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Mel Charged With Misdemeanor Battery

We’re sorry, Mel Gibson. Charlie Sheen has been taking up so much of our time, we almost forgot about the original celebrity nut bar. Finally, one million years after the fact, Mel Gibson was charged with simple misdemeanor battery, TMZ reports. Earlier this week they found out that Gibson took a plea deal, which knocked the charge down from felony domestic violence in exchange for his plea of no contest. The charge is based on allegations that Gibson slapped Oksana Grigorieva during a heated argument. Hmm, an A-lister acts erratically, hits his domestic partner, and accused of anti-Semitism. It’s like we’re in the middle of watching the sequel to the worst movie in the world!

With the plea bargain in place, Mel will not face jail time. Meanwhile, Oksana will not be charged with felony extortion. Between the case and Mel and Oksana’s on-going custody issues, we just hope Mel doesn’t start acting a fool again. We can really only deal with one celebrity metldown at a time. We mean, even Lohan is taking a backseat to Sheen, and Lindsay’s in court practically every day.

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Lindsay Lohan Pulled Over By Police After Court Hearing

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. Hours after a judge recommended Lindsay Lohan take three months in prison—rather than risk more—the star was pulled over by police in Bevery Hills. X17 Online says the cop told them he pulled Lindsay over for running a stop sign (she got a warning), but LiLo told a different story on her Twitter. “Just waved down a police officer to help me block an x17 paparazzi- thank you #LAPD!!! His pictures were not coz i got pulled over! he got punk’d.” It’s hard to tell what went down from their video, but the police officer doesn’t look particularly happy with either party.

Meanwhile, TMZ continues to shriek for their muse to take a plea bargain, claiming there are allegations in Lindsay’s probation report so “shocking” and “devastating” their sources refused to say them out loud. Apparently, if Lindsay doesn’t plead guilty, this lost ark of dirt will be opened, melting our faces and guaranteeing a rather long stay in the pen for the former Disney girl. LiLo’s lawyer Shawn Holley gave them a raspberry, but color us intrigued.

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Police Raid Charlie Sheen’s Home After Phone Tip-Off

It was quite an eventful night for Charlie Sheen. The LAPD raided his home late last night, after apparently receiving a call earlier that day that said the recently fired Two And A Half Men actor had threatened to hurt himself with a gun! During the surprise search Charlie tweeted, “#fastball: all good here on the homefront. all reports are false. I’ll explain more very soon. #Dogspeed c”.

TMZ reports that he was quite co-operative during the search, and a KTLA video (they were filming from a helicopter above his compound) reveals Charlie, his lawyers, and some friends eating hamburgers out at the back. His lawyer Mark Gross has said that cops have found one rifle that dates back to the 1800’s, along with some bullets, and no other weapons, but wouldn’t reveal who made the phone call that got them to do the search in the first place. Unfortunately, under the terms of Brooke Mueller‘s restraining order, Charlie isn’t allowed to have any firearms at all! The last we heard was that Charlie tweeted again, under an hour ago, “#fastball; the LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!! c”. We’ll give you more details as and when they surface. FYI: Charlie and Brooke were supposed to be in court today morning regarding the custody of their kids. They won’t be because it seems that they’ve reached some sort of understanding. Their lawyers stated, “Brooke and Charlie have reached an agreement that resolves their differences. For the benefit of the children, the terms of their agreement will not be disclosed. They ask the public for privacy on this matter”. Story developing on all fronts.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Judge Mad We All Know He Wants Her In Jail

Lindsay Lohan probably isn’t happy with what went down in court today, but you know TMZ is ecstatic. Judge Keith Schwartz complained about the site knowing he’d told the attorneys yesterday that any plea deal he offered LiLo would involved jail time, since he asked them to keep it confidential. We’re sure Lindsay feels just horrible about the scoop, since…oh wait, she probably doesn’t, considering the guy refuses to consider giving her one more chance to be a good probationer.

Schwartz is giving Lindsay until March 25th to plead no contest or guilty to her jewelry theft charges—knowing that she could be sentenced for up to three months if she does. If she declines, a preliminary hearing will be held by a new judge on April 22nd, and if Lindsay’s found in violation of her probation (which seems likely), the actress will wait for trial in jail. Does Lindsay accept a jail term, or risk an even longer one to clear her name?

See photo of her latest courtroom ensemble in the gallery below. It’s her most tasteful look yet—no plunging neckline or Basic Instinct homage to be seen!

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Snoop From The Wire Arrested In Drug Raid

What’s Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from The Wire been doing lately, you ask? Sadly, the same thing she was doing before the show and on it—getting arrested. The actress was one of more than 30 taken in during a massive drug raid in Baltimore early this morning, part of a months-long investigation of a heroin/marijuana operation in the city. Pearson, who spent her teenage years in prison for second-degree murder, was discovered by Wire actor Michael K. Williams at a Baltimore club and won a role on the legendary HBO program as gang enforcer Snoop. Since the show ended she has written a memoir, worked with several charities and received an honorary doctorate from the Toledo College of Law. She was also recently arrested for refusing to testify at a murder trial.

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Lindsay Lohan Gets Extension To Consider Plea Bargain, Jail Still Included

As we reported yesterday, Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer Shawn Chapmen Holley did meet with the Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers and Judge Keith Schwartz on Wednesday concerning Li.Lo’s plea bargain. The actress was all set to not accept any deal which involved jail time, which didn’t seem like such a good move considering the Judge guaranteed that any agreement would definitely involve time behind bars. Schwartz had also mentioned that if Li.Lo didn’t ask for the plea bargain by Thursday, then the case would be sent off to trial judge Stephanie Sautner. Racy stuff, this!

