after she was caught out after curfew. Holland says Lindsay “threw the phone…I threw up my left hand to block it and then she grabbed my right hand and tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, then called me a ‘C –T B–H.” Holland’s been fired for talking about the alleged altercation to paparazzi, but responded, “The story was already way out there in the open before I spoke.  If Lindsay is allowed to say, ‘Fire that b—,’ I should be able to defend myself.” Oddly enough, Holland was accused of assaulting her husband in 2008.

Though Holland’s insists that LiLo had been drinking because she could smell the booze of her breath, Lohan says Holland was physically abusive towards her, grabbing Lindsay’s arm and pushing her. In fact, Lindsay claims she wasn’t even partying with her roommates prior to the incident. Merely late from a hair appointment, Lindsay says she asked for a breathalyzer, but was refused by Holland. She also claims that there are witnesses and surveillance cameras that prove her story.

So who did it folks? Is Lindsay telling the truth? Who assaulted who? Was Lindsay really drinking again? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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50 Cent’s Home Broken Into By Two Of The Dumbest Thieves Ever


A 53-room mansion and you can’t get more security? C’mon Fiddy… it’s not like you can’t afford it! 50 Cent‘s home was just broken into by two rather dim burglars.  Though there’s a lot more than 50 cents’ worth of property stashed in those digs, the dastardly duo decided to hit up the booze instead. Alexander Hernandez, the one in the red shirt you’ll see in the gallery below, chose to guzzle a bottle of wine in the rapper-actor’s closet instead of shipping out. How did these two lunkheads get in the house? Seriously?

The thieves were apprehended, and are currently held on a sizable $50,000 bond.  They were discovered when security guards spotted an unidentifiable vehicle in the driveway. Wait up, they parked their car right by the house they were planning to be pilfer from? No. words. Long story short: the cops came up and found these two gentlemen taking their own sweet time. They were also allegedly, in possession of some pot, which probably explains Santos Padilla‘s (the blue-shirt dummy) big grin. Hernandez looks like he’s having the worst hangover ever! Check out the two good-time burglars’ mug shots in the gallery below. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie Charged With Assault


It was only a matter of time before one of the Jersey Shore cast members got charged with a serious crime; our money was on JWOWW, but honestly it was a coin-toss. A New Jersey grand jury has charged Ronnie Ortiz-Mago with one count of third-degree assault, which, if he’s convicted, could mean up to five years in prison. The indictment claims that Ronnie “purposely or knowingly caused significant bodily injury to Stephen Izzo by striking in the face with a closed fist, causing him to lose consciousness” on Sept. 4, 2009. Considering how often everyone on Jersey Shore loses consciousness, we would have thought this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Then again, we’re jerks like that.

Unlike most celebrities’ crimes (but like every dumb thing the cast of Jersey Shore has ever done), you may have already seen the alleged assault with your own eyes on TV.  Jersey Shore’s season one, episode eight “One Shot” showed the brawl between Ronnie and Izzo that lead to the charges. We’re no experts, but we assuming the fact it all happened on camera is known around the legal field as “not great news.” [Photo: Getty Images]