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Crystal Bowersox Got Married

Two weeks after announcing she was engaged, Crystal Bowersox has gotten married. The American Idol singer wed her beau, Brian Walker, yesterday in Chicago at the venue where they met at an open mic night six years ago. Though they’ve known each other for that long, they only just struck up a romance this summer and quickly took things to the next level.

Bowersox Tweeted yesterday, forgetting her new identity temporarily “Officially mamasox!!!” and a few minutes later corrected herself I meant walkersox!!!!! Hahaha that’s hillarious. :)”

She and Walker were surrounded by about 60 friends at the ceremony including fellow Idol Top 10 performer Didi Benami and Bowersox’s son, Tony. Congratulations to the new family!


American Idol Update! Tour Shortened, Teeth Fixed


It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with our American Idol top ten, and there’s plenty of news to report this week. First and foremost, Crystal Bowersox posted this photo to her Twitter account showing off her new teeth. Yes, our formerly gap-toothed chanteuse has fixed that hole. She writes “whats NOT missing in this picture?????? Yeah. That’s right.” We love Crystal no matter what her teeth look like, but we wonder if she took up that offer by an L.A. dentist to fix them for free?

In other Idol news, it looks like ticket sales for the American Idol Live! summer tour weren’t doing so hot, because organizers have decided to cut off the last two weeks of the tour, scrapping eight cities from the roster. Sorry Buffalo, Cleveland, Kansas City, Omaha, Portland, ME, Portland, OR, Toronto and Winnipeg – forget about seeing soul-patchy Lee DeWyze croon or asking Big Mike to bench press you. It ain’t gonna happen.



Crystal Bowersox Snags Record Deal

Proving once again that it’s not so bad coming in second place on American Idol, this year’s runner up Crystal Bowersox has signed a recording contract. Mama Sox made the deal with 19 Recordings/Jive Records (19 Entertainment is the company that produces the reality show, so Bowersox is staying in the Idol family).

The dreadlocked singer-songwriter said in a release “I’m really grateful to be given this opportunity to make an album and let people hear my music. And I’m looking forward to working with all of the folks at 19/Jive.” Bowersox is also gearing up for the American Idol Tour which starts on July 1 and hits 49 venues across the country this summer. She’ll be sharing the stage with this season’s winner Lee DeWyze and the rest of the top ten.


Lee DeWyze’s Idol Single Doesn’t Make The Top 20, Sells Less Than Glee

Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze may have been more popular than Crystal Bowersox with American Idol voters, but compared to previous champions he may have the smallest fanbase yet. His first single, “Beautiful Day,” only made it to #24 on the Billboard Hot 100, a chart that Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks all topped with their debuts (Ruben Studdard and David Cook just missed the top spot, while Jordin Sparks and Kris Allen sat just outside the top ten). Lee sold 95,000 copies of the U2 cover, 30,000 less than Allen did last year with “No Boundaries.” Crystal’s “Up On The Mountain” only made it to #57.

The lukewarm response to “No Boundaries” (which wasn’t even put on Kris’ album) may have inspired producers to skip the usual “coronation” song in favor of covers this year, but with “Beautiful Day” not even the most popular song to air on Fox that week (the Glee cast’s “Poker Face” hit #20), next year’s winner (presumably another humble guitar player who beats a long-time judge’s favorite) may find themselves singing a prom theme again. But unless Simon Cowell‘s replacement is a big hit, this show might not see the top ten again anyway.

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Catching Up With American Idol Champ Lee DeWyze

When Lee DeWyze was named this year’s American Idol over the odds-on favorite Crystal Bowersox on Wednesday night, he looked to be just as shocked as the rest of us. After an emotional performance of U2’s “Beautiful Day” (complete with confetti streaming down from the rafters of the IdolDome), we were able to catch up with the favorite son of Illinois — sorry Abe Lincoln, your time has passed — and chat with him a bit about how surreal his moment of victory was and what his upcoming plans for the summer are.


Crystal Bowersox Dumped By Boyfriend Right Before Idol Finale

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox didn’t just lose American Idol this week, but her boyfriend as well. The runner-up revealed to Ryan Seacrest this morning that she split with Tony Kusian hours before her final performance—explaining her “hard morning” comment on Tuesday’s show. “Big Tony, he went home. He wasn’t cool with the lifestyle,” she said. “I didn’t break up with him, it was a mutual thing.” But to paraphrase Bill Hicks, “mutual” usually means one person said “we’re breaking up,” and the other said “Ok”—and it sounds like Tony’s the one who started it.