Apparently, no conclusive deal was struck between the three parties yesterday, as reported by TMZ! And Judge Schwartz is going to allow her more time to make a decision, and not be forced to tell him on Thursday! That’s the good news. The bad news is that the deal still involves jail time — something Lindz is desperate to avoid. Looks like she’s going to have to rethink denying the plea bargain, because even though it involves a sentencing, it still seems like her best option. This judge does not sound like he’s going to budge an inch.

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Ja Rule Headed To Jail This Summer, Will Be Behind Bars For Two Years

Summer for musicians normally translates into tours and festivals — happy time! But not for a sad few, unfortunately. Folks like Ja Rule are going to be heading to jail while the rest of the fraternity frolics. He’s turning himself in on June 8 and is going to be incarcerated for two whole years!

Ja’s being sentenced because of a felony weapons charge that he pleaded guilty to in court in December last year. He was busted by cops, back in 2007, with a loaded semiautomatic weapon in his car during a traffic stop in New York. During his trial, the rapper agreed to serve a two-year period which is now just three months away. That’s got to be the worst, right? Watching and waiting till you have to turn yourself in — that’s rough!


Mel Gibson To Plead Guilty To Hitting Oksana?

Our irony sensors are flying into the red. TMZ says that Mel Gibson may plead guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence for hitting ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, not because he thinks he’s the guilty party (Mel wants Oksana charged with extortion), but because he’s “agonizing” over the idea of putting his family through a drawn-out court battle. Call us cynical, but this sounds like a load of bull. We’re to believe that Mel makes antisemitic remarks to everyone from the cops to Winona Ryder, calls female police officers “sugar tits”, and knocks up his mistress behind the back of his wife of over 20 years, but defending his honor in court is just too much humiliation to put his seven (sorry, now eight) children through? Riiiight.

No matter how he justifies it, taking a plea might not be a bad idea—the sooner he gets past his legal battles with Grigorieva, the sooner he can stop embarrassing the producers of his unreleased films like The Beaver and How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Considering the damage he’s already inflicted on his family, we wonder if its Hollywood he’s worried about scandalizing any further.

UPDATE: TMZ says Mel Gibson has indeed struck a plea deal, which will keep him from seeing any jail time. “Mel’s priority throughout all of this has been that the best interests of his young daughter Lucia and the rest of his children be put first in any decisions made,” said his lawyer. “It is with only that in mind that he asked me to approach the District Attorney with a proposal that would bring all of this to an immediate end.” Way to plead innocent and guilty at the same time, guys.

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Lindsay Lohan Not Accepting Plea Bargain

Forget the fact that Lindsay Lohan might be suing Kamofie & Co for selling her surveillance tape—that’s like a distraction technique. The fact of the matter is that Lindsay’s not anywhere close to being out of trouble herself. TMZ is reporting that LiLo won’t be accepting any sort of plea bargain offered to her by Judge Keith Schwartz who made it crystal clear that all deals would definitely involve jail time. Doesn’t sound good, right?

The judge is meeting with Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley and the prosecutor Danette Meyers today to discuss a possible deal, which also means that they’ll be discussing jail time because it doesn’t seem like Schwartz will change his mind about her anytime soon. Lindsay then has to appear in court tomorrow. Apparently, if she doesn’t accept the deal all three legal eagles are discussing today, then the case will be given to another judge for the trial — Stephanie Sautner. That means the the terms of Lindsay’s deal, and how lucky she can get with it, will change. Who thinks L.L is going to jail again? Show of hands?

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Kamofie & Co Sells Lindsay Surveillance Video, May Have Helped Her Case

You’re probably as saturated by Lindsay Lohan news as we are. Especially since she stole that necklace from Kamofie & Co. The last we had bothered to take notice of her legal drama was that the judge had refused to consider any plea bargain that didn’t have Li.Lo doing time in it. Now a twist has caused us to sit up and take notice again. Apparently, Kamofie & Co sold the surveillance tape of Lindsay with the necklace at the store, for more than $35,000! If you remember correctly, it was that video that was the most damning bit of evidence against her.  A source reveals that both the prosecution and the defense are not happy at all with this news saying, “Neither side wanted it released. Neither side sanctioned this sale. The tape was sold in the U.S and abroad.”

Sounds super shady to us, but the company’s spokesperson Christopher Spencer says that it’s a legitimate move because Lindsay’s alleged theft has affected the store pretty badly. He revealed, “Customers have stayed away from the store because of paparazzi and the controversy. We worked with the non-profit organization known as the Associated Press to allow legitimate journalists and news access to the video.” Whatever, dude. That’s a fancy way of saying you sold her out to the highest bidder. What they didn’t realize, is that they’ve most likely helped Lindsay’s case and worked in her favor! Her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley apparently thinks that the sale of the video vastly damages the stores credibility. A source explained, “… Holley has an excellent argument that the owners could have inflated the price of the necklace to the authorities. Holley will likely ask that in light of these new developments that Lindsay be sentenced to jail for no more than one to thirty days. If she got sentenced to thirty days, she would serve about seven days…” We’ll keep you posted on this latest turn of events.

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