by (@missmuttoo)

Dean McDermott Lands In ICU After Motorcycle Crash


This doesn’t sound good. Dean McDermott has landed in the ICU with a punctured side and a collapsed lung after a motorcycle accident. His wife, Tori Spelling, gave updates on his condition saying, “He’s in a lot of pain.┬áHe’s taking this as a sign and realizing family is too important to risk his life.”┬áThis isn’t the first time he’s had a bike accident. He was seen earlier this year with his arm in a sling after crashing his motorbike while going at 70 mph.

That time, he just ended up with bruises and general soreness, but this time around, the injuries are a lot more serious. He was dirt bike riding with some friends when he crashed. The accident caused him to start bleeding heavily from a puncture in his right side. Fortunately, he was well enough to tweet yesterday, announcing, “Thanks for the well wishes. A collapsed lung is no fun, and is a lengthy heal. Feeling pretty bad today. Day 2 is always the worst.” Feel better soon. And get off that bike for a while, dude!

[Photo: Getty Images]