“It’s cool though, we’re both logical, grown adults,” she rationalized. “He’s a small town guy and that’s fine, I’m a small town girl, but I want this. I want this more than anything, this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it…he didn’t think he was up for it…I was a little sad that he did it on performance day, but then again it set that fire to my belly.” Kusian had already hinted at the awkwardness to People.  “Some days are more fun than others, but it’s been hard to find friends out there. I want to keep it low key. I don’t need the attention.” Hey, bud, if you’re looking to avoid attention and make friends, try not to dump America’s sweetheart the day of her final performance. You’ll have a hard time living that one down in Toledo.

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Idol Finale Fashion: Farewell Simon, Hello Bad Outfits


Lee DeWyze caused eyes across the country to swell with happy tears when he won American Idol last night, but as history (Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, etc.) has shown, it’s doesn’t matter who takes home the Idol crown. Ain’t that right, Taylor Hicks? The finale has evolved into an over-the-top affair filled with painful choreographed group numbers and Ford commercials, sprinkled with some unexpected duets and cameos.

But the real star last night, amidst the lasers, surprise appearances, and Simon Cowell ass-kissing, was the absurdly outrageous fashion. During the long-eliminated contestants painful “singing,” we were happily distracted by Crystal Bowersox‘s dad’s leather formal wear, Carrie Underwood‘s Gaga-esque bolero and Janet Jackson‘s boobilicious bodysuit. Check out the night’s style highs (yes, there were some) and lows below.

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Dentist Offers To Fix Crystal Bowersox’s Teeth For Free. Uh, Thanks?


Here’s our favorite news today of the “unsolicited offers and backhanded compliments” variety. A “dentist to the stars” (ugh) in New York City has offered to fix American Idol singer Crystal Bowersox‘s teeth for free to make her look more media-friendly. Because God forbid she wins the show and has anything but a Seacrest-y, unnaturally white smile.  Dr. Laura Torrado wrote to to get this message to Crystal:

“I’d like to offer you complimentary oral reconstructive services and do anything and everything from whitening you teeth, to closing your gaps. We don’t have to make your teeth perfect like every other Hollywood celebrity, because that’s not who you are.

We can really make sure that everyone sees you as beautiful and confident on the outside as we all know you are on the inside.”

So basically Crystal, the jig is up. Everyone knows you’re not confident because of your damn chompers. You may as well quit the show like you maybe-possibly threatened to do before, because how can you possibly be a success with a mouth like that? Sigh. Is it any wonder she might be sick of Hollywood already?

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Crystal Bowersox Feels “Betrayed By Seacrest”


Last week we brought you the news that Crystal Bowersox, American Idol‘s dreadlocked guitarist with the voice to beat, had a minor meltdown and threatened to quit the show. Bowersox reportedly had to be talked down by Ryan Seacrest who convinced her that staying on the show would enable her to provide for her family.

In the next chapter to this story, former Idol contestant Katelyn Epperly, you remember, she’s the one with the Carole King hair and too-tarty-for-DioGuardi look (p.s. that’s totally a Kim Zolciak song waiting to happen) divulged that Bowersox was none too pleased with Seacrest after that news broke. Even though Bowersox Tweeted “No apologies for being human. Life is always testing one’s strength and weakness threshold. That’s how we learn how strong we really are,” to show that she had no plans to quit the show, she sent Epperly a text that read “I’m fine . . . betrayed by Seacrest!” Is it just us, or does that sound like the name of a perfume? “When you want to smell like spray tan and skinny ties…Betrayed, by Seacrest.”

This is going to make this week’s shows all the more interesting to watch – will there be tension? Is this story blown out of proportion? Will all this gossip and spotlight time actually take a toll on Crystal’s performance (which, by the way, is supposed to be an “inspirational” song)? Guess we’ll find out tonight!

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Crystal Bowersox Threatened To Leave Idol, Seacrest Convinced Her To Stay


Crystal Bowersox, in our opinion, is the clear frontrunner  to win American Idol this season. Her performances are consistent, she knows who she is, as the judges like to say, and she’s the anti-star – the total opposite of someone like Adam Lambert, who seems to relish the spotlight and the fame thrust on him. Turns out that spotlight is actually too much for her dreadlocks to bear sometimes, as TMZ reports that Bowersox walked off American Idol two weeks ago and had to be convinced to stay in the competition by Ryan Seacrest.

The report claims that Bowersox wanted to leave the show to reunite with her family in her home state of Ohio, allegedly asking “What’s the point?” to staying in the competition. Seacrest lured her back by telling her “The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house.  You can buy your mom a house.” You just had to bring her mother into it, didn’t you Ryan? Actually, it’s a good thing he did, we don’t know who we’d root for otherwise. It’s just too bad she (and all the contestants, really) have to be subjected to dance numbers and group songs like the one above. That would make anyone wonder what the point is.

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